You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

San Qian Fu Shi - 三千浮世

Chapter 503 (Too sloppy)

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Chapter 503 (Too sloppy)

Seeing that the little brother was still not moving, Lu Hong said in a deep voice, "What are you still doing in a daze? Beg for mercy! You'll be a good man when you go back and kneel on the keyboard!"

"Brother, but I... can't say it." Yi Hong's heart was also very complicated, how awesome that day was.

'The explosion of drinking means divorce!'

'I have never been so domineering in my life.'

'It's only been a few days, and I need to ask my wife to cooperate. Isn't this even more unmanly?'

Lu Hong understood Yi Hong's thoughts and persuaded him: "Yi Hong, don't think about the dignity of a man now. In front of your wife, you should put this dignity on the ground and rub it fiercely, and be a licking dog in the future. Big Brother is optimistic about you."

Yi Hong: "..."

'It's okay to be a licking dog for my wife, but…'

'Forget it, I'll just be one.'

You don't know, but a lot of men want to be licking dogs for Zi Shan. You don't know your immense blessings.

Taking a deep breath, Yi Hong pa.s.sed the sound transmission to Zi Shan. His tone was like a dog: "Zi Shan."

After saying these two words, Yi Hong waited for the other party's reply, and also observed his wife's every move, but there was no response.

"Wife?" Yi Hong called out again.

"Who is your wife? Get out!" Zi Shan replied coldly, 'Now you know how to beg for mercy? Weren't you very domineering that night? Didn't you enjoy bullying your wife?'

When Yi Hong heard his wife telling him to get out, his heart sank and he didn't say anything more.

"What's going on, did you tell her?" Lu Hong asked curiously.

"Zi Shan asked me to go out." Yi Hong murmured. Hearing Zi Shan's words, Yi Hong felt a dull pain in his heart. Does Zi Shan despise him so much now?

Lu Hong felt that he had to do it himself. His younger brother was unreliable, so he had to turn to his aunt for help. What should he call her?

"Your Honoress~" Lu Hong sent a voice transmission to Qing Yutong and said in a flattering tone.

Qing Yutong, who was not far away, was taken aback for a moment. Someone called her Your Honorees!

"Who is it?"

"It's me, Lu Hong."

"So it's little Lu. Where are you?" Qing Yutong asked curiously.

Lu Hong was a little embarra.s.sed: "Those two women are us."

"d.a.m.n, you guys have a hard taste. Turning into a woman to play around.." Qing Yutong turned her head to look at the green and red "sisters", and the corner of her mouth twitched slightly.

"Your Honorees, I am following the orders of Your Honor. These people are the people Your Honor has been looking for during this time, and we need to give them a parcel."

"Oh, so you are brother-in-law's delivery people? Just tell me if you need help." Qing Yutong was in a good mood. This Lu Hong has a sweet mouth.

Lu Hong repeated his thoughts, hoping that the group of Qing Yutong would cooperate a little bit.

In fact, he just wanted to say, don't make trouble. We brothers finally accepted a mission, and we don't want you to ruin it.

This is related to their image in Your Honor's mind.

After Qing Yutong heard this, she agreed with all her heart. 'It turns out that there are more interesting things than teaching a stinky man a lesson, so she immediately told Brittany and Zi Shan to cooperate a little.

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Qing Yutong was Ye Hua's sister-in-law, of course, Brittany and Zi Shan would listen. Besides, this is also Your Honor's task, and they don't want to be taught a lesson by him again.


Seeing that Lu Hong accidentally hit him in the chest while struggling, Yi Hong felt a burst of pain. 'Brother, your slap is too heavy!'

But a tube flew out of Lu Hong's ditch, attracting everyone's attention.

Seeing the tube fall out according to the plan, the two brothers felt that they had finally completed the task a.s.signed by Your Honor and could get rid of these bodies.

The tube fell to the ground and rolled gently, and the inside of the needle tube was bright red.

However, this is not important. What is important is that the needle tube is still labeled.

The four big characters of "Pure Blood", as if they were afraid that others would not know, and specially reminded the other party.

The group also saw it. Aren't you two brothers a little too sloppy in doing this? You even posted the words...

At this moment, Qing Yutong suddenly exclaimed: "What is this? There are even words on it! Pure blood? What?"

Zi Shan said fearfully: "I don't know, it should be human blood."

"The pure blood must be pure blood." Brittany still spoke so bluntly.

Feng Di frowned tightly and stretched out his palm.

The tube on the ground fell into his hand. Looking at the four big characters on it, his doubts deepened.

'Is this the legendary pure blood? Isn't the way of obtaining it a bit too sloppy, without any difficulties?'

Looking at the green and red women, how could they have the pure blood?

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