Ryuu Kusari no Ori -Kokoro no Uchi no “Kokoro”-


Chapter 5.18

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Chapter 5 Part 18

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" ! "

Irisdina immediately reacted to the sound she heard from the bushes behind.

She used her instant deployment ability to generate three magic bullets and shoot them at the bushes.

The magic bullet that was released disappeared into the depths of the bushes, and an explosive sound resounded in the next moment. At the same time, a shadow jumped out of the bushes and attacked Irisdina.


Irisdina quickly pulled out her rapier and blocked the shadow's attack. Irisdina was about to be overwhelmed by the sword strike that was heavier than she imagined, but while parrying the attack, she shifted her body and allowed the attacker to pa.s.s through.

"Kuh~! It was parried!"

"Lisa ?!"

The shadow that attacked was Lisa Hounds, Irisdina's cla.s.smate.

Irisdina tried to thrust her rapier at Lisa, whose body had moved past her after the attack was parried, but Lisa twisted her body without killing the momentum and repelled Irisdina's rapier.


Lisa repelled Irisdina's rapier, but she didn't go any further and just jumped away from her.

Irisdina felt puzzled by it, but the next moment an ice spear flew from the bushes where Lisa had jumped out.

"! As I thought, you have companions ..."

Despite an ice spear was approaching in front of her, Irisdina's expression remains unperturbed. The reason became clear immediately. A burst of magical power suddenly exploded behind Irisdina. The enormous magical power instantly turned into fire, the wind swirled and gathered towards the fire while making it burn further, and formed a huge fireball.

"Ai! Here I go!"

Her best friend's voice came from behind. Irisdina didn't look back and she nodded in response.

The magic that Tima cast was the magic of *Calamity of the Sinner*.

It's magic that converted one's magical power into flames, manipulating the wind, accelerating combustion, fused, and launched it. It's advanced magic that manipulates multiple attributes, and it's an extremely powerful magic that exerts immense power in combination with Tima's immense magical power.

The next moment, the huge fireball was launched. The ma.s.s of fire that pa.s.sed through Irisdina engulfed the approaching ice spear and instantly vaporized it.

Next, the fireball that vaporized the ice spear flew straight towards the bushes.


"Uwa !!"

Ken and Camilla, who were hiding, jumped out of the bushes in a hurry.

In the next moment, *Calamity of the Sinner* landed. The flames exploded and in an instant turned the bushes to ashes.

"As expected, Irisdina and Tima. It doesn't seem easy to defeat them."

Ken muttered as if he was impressed by the two.

Lisa, Ken, and Camilla, who heard the sound of fighting, hid in the bushes and observed the situation. They planned to look for an opportunity to carry out a surprise attack, but Irisdina detected them first and took the initiative.

But they didn't get agitated with just that.

Ken blocked the magic bullet fired by Irisdina, Lisa moved through that gap, and Camilla tried to beat Irisdina with her *Icicle Dance*.

However, Irisdina and Tima couldn't be easily defeated either. Tima chanted her magic while Irisdina defended standing at the front. Tima's magical qualities are outstanding as a mage. *Calamity of the Sinner* unilaterally neutralized Camilla's *Icicle Dance*.

If Ken and Camilla stayed at their place, it seemed like Tima's magic would be able to defeat them. But they managed to dodge it by a hair's breadth. As a result, both sides faced each other without casualties.



Both sides faced each other and remained silent. There was no doubt that both were the top party in their cla.s.s, and they understood that whoever won this battle would jump to the top.

Irisdina pointed the tip of the rapier in her hand. Lisa and Ken also wield their respective weapons.

A large amount of magical power came out of Tima's body again, and Camilla also started chanting a spell.

The next moment, Irisdina, Lisa, and Ken ran towards each other.


When Irisdina and Tima were confronting Lisa's party, Nozomu's party was also on the north side of the training area.

They had a hard time winning the battle with Anri, and they had left that place and arrived at this place to regain their composure.

"...Nozomu-kun, what are we going to do now?"

Jin asked Nozomu.

"...Hmm. To be honest, I don't think our past methods of setting traps and waiting for the opponent to come over are very effective in gaining points."

The number of surviving parties decreased due to a large number of parties dropping out in the morning, and the points held by one's party increased. As a result, the points that can be obtained in one battle increase, but at the same time, it would be difficult to encounter other parties.

If they lost once, they would lose all their points, so if they prioritized surviving this training, they wouldn't have to move much.

However, as the points that can be obtained through one battle were increasing, the rankings can easily change in one battle. All the simple tasks would be taken up by the other party from the start, so if they wanted to maintain their rank, they had to keep earning points.

"... That's true. Then we don't have a choice but to fight a high-cla.s.s party..."

Hamria muttered anxiously. Tommy and Cami were as nervous as she was, and their expressions weren't bright.

"...Well, it depends on the opponent, but I think there is still a chance for us to win."


Hamria shouted as Nozomu told them that there was still a chance to win.

“Now Mars' team is joining us. Even though Deck has been disqualified and our party members are reduced by one, but the other members can still fight. It was very likely that there were vacancies in other parties as well. And depending on the number of opponents, I think we can win ... What do you think? "

Deck was indeed disqualified in the previous battle, but the same might happen to the other parties. In this rapidly changing situation, one might not always be able to continue fighting in the expected situation.

After hearing Nozomu's words, Hamria stroked her chest in relief. She probably trusted Nozomu because of the battles they had gone through so far. Jin, who was by her side, also relaxed his expression.

However, Tommy and Cami still had stiff facial expressions. Indeed, they saw Nozomu's team defeated Anri, but for sure, they still felt uneasy about Nozomu.

Previously, after hearing Nozomu's opinion, Tommy even dared to ask in a questioning tone.

So from that moment on, a bit of an awkward atmosphere started to form between Nozomu and Tommy.

"...Everyone. We've come this far, why don't we give it a try?"


It was Jin who spoke to erase such an atmosphere.

"To be honest, I'm worried, but at least we've made it this far, which means if Nozomu-kun, Mars-kun, and us work together, we'll be able to fight, right?"

"That's right. There will be a shortage of people if it's just me and Mars..."

Certainly, what Jin said was true. It would be difficult for Nozomu, who originally had a limited amount of Qi, to fight consecutively. Even in today's training, Nozomu had been engaged in a continuous battle while using the combat techniques, traps, and tactics he had developed so far. However, only with the help of Jin, Deck, and Hamria can they win.

In order for them to win, the strength of Nozomu's party and Jin's party was indispensable.

"See? And since we've come this far, why don't we go out together a little more? We of the 10th cla.s.s have managed to fight this far. Considering our grades, I think the teachers will understand with just that fact. ... "

Well, Jin's words might not make sense at the meritocratic Solminati Academy, but at least they should be able to impress the teachers with their existence.

"... That's right. If it is like this then, let's do it!"

"Yeah. It's a good opportunity to give other cla.s.ses our grat.i.tude!"

Perhaps inspired by Jin's words, vitality returned to Tommy and Cami's expression.

Considering their grades, it might be fine for them to lay low until the training was over, but due to their acc.u.mulated anger that they had been insulted by other cla.s.ses until now, they immediately chose to continue fighting.


Meanwhile, Nozomu noticed that Mars had a strange gloomy expression. Mars put his hand on his chin while looking at his greatsword as if he was thinking about something. And After looking at Jin and his excited friends, he glanced at Nozomu and his katana.

"? Mars, what's wrong?"

"... No, it's nothing"

His mind was not there. Nozomu asks Mars what he was doing, but he averted his eyes and said nothing was wrong.

"...What's wrong? You've been weird lately?"

"Didn't you also... no, it's fine. Really, I'm fine..."

Nozomu was worried that Mars had recently come up with the idea of using magic and Qi at the same time and started repeating such absurd training, but he couldn't pursue it any further due to his guilt and anxiety that he couldn't tell the fact that he's a dragon slayer. Even though he knew he was running away, his mouth always refused to utter any words.

Mars was frustrated that Nozomu would never tell his problems to him. However, he also couldn't tell Nozomu that his technique would not improve at all.

To him, Nozomu is an equal companion, unlike those around him. Nozomu is his friend at school, whom he made after a long time.

However, no matter how much he thought so, the fact that they were hiding their own problems from each other stood out as an invisible wall between the two.


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Jin, Tommy, and Cami were chanting magic with Hamria while holding their respective weapons behind Nozomu.

"Well, even if we fight, the result is obvious. But, if you crawl on all fours and never come near Irisdina again, I can forgive you."

Kevin, who fell in love with Irisdina, didn't like Nozomu, who is closest to her now.

Kevin thought Nozomu was just a fool standing beside the best woman, even though he didn't have much power. Kevin's mouth smiled happily, considering that he will now be able to beat this fool to his heart's content.


Nozomu, on the other hand, did not return any words. Kevin's words had not yet reached his ears, who were already in combat mode. He kept concentrating on not to overlook Kevin's every move.

Kevin realized that Nozomu's party wasn't willing to give up, so he burst out his body's Qi at once. The explosive Qi released generated a gust of wind and attacked Nozomu's party.

The next moment, the students behind Kevin activated their magic. A fireball and a wind blade, which were as large as a human torso, attacked Nozomu and the others.

On the other hand, Jin and his friends also activate their magic. Jin and Tommy fired flame bullets, while Hamria and Cami launched ice spears.

The flame bullets collided with the wind blade. While the ice spears collided with the fireball. Two explosions overrun the surroundings.

"Wha, their magic is comparable to ours!"

"Kuh! As expected, so is this first-cla.s.s?"

They offsetting each other's magic. Tommy and his friends let out surprised voices to their opponents which were able to offset their magic which was equivalent to two people alone.

However, their other party members did not wait. Kevin rushed through the billowing smoke from the magic collision. His speed was clearly faster than Irisdina's.

"I'll show you our difference! You, the lowest!"

Nozomu also activated his *Instant Move* and moved towards Kevin to intercept Kevin who had already rushed over.

Kevin frowned slightly at Nozomu, who rushed in from the front. He clad his fist with Qi, turned his fist into a knife-hand strike, and thrust it towards Nozomu.

Coupled with his rushed momentum, Kevin's knife-hand strike approached in the blink of an eye. Nozomu activated *Instant Move -Curve Dance-*, swung his katana to deal with Kevin's oncoming knife-hand strike, and parried it.

" !! "

Both of them crossed in an instant. The uniform on Nozomu's shoulders was torn and blood spewed out. Kevin's knife-hand strike, coupled with the rush momentum, was heavier than Nozomu had expected. He couldn't completely parry it.

However, Nozomu immediately moved behind Kevin with *Instant Move -Curve Dance-* and tried to swing his katana towards Kevin's defenseless back.

"Haa~ !!"

However, Nozomu's katana did not reach Kevin's body.

Kevin jumped like an acrobat and knocked Nozomu's katana down with a roundhouse kick. Furthermore, he used his other leg midair and tried to hit Nozomu's head with his heel drop.

"I won't let you !!"

"Tch~ !!"

However, Mars got ahead of Kevin by swinging his wind-enveloped greatsword. Kevin blocked Mars' greatsword with the back of his hands but was sent flying into the air instead.

However, Kevin did a full spin in the air, landed on the ground as if nothing had happened, and rushed forward again.

Nozomu and Mars also run towards Kevin. Nozomu, Mars, and Kevin cross over each other.

The other party members also clashed with their respective weapons.

When Irisdina and Tima started fighting Lisa's party. The battle of Nozomu's party also began.


When Nozomu's party started fighting, there was a place that remained quiet as if it had nothing to do with the commotion.


In a deep dark place. In the abyss where there was neither sun nor moonlight, only firefly-like lights shone and lit up the surroundings like starlight.

Around, there was a shadow far exceeding a person's height. Something was there.

As the shadow moved slightly, its body, which was shaped like a mountain range, swayed.

It's just sleeping in this place.

Sleep, sleep, sleep... Honestly, it didn't even know how long it's been sleeping.

"Gururururu ..."

It sleeps. Until the time comes. And when the time comes, it will start moving again. It will do what it wants. To satisfy its own thirst.

For that reason, it just keeps sleeping. The cravings and urges within itself. It's no longer its own. Because it has become one with nature ...

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