Ryuu Kusari no Ori -Kokoro no Uchi no “Kokoro”-


Chapter 4.08

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Chapter 4.08

Chapter 4 Part 8

Nozomu faced the three-eyed giant in a place filled with the smell of Wild Dogs' blood he had defeated.


Although not as dangerous as a dragon that flies in the sky and spits breath, it is an extremely dangerous demon beast that is cla.s.sified as rank A due to its extraordinary strength.

It is difficult for ordinary adventurers and knights to deal with them head-on, and the ones who could defeat them were rank A adventurers or knights with concentrated magic attacks.

However, Nozomu cannot even use beginner magic due to the influence of Ability Suppression, and there is almost no means of a long-range attack. He is clearly out of hand.

The Triclops grinned at Nozomu. Perhaps, Nozomu wasn't that big of a deal for him.

In front of such an opponent, Nozomu is usually the one who withdraws immediately. Considering the risk of fighting such a powerful monster within demon beasts' territory, it will not end with just win or lose.

However, the current Nozomu cannot think of such a thing.

(I want to go wild, enough for me to forget everything)

Even though he was not looking away from himself, Nozomu, who was betrayed by his best friend, was out of his spirit. He held his katana to beat the fury that kept swirling inside him.

Despite his mental state, he does not release his Ability Suppression because he still had the last hesitation left within him.

Nozomu's anxiety about Tiamat prevents him from being swept away by his fury and from being releasing his Ability Suppression until the last minute.

However, that's the only thing he hesitates about. The current him doesn't hesitate to slaughter the giant in front of him.

Perhaps the Triclops also felt Nozomu's fighting spirit, it prepares a gigantic club that is as big as a human adult.

The first to move was Nozomu. He sprints toward Triclops while strengthening his physical ability.

The Triclops glances at Nozomu, who is heading towards him, and mowing its gigantic club down to drive away the disturbing small flies.

Nozomu tries to parry the club that has been swung toward him with his katana.


Its power was so strong that Nozomu couldn't fend it off completely. His upper body opens wide and his posture crumbles.

Once again, the Triclops swung its club that had been fended off and tried to mow down the defenseless Nozomu's torso from the opposite direction.

Nozomu lays down on the ground and the approaching club pa.s.sed him.

While feeling the club that had been fended off pa.s.sing over his head, Nozomu immediately tried to stand up, but the Triclops shot its club down at Nozomu who was lying on the ground.

Nozomu stops and rolls sideways while lying down on the ground to avoid the club.

The club hits the ground right next to Nozomu, the ground shakes due to the impact, the soil rolls up, and the scattered earth and sand are pouring down.

Nozomu stood up using his rolling momentum and then fell back once with his Instant Move.

It seems that he realized that attacking head-on was a thoughtless act.

However, the Triclops did not give chase.

The giant is snorting, "gufu, gufufufu!". Looks like, he is making fun of Nozomu's disgraceful behavior.

However, Nozomu cannot hear its voice. His thoughts were only thinking about "how to kill this giant".

Nozomu keeps his thoughts while measuring the distance between him with the Triclops.

Nozomu wasn't hurt as he dominated the battle with the Wild Dogs from beginning to the end, but Nozomu's mind was anxious as he continued to use his Qi without thinking. He should have avoided using Qi techniques thoughtlessly.

It's not without a reason for him not to use Qi technique with long-range attacks, considering his remaining amount of Qi and the lack of certainty.

Since Nozomu cannot use magic, he has no choice but to fight in close quarters to find a way out.

(When it comes to this then, as I thought, I should handle that club somehow …………)

Nozomu has no experience of engaging with Triclops. Such a powerful demon beast is usually deep inside the forest and does not appear in the place where Nozomu always trains.

With that insane strength, if he receives the blow directly, the bones of his whole body will be broken. Since he has no experience of engaging with Triclops, he has no choice but to find a way out by comparing the knowledge he reads from books with the current situation.

(The most dangerous thing is when it activates its "Demon Eye of Madness" …………)

*Demon Eye of Madness*.

The unique ability of Triclops and Cyclops.

It doubles their muscle strength, causes their instinct to run wildly, and losing their rational judgment.

If the strength of the giant whose entire body is covered in muscles is doubled, not only its strength but also its speed will be doubled, and it will become an unbeatable demon beast.

If that happens, Nozomu's chances of winning will be even smaller.

(Aim for one blow that will kill him!)

In order not to activate the *Demon Eye of Madness*, there is no choice but to kill the giant with a single blow. There is no point in attacking the giant with a poor half-hearted attack.

Fortunately, the Triclops had not yet seen Nozomu as a threat.

(For that, I have to get closer somehow ...)

However, he ends up facing a new problem.

The physical disparity between Nozomu and the giant is clear,

and in proportion to that, the giant has a wider gap because of its extraordinary muscle strength.

The giant has never learned martial arts or how to swing a sword, but its extraordinary muscle strength has nothing to do with such knowledge.

The power of the club that was swung down is just like a battering ram, and it cannot be parried with half-hearted defense.

In addition, its muscle strength was quick to recover, and even a little carelessness was not allowed.


When Nozomu was thinking about how to subdue his enemy, the Triclops attacked Nozomu.

It tries to crush Nozomu by shooting its gigantic club down. Nozomu suspends his thoughts and concentrates on avoiding it.

The club-wielding giant roared and attacked Nozomu.

Nozomu falls back and avoids the club that was swung down. An adult-sized ma.s.s pa.s.ses in front of him, and the wind pressure shakes his hair.

At the next moment, the club was struck on the ground and the scattered earth and sand are pouring down again.

Nozomu's field of vision is obstructed by the pouring down earth and sand.

He reads the enemy's movements from the giant's body outline that can be seen faintly on the other side of the earth and sand curtain.

This time, the Triclops swings its dropped club to the side.

Nozomu lays down the same as before, but this time the giant swings its club diagonally in an instant.

Nozomu moves to his left and avoids the club by shifting his body to the side.

Offense and defense with no time to breathe. A long battle has begun that lasts until either Nozomu or the Triclops collapses.

The battle between Nozomu and the giant continues, but it is the giant who is attacking from beginning to end.

The giant used its body and the club's range to attack Nozomu from outside of Nozomu’s range.

Nozomu, on the other hand, continues to devote himself to avoid the giant's attack at a distance that is barely reachable.

If he could take another two steps, he could get into the giant’s s.p.a.ce, but the giant's attack was so fierce that he couldn't get into its s.p.a.ce.

If Nozomu could use magic, or if he had a companion who could use magic, he wouldn't have had a hard time this far.

Triclopes boasts extraordinary strength, but their resistance to magic is not that great.

If it is Irisdina who can use immediate magic deployment and Tima who can use large-scale magic, they can stop the enemy's leg with restraint magic and then use magic with high killing power at their vital points.

With fire or lightning magic, it can burn the giants' steel skin and damage the inside.

Even if they can't finish it. They can do enough damage to their opponents, so the flow of battle will turn to them.

However, that method cannot be used by Nozomu. That made the battle even tougher for him.


Fortunately, the Triclops became impatient that its attack never hits Nozomu.

The Triclops originally did not think Nozomu was a threat. It was frustrated that the person it thought could be crushed immediately was still hanging on.

This is a good opportunity for Nozomu. The sweeping attack of the impatient giant gradually becomes larger, and the interval between attacks gradually increases.

(Not yet ... It's too early to act. Just a little bit more ...)

Nozomu keeps avoiding the Triclops' attack without haste and waiting for the right timing. His aim is the moment when his enemy's impatience reaches the limit. And that moment finally came.


The giant's patience has finally reached its limit because its attack never hits. It swings the club upward and shoots it down to Nozomu from above.

The club accelerates in an instant with a roaring sound, cutting through the cold air at night and approaching Nozomu.


Nozomu responds to the approaching giant by thrusting in from the front at the fastest speed. If seen from the side, it's nothing more than a reckless act, and it seems that fear has finally gone beyond its limits and confuse him.

However, Nozomu's actions are not reckless.

Long-handled weapons such as swords, clubs, and axes, large and small, have a circular orbit, so their power is concentrated on the cutting edge.

In other words, the farther the target is from the cutting edge, the less powerful it becomes.

Because the Triclops attack became impatient, its swing also become larger. Nozomu succeeded in stepping inward from the tip of the giant's club.

However, even if the power drops, the strength of the giant is powerful. It cannot be received head-on.

Nozomu swings his katana downward from above as the giant did.

Even though he was finally able to take a step into the giant's attack range, he still couldn't attack him directly because he was outside his own attack range.

However, Nozomu's purpose is not the Triclops, but the giant's club itself.

Nozomu struck his katana towards the upper part of the club that the giant swung down. In addition, he strengthens the muscles of his whole body with all his might, links all the strengthened muscles, and twists his body laterally.

Then, Nozomu's body flowed laterally from the katana he struck, and at the same time, the trajectory of the club swung down by the giant deviated slightly in the opposite direction.

Nozomu realized that he couldn't parry the giant's club head-on. He handled the giant's attack by moving his body while parrying. Applying the exact same force as the giant.

However, if he made the slightest mistake, he would die instantly. If the timing of launching the katana is too early, the entire katana will be destroyed. On the other hand, if it is too late, the giant's attack cannot be deflected properly and Nozomu will be crushed.

He was walking on a tightrope, but Nozomu controlled the situation and finally stepped into his own opportunity.

Nozomu sends his Qi to his katana and jumps while extremely compressing it. His aim is the giant's neck.

The moment when his katana which had turned into a magic sword was about to be sucked into the giant's neck due to his overwhelming control power ………… Nozomu's body was blown away.


Nozomu's POV

My deadly slash did not hit the Triclops' necks, it only scratched the giant's cheek.

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The giant shook me off with one hand as if to shake off a fly.

When he saw the approaching giant, he began to compress Qi into his feet.

The skin of Nozomu's feet was torn and blood oozes out due to the extreme compression of Ki, which is comparable to the Phantom, still, Nozomu continues to send his Qi into his feet. The amount of blood that flows out increases, dyeing Nozomu's shoes bright red.

The giant tilts its upper-part body and swings down its club towards Nozomu. As the club approached Nozomu's eyes, Nozomu released the Qi he had put into his feet all at once.

He lowers his head, throws his body to the ground, and accelerates towards the giant's feet.

Inevitably, the giant's attack begins to shoot down towards Nozomu from above.

Originally, the height difference between Nozomu and Triclops is more than double, and due to the difference in their body size, there is still enough s.p.a.ce for one person to enter under the giant's hand.

Nozomu's purpose is to slip into that s.p.a.ce.

The doubled physical ability of the Triclops is certainly a threat, but even if its speed is doubled, its senses are not strengthened.

For that reason, Nozomu jumped backward once and triggered the giant's rush. On top of that, he lowered his posture to the ground and accelerated with all his might.

Even if the giant has a tremendous increase in speed and strength, its senses remain the same. In the moment of its action, a gap in its s.p.a.ce will be produced and enlarged.

With that thought, Nozomu's actions were a perfect blow.

The moment when the club that Triclops swung down seemed to catch Nozomu. The giant lost sight of its prey.

The giant's vision who was rushing with his doubled physical strength is narrow. In an instant, the giant's senses could not catch up with Nozomu who accelerated towards it.

Nozomu sneaks into the giant's feet, pulls a knife out of his waist, and sends his Qi into it.

Originally, it is just a miscellaneous knife that is not supposed to be used in battle, but due to the extreme compression of Qi sent into it, the blunt knife temporarily has the sharpness of a magic sword.

Nozomu thrusts the knife into the giant's knee and tears off the handle of the knife.

The knife's blade was deeply buried in the giant's knee like a wedge. The giant cannot pull out the blade as long as the handle is broken.

Moreover, as the giant put pressure on its knees in an attempt to rebuild its momentum, the knife tore the bones and muscles, completely destroying its knee joints.

The Triclops' body tilted and collapsed. In a hurry, the giant tries to support its body with its hands so that it doesn't fall, but Nozomu was already moving around him. All his remaining Qi is sent to the sheathed katana and he extremely compressed it.

This is Nozomu's aim.

It was a way to kill the Triclops with a single blow while sealing both hands of the giant.

The blade is released. The blade, which was unsheathed and moving directly against the wind, finally cut off the giant's neck.


Nozomu's POV

"Zee~! Zee~! Zee~!"

Blood spurts from the giant's neck whose head has been cut off, dyeing the red ground even redder.

Due to the fatigue caused by compressing my Qi to the limit and continuing to fight with all my might. I was kneeling on the ground because of the extreme tension that made me suffocate.

The inside of my head was paralyzed from the extreme exhaustion, and I couldn't really think about anything.

However, the fury inside my heart has not subsided. Even after I killed so many lives and got this much blood, I still didn't feel rampaged enough.

(... eld ...me. Yi ......... to me ...)

The echoed voice in the depth of my ear gradually became louder. I couldn't control my desire to follow that voice.

(I can't stand it anymore, I want to use my strength as I want!!)

(I want to destroy everything in front of me !!)

While my last remaining reasoning desperately stopped the voice, a rattling sound reached my ears. I hurriedly looked at the source of the sound. There was a sight that doubted my eyes.

Another giant. Not just one or two. There are at least ten giants there.

Their physique is one size smaller than the one I slaughtered just now, and there is only one eye on their faces. They are Cyclopes, a subspecies of Triclopes. There is even a third-eyed giant behind them.


"Guoooooo !!"

As soon as the giants glanced at me and found a headless corpse beside me, the giants' eyes turned bright red.

The bodies of the giants swelled up, and a huge wall of meat appeared in front of me.

Probably the Triclops that was killed earlier was a member of this herd. They are angry at the fact that their comrade was killed, and they are going to kill me, who is the cause.

"Ha, hahahaha …………"

I can't do it anymore. In this exhausted state, I cannot fight or escape.

A dry and hoa.r.s.e voice was leaking from my mouth looking up at the wall that appeared in front of me.

(Yield ... to me. Yield yourself to me…………)

I can clearly hear the voice from the depth of my heart.

I have found a reason to remove my final restraint. That is to survive.

I put my hands on the chains that bind me. By the time I realized it, the giant black dragon was flickering in front of me, but that was the only way to survive, the hesitation inside me was completely gone.

All that was left behind was a burning fury and a strong urge to destroy everything, "I want to destroy everything !!".

Leaving everything out of my mind.

Leaving everything to my fury.

I tore the steel chains.

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