Ryuu Kusari no Ori -Kokoro no Uchi no “Kokoro”-


Chapter 2.11

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Chapter 2 Part 11

A tremendous magical power covered Francilt's Mansion.

Magical power filled the surroundings, enveloping the bodies of Nozomu and the others, and intense drowsiness a.s.sailed them.

"Tsu! Kuh!"

Nozomu's drowsiness suddenly disappeared when he raised his magical power by strengthening his whole body with Qi. Looking around, the color of the scenery outside the window had changed.

"Wh, What's going on?"

Somia asks her sister in an uneasy voice.

"Maybe it's barrier magic ... The effect is."

Barrier magic is one of the battle-formation techniques, it has a long effect time, and depending on how it is used, it can maintain an advantageous state for a long time, but basically, it takes time to form a formation, so it is a magic that requires a very strategic operation.

Also, the wider the coverage area, the less the duration and effect.

Looking at the others, Mars, Irisdina, and Tima seem to be okay, but Ena is breathing painfully.

"I'm very sorry that I made a rough behavior suddenly. However, this is also a contract. In order to return the treasure, I will pull out Somia-sama's soul."

Nozomu and the others doubted the words of the old man named Rugato.

"... Pu, pulling out my soul ... what do you mean?"

Somia asks Rugato with a quivering voice. The facial expression of Irisdina next to her is also rigid.

From their point of view, the old man in front of them was nothing but a suspicious person.

"That's right. The contract was made 300 years ago. With the help of the Waziart family to solve the problems that the Francilt family had at that time. At that time, one of the magic tools given as help was the Furnace of Spiritual Flames. And ... this is the contract that was signed at that time. "

The old man then took a piece of old parchment from his chest and spread it out so that it could be seen by Nozomu and the others. The paper did state that the Waziart Family would help the Francilt Family by presenting the magical tools possessed by the Waziart Family in return for a huge amount of goods and a Furnace of Spiritual Flames. Also, in order to protect this contract, make two arm decorations to mark the contract protection, and when either house breaks the contract, the servant will forcibly fulfill the contract. It was written that way and the place of the sign also had the family crest which only the head of the Francilt Family allowed to use.

"Such thing………………"


Irisdina and Somia were shocked to find out that the contents of the contract were genuine.

"Then, I will complete the contract."

"Wa, wait!"

Rugato said so and took out a black ball from his bosom. When he raises the ball reminiscent of a deep abyss in front of him, he begins to put in his magical power.

The black ball beating and pulsing with the magical power poured into it. When a wavy ripple appears on the surface of the sphere that begins to emit black light, Somia's arm decoration also emits the same black light and begins to vibrate in small beats as if it resonates with the contract.

The next moment, a black light swelled from the arm decoration, and a hooded shadow emerged from the darkness.

The appearance of the shadow was, in a word, a grim reaper.

Shabby hood and skeletonized body underneath. The part of the eyes glows red, and in his hand, he holds a scythe about the height of his body, which is a symbol of Grim Reaper.

"It is the familiar who controls this contract. It is the watcher of the contract and the guide of the soul. This familiar will guide Somia-sama's soul."

"E, kyaaaa!"

Rugato puts the contract and the black ball on his chest, and when he declares that, a chain suddenly comes out from under the hood of the Grim Reaper and ties up Somia. The Grim Reaper raises the scythe worthy of its name and tries to swing it down to her.

"I won't let you!"

Irisdina unfolds her magic in an instant. A black chain appeared in the air and captured the familiar.

Restraint Magic "Yami no Baku Kusari" (Binding Chain of Darkness)

It was intermediate magic of darkness attribute, and the most notable thing was the speed of activation.

She didn't need to chant to use magic, and she was activating magic without drawing a formation.

"Hoo, that deployment speed. Is it the ability of immediate deployment?"

Ability "Immediate Deployment"

Originally, when using magic, it is necessary to build its own magical power using formation and chanting to deploy it in the physical world, but those with this ability can activate magic without going through that process.

However, it seems that alone was not enough to capture the Grim Reaper. The chain that bound the familiar squeaks and cracks innumerably.


Irisdina pulls out the rapier on her waist and begins to attack the familiar, but the grim reaper quickly destroys the chain that restrained it. It deflects her with the scythe in its hand and tries to reach Somia again ...

"Guu! Tima !!"


However, the grim reaper could not move.

Four-colored magic formations were deployed around the grim reaper, and then a larger magic formation was sewn on the top of the grim reaper.

In the short time Iris earned, Tima ended her chanting and cast more powerful restraint magic.

The magic that she activated is "Yon Mawari no Fū Bakujin" (Four Circ.u.mference of Sealing Formation).

Each of the four attribute magic formations was intertwined with each other to form a complicated magic formation, and the familiar was completely trapped in that formation.

"Hoo, it's a wonderful magic, each attribute circulates without repulsion, forming an even stronger restraint. I have lived a long time, but I have never seen a human who can use magic like that. The magic of Irisdina-dono is also wonderful. Immediate deployment can easily reduce the effect of magic, but my familiar can be restrained, albeit temporarily. "

Perhaps deeply impressed, Rugato's voice contained pure praise for the two girls.

"But no matter how many times you stop the familiar, it won't be a solution."

A strong magical power springs up from Rugato. Irisdina and Tima were judged to be obstacles to contract enforcement, and they will be eliminated.

Rugato stretches out his left hand and draws a formation in the air with his index finger. Then, a magic bullet was released from the drawn magic formation and hit Tima's shoulder directly.


Tima's POV


A shock ran on my shoulder and I almost fell down, but I managed to hold on. The clothes where the magic bullet hit are torn and blood came out.

But I don't care about such injuries, I just concentrate on maintaining the magic. If I can't keep the magic, Somia-chan's life will be hunted!

My dear best friend's little sister and an important friend for me

Since I was a child, I was gloomy, introverted, and unable to stand in front.

The first family of friends for me who never had friends.

I still remember. Since the first year, my magical power has been attracting attention, and I was feeling out of place in the cla.s.s.

I'm not good at talking to people, and the distance between me and my cla.s.smates has increased ...

At that time, Ai talked to me and became a friend. I met Somia-chan and became friends.

Both of them were shining, unlike me, who was gloomy. Their eyes shine brightly in the night sky, like the first star that guides travelers. Somia-chan is like the sun illuminating the dark night.

Thanks to them, I am no longer alone.

"Are you still trying hard? It seems you have a lot of mental strength."

While saying so, that old man ... Rugato-san's left hand draw five magic formations in the air. Looks like, one finger is drawing one magic formation ...

"I won't let you!"

Ai says so and starts to approach the old man, but he draws four magic formations with his right hand, two of which are the same magic formations and the other two are different magic formations.

No way, how can he change the magic formation drawn with each finger ...

A bright red blood-colored sword emerges from the two magic squares and is released. The blood sword moves freely in the air, attacks Ai, and stops. Looking at the complex movement of the fingers drawing the remaining two magic squares, it seems that those fingers are controlling the blood sword.

When I thought so, five magic bullets were fired from the five magic formations on his left hand and hit my body directly.

"~Tsu! Aa! Ku~u!"

The pain made my vision turn white, but I still had magical control.

The lips that were bitten were torn and an iron taste spread throughout my mouth, but I bit my lip even more strongly.

Enduring the pain of having my body hit by magic with pain injuring myself.

Ai and Somia, the stars and the sun that guided me.

I wouldn't want to lose it, I would continue to maintain the magic, but when I felt the powerful magical power and looked at it, five more powerful magical bullets were made and aimed at me.

Ai shoots magic and slashes, but it is blocked by the magic released from the 3 fingers of the old man's right hand and the blood sword controlled by the other 2 fingers.

Five magic bullets on the left hand were released, but I couldn't move from this place because I was full of hands to maintain the restraint magic. If I lose my concentration even a little, this familiar will be released!

I made up my mind and glared at the approaching magic bullet. An inevitable attack that cannot be avoided.

However, the magic never pierced my body. Just before it hit my body, a shadow was cutting in and hitting the magic bullet.


Mars’s POV

When I noticed, I interrupted the magic line of fire that was about to hit her and hit the magic bullet with my fist-enveloped-wind.

"... Mars ... -kun?"

I wonder if it was strange for me to help, she muttered my name with a stunned voice.

………… At first, I didn't like her. Even though she is A rank, She has no motivation to say back to me who had taken an unpleasant att.i.tude by looking at her complexion.

But she clearly showed her feelings on her face now. "Don't give up."

"... Why are you shocked? You should concentrate on the magic. I'll do something about that old man's magic."

I told her... Tima. To keep her eyes on that old man, and put her own will into it ...

Then, sending Qi to the fists of my both hands, and prepare it.

Qi technique "Wind Ma.s.s Palm"

Qi technique to put the compressed wind on the fist and increase the striking power. The sent-in Qi gathers the wind further, creating a ma.s.s of wind that is clearly visible to the eye.

“……………….Un! Please!”

The mouth loosens involuntarily with a clear voice.

"Nozomu, evacuate Ena and bring our swords."


When we entered the mansion, we left the swords we had with the maids. As expected, the maids did not allow people armed with a sword at the birthday party.

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Ena has fallen asleep due to the magic of the barrier developed by the oldman. If she were here, she could get involved in the fight.

I hate my weakness that keeps running away. I could only speed up to disguise it.


"Guu! ~Tsuaaaa!!"

Mars keeps repelling the approaching magic bullet storm with his fist. Rugato mercilessly shoots Tima with magic bullets, but Mars, who cuts in between, acts as her shield and prevents Rugato's magic.

However, it is not easy to repel magic bullets with bare hands, no matter how hard he strengthens them. Moreover, even though it is a beginner's magic, it is the magic of an S-rank powerful person. The skin of Mars's hand was already shattered, his fist was b.l.o.o.d.y, and some white bones were visible.

Even so, he wields his fist. Blood splattered on the floor each time, and a field of blood was formed on the white floor.

"Wa aa aa!"

Irisdina was similarly inferior. It wasn't as noticeable as Mars, but she couldn't get close at all.

Rugato responds instantly to her immediate magic deployment and quickly builds a formation with his multiple fingers. He activates and offsets her magic as fast as she does.

At the same time, he also manipulated his blood sword, blocking her approach.

"Haa haa haa!"

"Ku ... Mars-kun. Are you ... okay?"

"Haa haa ... Shut up, concentrate on maintaining the magic rather than me ..."

Tima talks worriedly, but her complexion makes her look like she's about to collapse.

(I can't do it, it takes a lot of magic and concentration to maintain this kind of high-cla.s.s magic)

Tima's magic is extremely advanced magic that uses 4 attributes at the same time. She needs enormous mental power to activate and maintain the magic.

Furthermore, her body is receiving several Rugato's magic bullets. She is by no means strong. Her wounds are jerky and painful, gradually but surely eroding her concentration.

The three are gradually pushed, and finally, the limit is reached.

The next magic bullets are fired where Mars's posture collapses as he cannot handle the approaching magic bullets.

"Gaaaaaaa !!!"

With a scream, Mars is blown away and slammed against the wall.

"It's over"


Because Mars was defeated, there is nothing to block Rugato's magic, and multiple magic bullets are shot at Tima.

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaa !!"

There is no way for her to avoid it, and the magic bullet hits her directly. She fell down on the floor as if collapsed.

At the same time, the "Circ.u.mference of Sealing Formation" that restrained the familiar is released, and the grim reaper is released.

"Tima! Mars-kun!"



Irisdina shouted, but the two couldn't answer and just moaned.


She tries to rush to Somia to stop the grim reaper, but her foot is stopped by a magic bullet pa.s.sing in front of her at high speed.

Rugato fires a magic bullet with his free left hand and controls the blood sword with his right hand. Irisdina is completely stuck in a dense attack that is incomparable to the previous one.

The Grim Reaper stops in front of Somia and swings the scythe up. No one could stop the grim reaper anymore and Somia's death is confirmed.

"Somia !!!"

"A, aa..."

An older sister who desperately calls her sister's name and a younger sister who is swallowed by the fear of death. Her fate has already been confirmed ………… it should have been.

The moment when the grim reaper tried to swing the scythe down. Both arms with the scythe were flying in the air.


The thoughts of everyone who was there stopped, and the time stagnated for a moment. A shadow was running through that time.

The shadow swiftly plunged into the grim reaper, flashed his sword, and released a death blow.

Qi technique "Phantom -Recurrence-"

The extremely sharpened slash cuts the body of the grim reaper and shatters his core armor.

The grim reaper whose core was broken disappeared like a fog, and crushed pieces of arm decorations were flying around.

"Nozomu ... san?"

Somia muttered to confirm.

Nozomu faces Rugato without answering Somia's question.

(………… Shishō. I …… what should I do …………)

Still without an answer ………….

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