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Chapter 2006 arrival of great power (1)

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Chapter 2006 arrival of great power (1)

"It's okay, I'm already happy that you defeated them" Yue Ya was already feeling happy that Ye Chen had defeated the enemy that had caused such trouble for her.

Ye Chen nodded, their goal was the same in defeating the enemy, so what Ye Chen did was already the very right thing to do.

"what about your next match" Yue Ya asked Ye Chen, she asked how the match will be played by Ye Chen.

"Everything is safe, everything should be okay" Ye Chen said that everything is safe, he will do everything as well as possible.

"I hope you do well" Yue Ya hoped that Ye Chen would do well, she really expected more of Ye Chen.

"I will of course do well, if I do well, will you give me a present?" Ye Chen asked Yue Ya.

Yue Ya's face turned red when she heard this, Yue Ya didn't expect that Ye Chen would ask her something like this.

"Okay it doesn't matter, as long as you can do your best, then I will give you a very special gift" Yue Ya agreed, she would give a special gift to Ye Chen.

"giggle" Chi Shui and Li Jingyi giggled when they saw Ye Chen flirting with Yue Ya, Ye Chen teasing the moon G.o.ddess Yue Ya, this was a very rare thing for the eye to see.

"I will return" Ye Chen said to Yue Ya, Chi Shui, Li Jingyi and Mu Xueying, he will return first.

"Be careful" Yue Ya, Chi Shui, Li Jingyi and Mu Xueying told Ye Chen to be careful, this was a territory full of enemies, so he hoped that they would be even more careful.

"um" Ye Chen nodded, he went to his residence.

At his residence, Fang Miyu was still fast asleep, it was obvious that she was very tired after the battle with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen accompanied Fang Miyu, himself waiting until the next battle started.

Soon the next battle would start, Ye Chen didn't have much time left.

When the compet.i.tion finally started, all the partic.i.p.ants gathered in one place for this second compet.i.tion.

Ye Chen went alone, when Ye Chen entered the arena, Ye Chen saw strong people, among them were strong people that Ye Chen had never met.

Ye Chen was still a little unfamiliar with these people, he was a little foreign when he saw these people.

Everyone comes to see the game, they take their spare time to see the match that is in this place.

This is a rare event, so they should make the most of this opportunity so as not to regret it.

"hi" Zhi Fuze came to Ye Chen, she waved her hand towards Ye Chen.

"what is it?" Ye Chen asked Zhi Fuze, what made this woman come to her.

"What's with your reaction, even though there is a beautiful woman who wants to talk to you" Zhi Fuze was annoyed when he saw Ye Chen's reaction.

"So I should be happy if you come" Ye Chen said to Zhi Fuze.

"Of course" Zhi Fuze said to Ye Chen, Ye Chen should be happy when she came to say h.e.l.lo.

"Okay" Ye Chen smiled, he greeted very warmly.

"stupid" Zhi Fuze shouted at Ye Chen, she shouted at Ye Chen which irritated her.

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Ye Chen laughed when he saw this, he was happy to make Zhi Fuze angry.

"I don't care" Ye Chen said that he didn't care, the Immortal Profound Sea Realm was still his enemy, so why would he care about such things.

Zhi Fuze was dumbfounded by Ye Chen's words, she didn't know what else to say in the current situation.

Hai Wan, Hai Ming and the ranks of the Immortal Profound Sea Realm took their places, their places had been specially ordered where they got VIP seats away from the audience, that way they wouldn't be disturbed by other spectators.

"they haven't come yet, they're so late" Hai Ming said to those who had, they haven't come yet and the match won't start.

"They are lazy people, so they won't be coming anytime soon" Hai Wan said to Hai Ming, himself telling them that they were lazy people.

"Father is right, we were the first to arrive which means we are better than them" Hai Ming agreed, they are really great diligent people.

Hai Ming and Hai Wan kept talking about their kindness, they both forgot that they weren't that good.

"Boom. . ." this time another big power, everyone of course was curious as to who was next to come.

The next person to come was Yue Ya, she came with Liu Yue and Vei, there were also several elders who came along with Liu Yue.

Because the Blue Moon G.o.d Star Realm's internal strength was undergoing a huge overhaul, Yue Ya didn't bring many people, she brought a few people with her, remainder was used to keep the Blue Moon G.o.d Star Realm safe when she wasn't there.

"Wow. . ., look who it is. . "All the people immediately looked at Yue Ya, they all looked excited when they saw one of the beauties in the western G.o.d Realm.

"Behind the moon G.o.ddess there is also an amazing beauty" people looked at Liu Yue, Liu Yue's beauty was not inferior to Yue Ya's, the two were a combination of very beautiful G.o.ddesses.

"They are quite beautiful" Ye Chen said as he looked at Liu Yue and Yua Ya, both of them looked very beautiful when clad in Moon Dress, their appearance was the best.

"Stop staring at them, you won't be able to get them" Zhi Fuze said to Ye Chen, herself saying that Ye Chen wouldn't be able to get Yue Ya and Liu Yue.

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