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Chapter 3088 - 3088 Fallen Angel

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3088 Fallen Angel

Mu Bai frowned under the eaves of the wooden tower.

He needed to release Mo Fan as soon as possible. There were still so many masters in the Holy City. No matter how strong Mu Ningxue was, she could not withstand the attacks of the masters of the Holy City.

However, he did not have a chance to do so.

“Ahem, I noticed something strange in this direction before, so I walked around here. It turns out that there is a rat in the gutter that wants to steal b.u.t.ter here. Tsk. Tsk. Let me guess, you must be the best friend of that heretic. Otherwise, you won’t be so eager to seek death,” someone mocked Mu Bai from behind him.


Mu Bai was surprised. He turned around and saw the powerful Holy Shadow Brooke under the tower. Brooke hung upside down from the eaves like a vampire.

Brooke did not seem to be affected by gravity. He slid down slowly, turned his body, and landed in front of Mu Bai. There was a mocking smile on his face, and a pair of cat-like eyes stared at Mu Bai aggressively.

Mu Bai could feel that he was a cruel Holy Shadow. He exuded a fierce and bloodthirsty temperament.

Mu Bai thought he was stealthy enough, but Brooke had still noticed him.

“You know what? If we want to wipe out the rats in the gutter, we never block their entrances and exits. Instead, we deliberately leave some places that look like escape holes. In this way, all the stupid gutter rats will proceed there.”

“Then, we wait at the escape hole and burn them all to death without breaking a sweat!” Holy Shadow Brooke continued.

He walked toward Mu Bai step by step. His eyes were cruel.

Michael was right. As long as Mo Fan was held there, many heretics and rebels like him would fall into the trap.

Another prey was caught.

“I don’t understand why a person condemned to h.e.l.l is worth saving. The G.o.ddess of the Parthenon Temple tried to save him, then an otherworldly snow demon, and finally a weak bug like you,” said the Holy Shadow Brooke.

Brooke’s gaze was sharp. He was like an owl that could see through all the weaknesses of a person’s body.

He used that tone of voice because he could tell Mu Bai was not a Forbidden Mage.

A person who was not Forbidden Mage actually dared to break into the Holy City to commit crimes.

Holy City had been too tolerant of these people over the years, so any garbage dared to provoke Holy City and make trouble!

Mu Bai looked around and realized that the Holy Judges did not surround him.

“You’re alone?” Mu Bai was surprised.

“Do you think that the whole Holy City needs to be here to deal with someone like you? You’re not Mu Ningxue.” Brooke laughed.

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“You surprised me. I thought all the Holy Judges were here.” Mu Bai was a little relieved.

When Brooke looked up, he saw blood, which looked beautiful and terrifying in equal measure. When he looked down, he saw the black wings stretching out from under the abyss and driving him into a desperate state of self-destruction!

“Y-You’re the Fallen Angel!” Holy Shadow Brooke cried out in panic.

Black wings.

It was the messenger of the Grim Reaper who wandered around the world and reaped those who violated the dark contract and sacrificed their lives in place of the Grim Reaper. After the birth of Dark Magic in this world, the Magic a.s.sociation branded it as orthodox magic. Dark Magic was separate from everything and had its own ruler.

This ruler of darkness worked for the Dark Plane, but he could stay in the world too. They were the same as the Parade Angels appointed by G.o.d. Unless they revealed their ident.i.ties willingly, no one knew who they were!

After Dark Magic was discovered, the Holy City found out about the existence of Fallen Angels.

However, the archangels of Holy City would not easily make enemies of the Fallen Angels. They minded their own business. Holy City executed those heretics who violated the orthodox magic, while the Fallen Angels dealt with those evils who violated the dark contract.

However, there had been times when Fallen Angels and Holy City angels had clashed in the past. At that time, the Holy City had suffered heavy losses!

“A gutter rat, weak bug, and dirty c.o.c.kroach?” A pair of sinister eyes opened on the giant black wings. The voice penetrated Brooke’s mind and tortured him. He trembled in agony.

Holy Shadow Brooke felt that he was in a dark h.e.l.l. His surroundings were full of the smell of blood, and he could not escape at all!

Why was a Fallen Angel here? How could the insignificant person that he had caught turn out to be a Fallen Angel who was feared even by the archangels?v

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