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Chapter 3.7

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Chapter 3 Part 7

The commercial district where the night curtain descends.

Originally wrapped in the dark night, silence should dominate, but in the commercial area, lights are lit here and there, and many people are still coming and going. However, the people who come and go on the road are very different from the people who come and go in the daytime, adventurers with swords on their waists and women in bewitching costumes.

In order to get what they wanted, they went out to the city at night, which had a different atmosphere from the daytime.

Here, at Us.h.i.totei, many men and women of all ages gathered for their food and sake.

"Okay! The ordered lamb soup and much more are ready! "

Hannah, the proprietress of Us.h.i.totei, puts the hot soup on the counter with a dashing voice, and the waitress Ena begins to carry the dishes with her accustomed hands.

The pet.i.te girl has so many dishes that it looks like she can't carry them, but with her solid footsteps, she carries the dishes one after another without fail.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting! This is the dish you ordered!!!"

Ena puts the ordered item on the table with a clear voice. The guests sitting at the table swallowed their spit, perhaps the scent rising from the freshly prepared dishes stimulated their nose and appet.i.te center.

"Oh! I've been waiting!"

"I'm hungry~"

"This looks delicious!"

Perhaps the customers were very hungry, they immediately caught the food and put it in their stomachs one after another. Meanwhile, a customer talked to Ena.

"Ena-chan seems to be in a good mood. Did something good happen today?"

"Eh, does it look like that?"

"Yea, somehow your voice is more cheerful than usual, your face is brighter, and I understand it well."

"Eeh, well. Actually....."

"You! Come on, say it one more time!!"

"Ah, again ..."

The customer who was talking to Ena looked at the person who shouted, two customers who were drinking at the counter were arguing. Perhaps their blood is rising in their heads, it seems like they were about to start beating each other.

"Haa, it's okay to drink alcohol, but I want you to stop using violence ..."

"Good grief, fighting at this store will make them can't eat meals here for a while."

However, the two did not seem to be particularly concerned, as they were only amazed when they saw the customers. The two who were fighting heated up even further.

"I'll say it over and over again !! At that time, I had to leave because the load has been stolen !!"

"Huh? It was probably because you made a detour and didn't deliver it straight away!!! "

Not sure what the story is about, but it seems that the cause was that the load they were carrying was stolen. However, they made such loud noises, it would not be good if they caused violence.

The regulars at the store will never do that. They know well that it's inexcusable for them to do that.

When Ena tried to talk to them to stop their quarrel before things got worse, a familiar voice broke between them.

"Oi, cut it out"

It was Mars who interrupted between the two who were in a quarrel. His voice echoing deep inside their belly and gave them a magical curse, and the two who were just in conflict are petrified like statues.

"I know that alcohol makes your head feel a little loose, but fighting is not legal here. If you're going to do more, I'll force your wallet and body to pay a nuisance fee, what would you do?"

When Mars threatened with some kind of words and actions, the two customers laughed, taken out of their wallets, handed over their money, and quickly went out of the store. It feels that the money given was lacking in prudence.

"Hahaha! Did it just happen? They were lucky. If they make a fuss at this store when he's here, he couldn't be satisfied with just that much if they weren't good at handling it ... "

Actually, Mars has beaten all the adventurers who made a fuss at this store in the past. There was a big commotion due to the fact that the share of the reward within a group was broken. Some customers were caught up in the turmoil and some were injured.

The other party who caused the commotion was about D-rank, and the number of people was 5, but Mars, who had already begun to show his talent, fight against the adventurers alone. As a result, three of the adventurers had their arms and legs broken, and two were beaten to the point where the shape of their faces could not be recognized. Since then, the law of violence when Mars was at Us.h.i.totei has become an implicit rule among regular customers.

The customers who did not know this were injured in their bodies and minds, were forced to collect nuisance fees and were thrown out of the store together with their friends, same as what Mars said earlier.


(But I don't think it's just luck ...)

Ena remembers her brother after going out with everyone today. When Tima and Mars were alone, she was worried that her brother would be rude to Tima. Even though Somia said, "It will be okay", Ena, who has been witnessing Mars's rampage, was still worried if her brother would do anything bad.

However, while she was away for a bit, her brother's uptight atmosphere was fading. There is Mars, who is more straightforward than ever. He is less likely to be irritated when in conflict with her now. To be clear, Ena couldn't believe her eyes and couldn't help wondering if her brother had gone crazy.

(I wonder if something happened with Tima-san?)

Ena looks in her brother's direction without being noticed. Mars, who has driven the quarreling customer away, is organizing the luggage at the counter, but unlike the usual him, Mars is somewhat calm.

To be honest, Ena was quite curious about what happened between Tima and her brother. Tima changed Mars in less than half a day, even though Ena, Hannah, and Dell had spoken over and over again and spent years after years.

Ena, who was always talking to her brother (sometimes a fierce mental attack), wanted her brother to change his mind. She is happy with the fact that Mars has changed. But on the other hand, she is a little disappointed.

"... Geez, stupid Onīchan ..."

Her mutter was inaudible to anyone and was swallowed by the hustle and bustle of the bar and disappeared.


Tima’s POV

The eastern district of Alcazar, called the Civic District, is lined with homes for many people living in the city. One of the houses, an ordinary house that is no different from other houses. A n.o.body, who could become a historic magician in the future, is living in that house.

"Hey, Tima-nēchan. Did something good happen today?"

"Eeh, Why do you think so?"

"No, It's just, you're smiling more naturally than usual, and you're giggling so freely. Didn't nēchan never do something like that?"

"Is, is that so..............."

With my brother's words, I thought of a boy of the same age who was walking next to me today. At first glance, he looks scary and violent, but the boy has been worried about the incident since that time.

I've been bullied by a boy in my neighborhood since I was a kid, and I couldn't make friends with girls, and I couldn't talk to anyone other than my family until I met Ai.

I was terrified when I was alone with him today, but before I knew it, I didn't feel the fear anymore of being with another boy.

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"What happened to me …………"

It's probably because various things happened today. Nozomu's face is a little tired.

(Various things happened today.)

Climbing the stairs to his room, Nozomu remembers about today. Irisdina, who suddenly came to the cla.s.sroom during the lunch break, invited him to a meal and caused a big uproar in the cla.s.sroom.

"Well, if those two suddenly come, everyone will be surprised ..."

The two, Irisdina and Tima, are the people that everyone in the school knows and is aiming for.

The turmoil broke out throughout the school, and Iwas taken to the back of the school building unwillingly by the cla.s.smates and was about to be lynched.

Nozomu also resisted, but as expected, many were out of his control. In addition, the students began to use magic even though it was not in a training ground. At that time, Nozomu, who didn't have any advantage, would have been seriously injured without Shīna's help.

Shīna dismissed the boys who surrounded Nozomu, but she turned to Nozomu with contempt. She told Nozomu, "you reap what you sow" and she immediately turned her heels back and left. She probably didn't like being with Nozomu. Her att.i.tude itself represented her feelings.

(Well, that's reasonable …………. It's because I haven't take any action and tried to change anything ...)

Most people in the school will have the same feelings for Nozomu as Shīna.

A student who can't keep up is not suitable for the school. A b.a.s.t.a.r.d who played with a woman's heart. The evaluation surrounding him hasn't changed as he turned to face it.

He still couldn't decide what to do next, and while it's painful to continue to be bullied by others, Nozomu was slowly beginning to accept that it was his reality.

Thanks to Shino, he was able to notice the fact that he had been running away, turning his eyes away, and closing his ears from the surrounding.

However, after realizing that he had escaped, he gradually accepting his escape because he is no longer alone, Shino is no longer in the world, but now there are a few student in the school who can be called as friends.

When he was with them, Nozomu felt that the dull pain that had been eroding his heart every time he was abused by the surroundings had now eased, albeit a little.


"Eh !!"

Suddenly, a heartbeat was heard by Nozomu's ears from the back of his chest. The heartbeat becomes quiet once it makes such a loud noise, and nothing can be heard anymore.

(What was that just now, perhaps ...)

That heartbeat is not Nozomu's heartbeat.

The "Tiamat" inside him was reacting to something.

(What on earth…………)

Nozomu doesn't know what the guy inside him has reacted to. However, the heartbeat informs Nozomu of the existence that has been sealed inside him and forcibly reminds him of the b.l.o.o.d.y nightmare he had after releasing the suppression. The b.l.o.o.d.y nightmare that burns everything down.

Nozomu has finally begun to take a step, but the road is still surrounded by deep darkness.



One figure is looking up at the dormitory where Nozomu is. The lights of the surrounding houses had already gone out, and only the stars illuminating the night sky reflected the presence of the figure.

Various emotions are mixed in the eyes of the figure. Anger, hatred, and regret. But even if we can read his emotions, we probably can't know the source of those emotions. The shadow doesn't do anything, it just keeps looking up at the dormitory. Keeping his eyes on Nozomu who disappeared into his room.

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