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Chapter 2509

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Chapter 2509: G.o.d! Mary Sue world (Part 51)

The voices surged around them and for some reason, Luo Qing Chen felt that the play was getting exciting.

She strangely felt excited.

Even the gossip around her sounded quite sweet to the ears.

“What……What does this mean? Could it be that Luo Qing Chen already has a role in “Time”?”

“But if I remember correctly, Ye Nuan Yang is a very important supporting female role in “Time”!”

“Right! So who is Luo Qing Chen playing!”

“G.o.d! This is so shocking! This really is explosive news!”

“What do we do? I suddenly remembered a certain someone’s bet on the twentieth floor this morning!”

The gossipers didn’t really care about what happened, not to mention that there were no absolute friends in the entertainment industry.

The more people fighting for resources, the more enemies that there were that acted kindly.

Once a problem happened, they would draw lines right away and some people would even throw stones at them.

Ye Su’s face was pale and her lips kept trembling. Her heart was in her throat and no matter how she tried to hide it, she couldn’t hide it.

Qiu Kai beside her was startled and stumbled two steps back.

Gu Fan Fan’s nervous hands wrapped around her chest. Jin Yi Xuan stood beside her, comforting her in a low and gentle voice, “It’s fine! Relax, even if she’s playing a supporting role, you and Qiu Kai still have a chance.”

“But I’m still worried! I feel that I’m not good enough, so I’m afraid that Qiu Kai won’t pa.s.s and that will implicate big sister Ye Su.” Gu Fan Fan’s voice was a bit choked up when she said this.

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She thought that she was kind enough and she always took the other person into consideration when doing anything.

She knew that she was special in Jin Yi Xuan’s eyes. It was because he was always surrounded by arrogant young misses that he was tired.

Yes! She was a Cinderella, a kind hearted Cinderella.

She was always positive and she kept going to auditions after graduating. Getting the female lead role in “Youth” wasn’t just based on luck, but also her ability.

She had gotten this role with her own skills.

She felt that this was her luckiest year and she would become a real star, as well as getting the love of her life.

“Don’t worry……” Jin Yi Xuan gently patted her head, “You have to believe in yourself! If we can get the role of Ye Nuan Yang, we will still win!”

“But……But I’m just so scared……” She grabbed Jin Yi Xuan’s sleeve and said, “What do we do?”

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll always be by your side.”

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