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Chapter 2835 - White Monster Lair in The City

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Chapter 2835: White Monster Lair in The City

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Little Green Kraken ate its food happily and waved its tail. It was probably the only one that felt happy over the fall of the Magic City. The city had turned into a seafood restaurant of its taste.

“Enough. Let’s go. There are still many unhatched Ocean Demon Babies. We can’t possibly finish clearing all the eggs. it’s best if we find Dean Xiao as soon as possible,” said Mu Bai.

Little Green Kraken continued to keep a close eye on their surroundings. They dared not take the powerful Ocean Demons lightly. There were several towering giant beasts. If they caught the beasts’ attention, it would be difficult to break themselves free from the creatures.

“Can you sense where humans are now?” Zhao Manyan asked Little Green Kraken.


Little Green Kraken transformed into a mini size clown fish and swam nimbly among the corals. Soon, Little Green Kraken led them to Pearl Inst.i.tute. They arrived at the comprehensive stadium near the Azure Pearl Campuses,

The comprehensive stadium was the same place where Zhao Manyan and Mo Fan had worked hand-in-hand in killing the Mother Scale Skin Phantom. It had been restructured as a refuge. It was made of steel and other materials which interfered with the demons’ senses. Many Ocean Demon troops pa.s.sed by the stadium and were unaware that many people were hiding inside.

“Many people must have died. But where are their corpses?” Mu Bai sensed that something was strange.

The Ocean Demons encroached on the Magic City. It had been densely populated, so the death rate must have been relatively high. However, they hardly saw any corpses within the white monster lair in this city. It did not make any sense.

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The Ocean Demons were powerful and many in number, they must have killed so many mages and other residents of the city. However, their group couldn’t see any corpses along the way.

“They could have been devoured by the Ocean Demons. Little Green Kraken said there were many humans under the ground. Dean Xiao must have been protecting the students,” said Zhao Manyan.

k.a.w.k! k.a.w.k! k.a.w.k!

The roaring sound came from the dark pool of water. Several heads covered with spiky whiskers poked out of the surface and stared at Zhao Manyan and the group.

k.a.w.k! k.a.w.k!

The sound intensified. Many Fish Men jumped out of the deep pool of water. They wielded sticks made of bones and smashed the dormitory that blocked their way!

“They are at Commander level… and there are so many of them…” Jiang Shaoxu looked troubled.

“Old Zhao, take them down. We need to learn more about the situation. Meanwhile, I’ll handle the Ocean Demons,” said Mu Bai.

“Okay. Be careful,” said Zhao Manyan.

“I think you should be more careful. Things down there are too strange,” said Mu Bai solemnly.

The Fish Men Generals wielded bone drills and marched towards Mu Bai. The bone drills were stained with blood. Mu Bai had not seen a single corpse since he entered the white lair. The only corpse he saw was pierced on a Fish Man General’s bone drill, like a c.o.c.kroach that had accidentally gotten stuck in a gear wheel.

Mu Bai flew into a fit of rage. His hands transformed into claws and stretched out. A giant ice claw appeared from the wet ground and grabbed a Fish Man General.

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The Fish Man General reacted quickly. It smashed the ice claw with its bone drill. Little did it know that that was not the only claw. Many ice claws that reached dozens of meters in height appeared around the Fish Man General.

Mu Bai approached it and noticed several students from the ruins. They had nowhere to go so they hid inside the building. Mu Bai wondered how they avoided the Fish Men Generals from sniffing them out.

“Please help us! We beg you,” one of the freshmen pleaded.

Mu Bai looked at the stadium. He hesitated for a while before walking to the dormitory.

“What’s going on here? Where are the others? Why can’t I see any mages here?” asked Mu Bai.

“T-They have been caught and trapped inside.” The boy with stains on his face pointed at the stadium.

“Caught and trapped?” Mu Bai’s eyes widened.

“A colossal white demon came and turned all the mages into white chrysalises. Everyone is wrapped in that gooey thing and thrown in the stadium. The colossal white demon seems to be extracting some sort of energy from them,” the boy said anxiously.

“Where’s Dean Xiao?” The boy could not speak clearly. Perhaps he was too frightened.

‘A colossal white demon?’ Mu Bai had not seen it since he entered the place.

“Dean Xiao…”

“He went away with a person with eagle wings,” said a freshman from the Azure Pearl Campuses. The freshman was around when he had seen Bai Mei and Dean Xiao.

“Where exactly did he go?”

“W-We have to ask Mr. Bai Mei.”

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