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Chapter 4.04

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Chapter 4.04

Chapter 4 Part 4

Iris' POV

"So Lisa, what's your business with me?"

When Tima and I were about to have a lunch break, we were called by Lisa to meet her on the rooftop.

There was no one on the rooftop, The warm spring breeze strokes my cheeks, and I can only hear the chirping of birds and the voices of the students fluttering during the lunch break.

"I'm sorry. To call you so suddenly .......... Irisdina-san, I hear that you've been with him a lot lately, is that true?"

As I thought, what Lisa wanted to know was about him after all.

I know her.

Lisa Hounds

A woman with fiery red hair tied behind her head and impressive mischievous eyes.

She's an attractive girl even to me of the same s.e.x, and she's so beautiful that no other boy would certainly leave her alone.

She is a student who has reached A rank, which is only 5 students in the 3rd year, and is one of the few students who can compete with me even in practical cla.s.ses by skillfully manipulates two sabers, long and short, with outstanding physical ability. It's a well-known fact that She is dating A-ranked Ken Notice in the same year right now, and how many other girls wept because of that...

She looks at me with a serious look. Her mischievous eyes lurked, and her eyes seemed to swirl with indescribable strong emotions.

"Ah, it's because he is my friend. Is it that strange?"

The moment I called him a friend, her face was distorted as if she had bitten a worm.

A look full of hatred that is not like the usual her. That alone shows how much she hates and detests Nozomu.

"......... Irisdina-san, it is better not to be near him."

My eyebrows moved with a twitch at the words she suddenly said, and Tima had a surprised expression on her face.

Tima may have never seen her hate people so far. I also see her with such an expression for the first time.

Lisa is a talented person who is in the top 5 in the third year, but she doesn't boast her abilities and treats everyone equally.

Earlier, when I was helping Anri-sensei carry the tools used for cla.s.s at the request of Anri-sensei, a lower-cla.s.s female student of the same year was picking a quarrel with uppercla.s.smans under the window.

After that, when I talked to the female student who was involved, It seems that the uppercla.s.sman was at a guild and was looking for a member to enter the forest, but couldn't find one, and the uppercla.s.sman was not allowed to enter the forest. It seems that he was trying to take her by force.

At that time, I gave a word to Anri-sensei and immediately went to the scene, but it took me a while because I was on the upper floor.

However, when I arrived at the scene, Lisa, who had already rushed to the scene, managed to subdue the place.

She broke in between the students who were in a quarrel with uppercla.s.smans, and it seemed the uppercla.s.smans have been dealt with without taking a single step.

"E, erm Lisa-san ..."

Perhaps worried about Lisa, the female student seemed to have called her name, and the uppercla.s.sman who heard Lisa's name tried to invite her, ignoring the female student earlier.

However, she rejects the invitation of the uppercla.s.sman. The extremely enraged uppercla.s.smen tried to pull out his sword, but it seems that Lisa had a saber blade stuck to his throat the moment the uppercla.s.sman touched his sword.

In the end, the uppercla.s.sman was threatened by her overwhelming ability and escaped in the process.

She is a woman who can face wrong things head-on, even if her opponent is the uppercla.s.sman.

At least that was what I felt about her.

"Do Irisdina and the others know, what he did? I won't say bad things. You had better stop being with him right away."

At that time, Lisa, who faced the uppercla.s.sman with her resolute att.i.tude, told me to dissolve my relationship with Nozomu in words that I couldn't think of like her.

I listened to Lisa's words about Nozomu and asked her questions that never disappeared in my mind.

"......... Is that.... because of what happened between you and Nozomu?"

Neither I nor Tima knows what really happened between him and her. It was rumored that he was dumped by her because Nozomu betrayed her, but when I actually met him, he was very different from what I heard in the rumors.

The question I have been feeling since I met Nozomu. The difference between him that I hear from rumors and him when I actually see, talk, and touch him.

The difference between the rumors I was hearing and the actual truths. What happened between Lisa and Nozomu is the basis of that.

The moment she heard my question, her face was even more distorted.

Lisa is desperately trying to hide her swirling emotions within herself, but she can't. She clenches her fist and appears to clench her teeth.

"I'd like to hear it because it's a good opportunity. What exactly did he do to you?"

"We've been with him for a while now, but he didn't look like someone in the rumors"

"......... I don't care. Anyway, I gave you some advice. You should get rid of him before it gets terrible ..."

After saying so, she turns her heels back and goes out of the roof.

Her back, which left quickly, clearly said, "I can't speak anymore," and she seemed to say, "I don't want to be asked anymore."


"Ah, I arrived"

"I'm late"

After their conversation with Lisa on the roof ended, Irisdina and Tima came to the infirmary where Nozomu and others were.

It was late, but the lunch boxes of Nozomu and others hadn't been opened yet, and it seems that they waited until Irisdina and Tima came.

"Ah. I'm sorry I'm late."

"S, sorry ..."

"Don't mind it. I think you must have a sudden errand. We have a little time for lunch left, so let's eat."

"Then~, bon appét.i.t!"

When Nozomu said so, Anri said, "I've been waiting!", she opened her lunch box and started eating.

After the two who were prompted by Nozomu also sat down on the chairs, they started eating their lunch boxes.

Everyone was devoting themselves to their meals for a while, but Irisdina glanced at Nozomu with her sideways glance, she was worried about Nozomu.

Nozomu also notices Irisdina's gaze and asks her.

"Hmm, Iris, do you need something?"

"N, no it's nothing ..."


Nozomu tilts his head to Irisdina's behavior that is different from the usual, but when she returns to her own meal, Nozomu also resumes his own meal.

"... Hey, doesn't Irisdina look a little strange?"

Mars talks to Tima in a whisper so that Nozomu and others can't hear him.

Tima quivered at Mars' words, and she replied in a whisper, just like Mars.

"Do you think so?"

"Yea, It seems that Nozomu also felt something was wrong, did something happen? "

"U, un"

Tima recalls the interaction between her best friend and her cla.s.smates. That event was still shocking, Tima was completely immersed in Lisa's dangerous atmosphere.

At the same time, she thinks, "Maybe Mars knows something", and she decided to ask him.

“……….. Mars, can we talk after school today?”

"... Ah, Nozomu said he had something to do today, so it's okay. Is it okay for the place to be Us.h.i.totei?"

Mars senses Tima's serious atmosphere and answers Tima's question with a stiff expression.

Irisdina also has the same atmosphere. He also felt that it was difficult for Nozomu to speak.

"Yeah, please. I'll talk to Ai later ..."

The two make such a promise so that Nozomu and others will not notice it. Anri and Norn were staring at them.


Anri’s POV

After Nozomu and his friends heard the bell and returned to the cla.s.sroom, Anri and Norn, who remained in the infirmary, were talking about Mars and others earlier.

"... Is it okay? If we don't talk about it?"

"About what~~?"

"It's about Nozomu, you know. At that time of the first year, there is only one person who can spread that rumor, and who do you think is that?"

"…... I don't think we should talk about it yet~. I think Nozomu-kun is getting better, but it looks like he's still not ready to talk yet~~."

Anri remembered when she saw Nozomu in the city before. Nozomu's appearance has no soul like a dead person.

At least for the current Nozomu, talking about this will only make him even more painful.

Maybe Nozomu himself is trying not to think about it, unknowingly.

"... Maybe Nozomu has too many things to think about~. He hasn't been able to organize himself yet. But the same is true with Irisdina and the others. Even if we go to talk to Nozomu now, I don't think Nozomu can tell us anything ~~. "

(Let's talk to Irisdina and others. It's the best way to help the current Nozomu. They are now a little impatient. Their impatience may further drive Nozomu to the wall.)

"But we can't stay like this forever. Irisdina and the others haven't noticed it yet, but if they know the true character of Nozomu, they'll notice it eventually."

"Well yeah ~~. I think, if it's Irisdina-san, she will notice it soon ~~. The same goes for Nozomu."

Aside from that, Nozomu who used to be in the sh.e.l.l before, his world is expanding now. Then he will realize the truth. Or, perhaps, he's already aware of it.

"If so, then....."

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"But we are teachers~. We need to watch over them~~."

Irisdina's chest feeling the emotional pain further.

She is indescribably frustrated and helpless.

Wanting to sink the raging pa.s.sion inside her chest, Irisdina suggests asking Nozomu directly.

"... As I thought, let's ask him directly."

"Right. Then, will you go to Nozomu's dormitory tomorrow morning? Probably he won't come back until tomorrow morning."

Mars agrees with Irisdina. They look at each other and nod, when they try to stand up ...

"......... Wa, wait, both of you"

Tima asks the two of them to wait.

"What's wrong Tima?"

"Is there still something?"

"......... I think it's better to wait ... to ask Nozomu-kun."

Surprised by her words, Irisdina and Mars stare at Tima intently.

"But Tima ..."

Irisdina tries to digest Tima's words, but the two sisters who had been waiting interrupted them.

"Ane-sama, I know how bad it is, but ... I also agree with Tima-chan's opinion."

"I think so, too"

"Even Somia too..."


It's a natural question from Irisdina and Mars. At least, if they don't know what happened between Nozomu and Lisa in the past, they can't help him.

"Maybe, when Nozomu-kun is ready, I think he will talk ...

and Nozomu-kun has been alone until now, isn't he? "

"That's why ..."

"Don't be impatient ... Ai and Mars. You're going to make Nozomu-kun telling you something very hard for him, right? Can both of you suddenly tell your friends something like that? At least we weren't the parties involved. We should wait until Nozomu-kun ready to talk. "

"......... Onīchan, I think so too .... When Nozomu-san came to the store before, he had a chance to meet with Lisa. "

Ena started talking about Nozomu's previous meeting with Lisa at Us.h.i.totei. Lisa and a man came into the store together and shared a table with Nozomu. Lisa came out of the store while screaming, and Nozomu was just hanging his head and looking down. He left the money and walked out before Ena tried to say something.

"Nozomu-san at that time looked very painful. I thought I had to say something ... but when I saw that face, I couldn't say anything ..."

(At that time, Nozomu-san was desperately trying to act as if nothing happened. He apologized for making such a noise in the shop after that. I could tell by looking closely at the incident that he was far from all right ......

"You shouldn't force yourself to ask Nozomu-san right now. Onīchan should wait a little longer."

Irisdina and Mars can't say anything to Ena's words. Certainly, as long as Nozomu doesn't speak, all we can do is wait until Nozomu decides to speak. It's best for him to speak with his own will and with his own mouth.

"…………I understand"

Irisdina acknowledged with a sunken expression, and Mars nodded a little, but his expression is still depressed.

"......... By the way, what happened to Nozomu? I heard he has something to do ..."

"... well, it's him we're talking about, maybe he's going to the forest. He sometimes seems to go into the forest alone and train ..."


It is not sane to enter the forest alone, where demon beasts walk around freely. Even Irisdina and others are obliged to have a party when entering the forest.

Irisdina and others didn't believe that Nozomu was in the forest alone.

"... Mars-kun, is that true?"

"Yea, I've seen Nozomu go into the forest before. Well, that guy would be fine, he said he's been in the forest since the first year. His judgment of the situation in battle is accurate and fast, and his combat experience is probably the best in our school year. "

When Irisdina heard that, the questions she had felt inside swelled further.

(Why didn't you show that ability until now? Solminati is a complete meritocracy. If you showed that ability, you wouldn't have been told as badly as it is now ...)

"... Why was he in the 10th cla.s.s, despite having that much ability?"

"... I don't know. It was at the end of last year that I realized his strength. At least before that, he was a gloomy rooted guy. He was always looking down, and no matter what I said, he just turned his back on me ... "

Mars thinks about Nozomu again.

(By the way, it wasn't until the end of last year that he started to change ... we don't know anything about him ...)

Irisdina and others realize that they don't know anything about Nozomu.

In the end, only time went by, without deciding what to do.

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