Ryuu Kusari no Ori -Kokoro no Uchi no “Kokoro”-


Chapter 4.16

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Chapter 4 Part 16

Iris' POV

After school, after all the lessons were over, Tima and I decided to go out with Somia, Mars, and Nozomu. Tima and I left the cla.s.sroom and walked side by side to Central Park. On the way, Somia, who had left her school that is Ecross, joined us and walked alongside us.

Honestly, today, I thought a lot about what I said at Us.h.i.totei yesterday, so I couldn't focus my mind on the lesson.

When I was asked a question or when another student called me, I think I was able to answer it, but still, I couldn't get him out of my mind.

I remember Lisa's appearance when I talked to her face-to-face yesterday.

She was so different from usual. She wasn't even trying to hide her fierce hatred for Nozomu.

Her menacing look was terrifying, I had a cold sweat, and Tima, who was next to me, was completely frightened, but at the same time, I felt a strange feeling.

No matter how the rumors flowed, I felt it was strange that she was so stubbornly resenting him.

If anyone saw how she hates Nozomu now, any normal person would think that Nozomu betrayed Lisa and she was right.

What's more, the credibility of the rumor that "she was betrayed by Nozomu" is getting stronger, as she is considered a straightforward, compa.s.sionate person, and one who resolutely fights against unreasonableness.

However, if anyone thinks that Nozomu is the right one, you will see a completely different side. It is possible that someone wanted to break the relationship between Nozomu and Lisa.

I don't want to think too much about it, but given her popularity, it seems that someone will definitely do it, and that person is trusted by Lisa.

And the person that Lisa trusted actually benefited after the two of them broke up.

When I actually came into contact with him, the impression I had of him was the exact opposite of his reputation at school.

And Lisa, despite being his childhood friend, struck him with tremendous hatred.

The rumors arose after he developed his Ability Suppression.

When I think about the person who has really benefited since the rumors surfaced, the first person I came up with was ...

(Is it Ken Notice?...)

I haven't actually confirmed it, but how shocking would it be if this were true ...

Recalling what Nozomu looked like this morning.

When I saw him in the morning, it seemed like he was doing something unreasonable again, and when I asked him "what happened?", he just replied "nothing". He didn't want to reveal his heart at all.

It was clear that something had happened ………….


"Ai, are you okay?"


"A, ah. I'm alright ..."

Naturally, I clenched my fists tightly on my chest. The impatience that swirled inside grew bigger and bigger, and I couldn't help but feel I was in a difficult position.

The haze inside my heart did not clear up, only the anxiety and loneliness became stronger.

"Yo. Sorry, I'm late."

As I was lost in my thoughts, I raised my face to the voice I heard, there is Mars coming here. But... Nozomu isn't there?

"Mars-kun, what about Nozomu?"

"A, ah. He was….."

"Do you have a minute?"

"... You are ..."

When Mars began struggling to speak, Mars voice was stopped by someone from the side.

Looking at the person, a young Fox Tribe is looking at me.

If I'm not wrong, he is ………….

"Sorry, for talking to you so suddenly. I am Feo Ris.h.i.tza. I belong to the second cla.s.s, third year. I need to talk with Nozomu Bountis, but ... it looks like he's not here."

"... Do you need something with him?"

Mars spoke to the boy named Feo in a stiff voice that seemed to be wary of him.

"No, I just wanted to talk a little. How did he seduce that "black-haired princess" ...?"

The moment I heard that word, my heart suddenly turned cold.

Those words came from someone who didn't know how good Nozomu was as a person.

"... You b.a.s.t.a.r.d..."

"... You sure can say that rude thing in front of the said person………………"

"Wha! Joke! It's a joke !! Don't get too angry."

The young Fox Tribe fixed it in a hurry, but our gazes did not soften.

It was too bad to be a joke!!

"That's why, I'm sorry... but I wonder where he is... sorry, I'll come back next time."

He bowed his head, turned his heels back, and quickly disappeared into the city.

I looked up at the sky and the sun was starting to illuminate the western sky in red. Looking up at the twilight sky, I felt an ominous premonition swell in my heart.


"......... I was really impatient ..."

Feo walked away from Irisdina and the others and entered the city, but he couldn't stop sweating for a while because of their too much threatening att.i.tude.

"But to think that black-haired princess would go that far ... I had that coming, but that sure was bad..."

Feo's mouth lifted up. His interest in Nozomu was growing stronger.

He wanted to know. What kind of person Nozomu is? What was the reason why the black-haired princess was so interested in him?

"... A~~rggh !! I can't stand it anymore !! If it's like this then, the fastest way is..."

Feo disappears into the hustle and bustle of the city. His smile wasn't the usual unreadable smile, but it was like the innocent child we can find everywhere.


"Vu~ooooooooooon !!!"

With a roar that echoes loudly, the black demon beast rushes towards Nozomu and others.

Nozomu glanced behind him, Shīna and her friends were ready for battle.

Their party consisted of one vanguard and two rearguards. Due to his apt.i.tude, Nozomu decided to move forward. After he pulled out the katana on his waist, he immediately stepped towards the black demon beast.

"Wa, Wait !!!"

Mimuru was fl.u.s.tered when she saw Nozomu charging alone, but Nozomu continued to run regardless. This is to gain some distance from the opponent so that the rearguards can do their best.

"Gaaaaaaaaaa !!"

The black beast tried to eat Nozomu with its jaws, but Nozomu escaped the demon beast's fangs while relaxing one leg and letting his body flow to the side. He tried to cut through the demon beast's body, but a black shadow came at the edge of his field of vision.


Nozomu felt danger all over his body and immediately threw himself to the ground without even checking the shadows that have come into view.

In the next moment, a cloud of dust rose with a thunderous roar, and Nozomu was blown away several meters due to the momentum and impact.


Nozomu, who was lying on the ground, saw a big black tail. The demon beast's tail became huge and pierced the ground like a blade.

"Gau !!!"

Nozomu tried to stand up immediately, but the demon beast also immediately pulled out its tail that pierces the ground and prepared for pursuit.

When the black demon beast tried to lunge on Nozomu again, an arrow shot by Shīna pierced through the demon beast's shoulder.


"Take this !!"

From the opposite direction, Mimuru started to attack the demon beast.

She struck her hatchet-like knife strengthened with Qi, but only scratched the black skin of the demon beast.

"Ku~! What a d*mn tough body!"

She was throwing curses at the body of the demon beast that cannot be attacked by her, but the next moment, the red-black blood clot-like eyes of the demon beast glared at Mimuru.

" !! "

Mimuru lost her consciousness for a moment, but she was able to crouch down and dodge the greatsword-like tail, which was swung around her.

The black beast tried to drive away Mimuru by swinging its greatsword-like tail further, but she continued to dodge it with flexible movements.

However, her facial expression stiffened. The speed at which the demon beast twisted its tail was so fast that she couldn't find the right opportunity to break away from it.

Shīna in the back shot another arrow, the arrow that was shot pierced the body of the demon beast, but it had a sludge-like body and had yet to pierce the thick skin. The demon beast's movement didn't slow down at all.

"Wa, wait a minute! Time out !! Time out !!!"

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Mimuru couldn't keep dodging the tail's attacks forever. Her body was becoming unable to keep up with the onslaught that continued to be launched. Considering the tail's attack power when it pierced the ground earlier, her specialized skills couldn't defend against the greatsword-like tail mowing down around her.

Nozomu was confused when he realized the feelings Shīna had now.

She looked exactly like he was yesterday, Nozomu realized that she was dominated by anger as much as he was.

She was ready to shoot the arrow. The strings stretched to their limit, and the nocked arrow was waiting for the time to be fired.

"Why was ......... that ..."

Nozomu let out a confused voice.

Shīna's dark eyes only focused on looking at the demon beast in front of her, and she released the pinched string from her fingers.

*Punishment of the Star Sea*

A magical spear appeared and enveloped the arrow, then fired.

The arrow she shot easily erased Nozomu's voice and landed on the black shadow behind the smoke. A roaring sound and a blast that surpa.s.sed the flame bullet that Tom had just released were scattered around.

"Fuu ..."

Shīna exhaled and released her stance. In front of her, there was a hole several times bigger than the demon beast could enter, and in the center of it was two times as much smoke as before.

She must have put a lot of magical power into the arrow. There was a straight mark that cuts through the ground towards the hole, and anyone could see how intense her violent emotion was.


However, Nozomu had not yet released his stance. Certainly, the arrow seemed to do a lot of damage, and the demon beast's presence was rather weak, but Nozomu's ominous premonition did not disappear.

Perhaps his premonition was right, the presence he felt behind the smoke suddenly grew stronger.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …………"

"!! Not yet !! We haven't defeated it yet !!!"

What appeared from the other side of the smoke was still the black demon beast. Moreover, its body is bloated.

The muscles all over its body swelled rapidly with a squeaking noise, and the black body surface cracked one after another and blood gushed out.

From the back of the body's surface, red eyes similar to the blood that gushed out appeared, and countless red eyes were glaring at Nozomu and the others all at once.

The tail that was originally one split apart and became two, and it became greatly enlarged. There were countless thorns and red eyes on its tail, and the sludge that covered its body became even dirtier.

(d.a.m.n! Is this its true form!! That means it didn't even fight seriously until now!!)

"This is bad !! Let's withdraw from here !! This guy is too dangerous !!!"

Mimuru proposed to retreat. Nozomu agreed. Obviously, it was different from any demon beast Nozomu had ever seen. You shouldn't keep fighting unnecessarily unless you know what you're up against and what your opponent's potential is.

"Th, that's............... Kuh !!!! Take this !!!"

However, even after she saw such a scene, Shīna was unwilling to back down. Once again, she nocked an arrow on her bow and aimed at the black demon beast.

"Don't !! Don't do it!!

"Noo !! I won't run away anymore! I'm sorry for having such a feeling !!!"

No matter how anyone looked at it, it was a reckless act.

Nozomu tried to stop her with his voice, but she was trapped in her own anger and had no ears to listen.

When she tried to shoot another arrow, the demon beast moved.

"Gaaaaaaa !!!"

"Take this!!"

The demon beast rushed straight toward Shīna. Its speed was overwhelmingly faster than its previous movement. Furthermore, when it rushed over, it swung its two tails and tried to get rid of Nozomu and Mimuru who were trying to get in its way. Obstructed by the swinging tail, the two's actions were delayed by one step.

Shīna shot an arrow in a hurry, but perhaps the demon beast's skin became stronger, this time the arrow couldn't even penetrate and was repelled instead. The demon beast opened its mouth wide with that momentum and tried to eat her.

She jumped sideways and escaped from its jaw, but she couldn't stop the demon beast's rush and was inevitably blown away.

"Kyaaaa !!!"

"Shīna! Kkuh!!"

Tom, who saw Shīna blown away, grabbed a stone which is a magical catalyst in his right hand, and tried to release magic, but perhaps the demon beast felt the wave of magical power flowing, this time aiming its jaw at Tom.

"Tom! Don't !!!!"

Mimuru raised a warning voice, but it was too late. The demon beast opened its jaws, with a myriad of sharp fangs exposed, leaping towards Tom. Tom's magic wasn't ready, and neither Nozomu nor Mimuru were close enough. And they were clearly not on time.

"Gi, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!"

A scream reverberated in the forest.

The jaw of the black demon was biting into Tom's right arm which was trying to release magic.

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