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姐姐的新娘 - Sister's Bride

Chapter 566 - , undercurrent

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Chapter 566: Chapter 561, undercurrent

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“Mother… Mother?”

It was as if some kind of detection magic had been installed on Carrie’s body. Her attention was still focused on the battle situation before her.

In the end, it was as if a cat had heard a strange sound and suddenly raised its head to look around.

At this moment, Carrie’s hearing had exceeded the limits of humans. The faint sounds of discussion outside the door were playing back in her ears.

When Carrie wanted to do something, the door lock of the guest room had already been turned.


Her mother had the key to this place!

Mrs. Caesar pushed open the door of the guest room. In her expectations, Carrie should have invited Josh to a pleasant afternoon tea.

But unfortunately… it was indeed an afternoon tea. Tea and snacks were placed beside the table, but the content had changed from chatting to playing the magic web game.

“Carrie, are you guys holding some kind of ceremony?”

As soon as Mrs. Caesar entered the guest room, she saw the scene in front of her. The tables in the guest room were pieced together, and the five of them sat face to face. In front of them was a magic web interface that was playing something.

No matter how she looked at it, it didn’t look like a meeting.

“Mother, we’re…”

As Carrie was trying to explain what she had done, her hero was ambushed by the enemy. At this moment, she could no longer bother to answer her mother.

For a moment, the atmosphere was a little awkward, but Mrs. Caesar quickly determined that the people sitting on both sides were not ‘ordinary friends’.

Just the new king of the Frost Kingdom that Mrs. Caesar had inadvertently caught a glimpse of was enough for her to treat this gathering with caution.

The battle did not last long. The battle ended in just twenty-two minutes, and in the end, it was still the victory of Jose’s side.

“It’s my honor to partic.i.p.ate in this gathering.”After the battle ended, shier immediately stood up from his seat and said. “I have to leave now.”

“Then today’s test ends here.”

Joshua waved his hand and closed the magic web interface in front of him. He looked at the new king of the frost kingdom beside him.

“Be careful on your way back.”

“I’ll get rid of those traitors. Also, I’m looking forward to your Roman holiday.”

Shier’s cold expression was replaced by a rare smile. After she left these words, she nodded slightly at Mrs. Caesar and chose to leave.

When Gloria saw Shier leave, she immediately stood up from her seat. Then, she suddenly walked to Joshua and bent down slightly, putting her lips next to Joshua’s ear.

“The experience of this game has made me very happy. The court of Heretics has left the holy city, but the threat they bring is far from over.”

Joshua subconsciously stepped back, but Gloria had already finished her words and left with Myrcella to chase after shier.

Meanwhile, Joshua could only endure the gazes from all directions in the room.

“Can I explain?”Joshua whispered.

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“Father won’t allow this marriage.”

Cecily’s hand clenched tightly for a moment, but it loosened slightly as if she had thought of something

“This is the rule of our clan, so Joshua, wait a little longer.”

“Wait a little longer?”

“I will become the ruler of the demon world, just like we agreed before.”

Cecily stared into Joshua’s eyes and said in an extremely serious tone.

“I. . . Almost forgot.”

Joshua suddenly remembered that a year and a half ago, the ruler of the demon world had been prepared to give up the throne to his children.

“I will ask the Archduke of bones to support you.”Joshua apologized to his brother in his heart.

The position of the Grand Duke of fresh blood had always been to support the negotiation with the humans. Almost two-thirds of the power of the demon world had fallen to his eldest sister’s side.

“But I still hope for a peaceful solution.”Jose glanced at Cecily’s expression. The second princess was ready to go to the battlefield.

In this battle for the throne, Cecily’s most powerful compet.i.tor was Jose’s elder brother.

The general who guarded the border of the demon world would never choose to make peace with the humans.

Therefore, what Jose could do now was to ensure that Cecily won the battle for the throne.

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