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Chapter 2.10

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Chapter 2 Part 10

A few days after the incident with Lisa. Nozomu returned to a normal life, but at that time, there was no clear answer to what happened at Us.h.i.totei.

However, even if Nozomu himself stopped, time would go on regardless of him, and he would have to return to his daily life.

In a sense, it may have been good. Both Nozomu and Lisa were able to distract the problems they had in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In the school courtyard during lunch break. There, Nozomu and Mars were talking about Somia's birthday party, which was just around the corner, while eating lunch that they bought.

"But today is Somia-chan's birthday. Irisdina-san said she would have a party after school."

"Oh. That's right ..."

However, the behavior of Mars is strange. It's strangely restless from the morning. He was warned by the teacher who gave lectures several times during the morning lesson.

"? ... What's wrong with you? It's like something feels suspicious."

"N, no. I'm okay. It, It'll be back to normal after school ..."

"Is that so? It's good then. By the way, what about Ena-chan? It feels bad to say that we are the only ones to attend the party ..."

"It's okay, right. In, In the first place, she wasn't invited. It would be bad for an uninvited person to suddenly go ... "

"Certainly so ..."

Certainly, Mars is right. It's normal for Ena not to attend because she wasn't invited to the party in the first place, but Nozomu was worried about Mars, who was strangely restless. The cause came to light after school when he went to Irisdina-san's house to attend the party.


The northern part of Arcazam. The political inst.i.tution of this academic city exists here, and it manages the city politically.

At the same time, the residence of the person who administers it was also built in this section, and the residence of the Francilt Family was also built in it.

However, its size was not comparable to the other mansions in this area.

There is a site that is more than two times larger than other mansions, and the site is surrounded by a fence that is more than three times the height of a person.

The mansion itself is also large, and it will be large enough for the residents of a small village to sleep in.

By the way, the owner of this mansion seems to be Irisdina, the next head of the Francilt Family. The mansion itself was built when she decided to enroll in Solminati Academy.

It is unthinkable for ordinary people to prepare a mansion for their daughter's move.

After school, Nozomu and Mars, were in front of the main gate of the party venue, Irisdina's mansion, but they were just overwhelmed by the size.

“……………… It’s wide.”


“……………. The venue is here.”


"It's a really big mansion. Don't do anything strange again, Onīchan."

Nozomu and Mars were stunned in front of a mansion that had nothing to do with ordinary people, but they came back to reality after hearing a familiar voice heard from the side.

"... By the way, Mars. Didn't you say that Ena wouldn't partic.i.p.ate?"


Next to Nozomu and Mars is Ena, who shouldn't attend the party. Nozomu asks Mars a question, but Mars awkwardly turns away from him.

Ena began to explain her circ.u.mstances, whether she couldn't see her brother.

"Don't get me wrong, Nozom-san. I didn't come to attend the party."

"E, then for what?"

"I'm here is to apologize to those who have been involved with Onīchan during this time. I feel uneasy if it's just Onīchan alone..."

Apparently, Ena followed Mars to apologize to Tima-san, who was involved during this time. Mars in question is holding his head. This may be the reason why he looked strange at school.

"Mars ... you ..."

Nozomu raises a voice that seems to be amazed. It would be pitiful for him to let his sister accompany his apology.

"No! What are you thinking about! This girl just came along!"

"What are you talking about! If it's just Onīchan again, you would just say something strange again!"

"Give it a rest! Are you my mother !!"

"H, hey, both of you ..."

Brother and sister joking around with each other as usual. Naturally, the people around paid attention to the two of them. Nozomu is embarra.s.sed, to say the least. He calls out to them several times, but they are engrossed in tongue-war and didn't notice.

It's natural to stand out if they yell in front of such a big mansion, but Nozomu knew that it was impossible to stop the quarrel between this brother and sister, so he ignored them and walked toward the gate.

When Nozomu approached the gate, the gate opened, and a maid who seemed to be working in the mansion appeared from inside.

"Excuse me. Please refrain from making noise in front of this mansion."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Today is Somia-cha... I was invited to Somiliana-san's birthday party."

"Are you ...?"

The maid clearly sees Nozomu and others with eyes full of suspicion. Nozomu and Mars are dressed in Solminati Academy uniforms, but the turmoil behind them makes them look suspicious to the maid's eyes.

By the way, the reason for wearing the uniform was that neither Nozomu nor Mars had a suit that could be worn to a daughter's birthday party from a famous family, even though she was an acquaintance.

"......... I'm sorry to trouble you, but I can't let such suspicious people in the mansion."

"Yaa Nozomu-kun, so you came."

"O, ojōsama! !! "

It was Irisdina, the organizer of the party, who appeared from behind the maid who was trying to send Nozomu and friends home. Behind her is her best friend Tima.

"They are my friends. It's okay to let them through. I'll guide them, so you can go back to work."

"Y, Yes"

"Th, thank you Irisdina-san"

The maid left in a hurry, and Nozomu was relieved because he thought he would be driven back.

"Fufu, I can't just send away the guests I invited in front of the gate .... By the way, how long have they been doing that?"

Irisdina answered Nozomu with an elegant and charming smile on her face. However, the brother and sister behind him were still worrisome. The two are still quarreling without noticing this. Not to mention, they seem to be completely unaware that there is a crowd around them.

"Those two ......... Oi !! I'm going inside! How long you'll be doing it !!"


Nozomu yelled out and called the two, and it looks like they heard him this time. When they looked at him with a stupid voice, they came in a hurry as if they had finally noticed their foolery.

"Nozomu! Let me know earlier!"

"That's right, Nozomu-san! Isn't it embarra.s.sing!"

“…………. E~”

Nozomu had no choice but to be troubled by the two who said something too unreasonable. Irisdina and the others looked at these three people with interest.

"Fufufu. It looks fun. But if it's okay, Nozomu-kun, can you please introduce her?"

Irisdina's line of sight is directed at Ena who was beside Nozomu and Mars.

"Oh, now that you mention it, it was your first time to meet Ena-chan."

"Well yes. You may have heard of me, I'm Irisdina Francilt. Nice to meet you."

"Y, Yes! I, I'm Ena d.i.c.kens."

Encouraged by the atmosphere of Irisdina, Ena introduced herself in a tense manner. Then Tima, who was behind Irisdina, introduces herself.

"Fufu, Tima Lime. Please treat me well, Ena-chan."

"A, are you Tima-san? I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by my foolish brother."

Ena bowed deeply and apologized when she found out about the person involved with Mars. Tima was a little taken aback at the situation.

"It, It's okay. You don't have to worry about it ..."

"No, that's not the case ... or rather, Onīchan should apologize too! Originally the bad one is Onīchan !!"

"That's why! Are you my mother! Isn't it difficult for me to speak because of you!"

"What! Onīchan can't apologize by yourself anyway! That's why shouldn't we apologize first!"

"That's why it's superfluous !! Rather, it's counterproductive !!"

"Wa, wait a minute you two! Fighting at the birthday party in someone else house is bad!!"

"Pu, Ahahahahaha"

Nozomu managed to stop the two who were about to start fighting again, but he was surprised by the laughter of Irisdina who was watching them. She was dignified and unwavering, as Nozomu had seen so far, and her atmosphere felt like a human being somewhere different from themselves. However, she who laughs in front of him does not have such transcendence, and she was just a girl of the same age as them.

Mars and Ena, who saw such Iris Dina, forgot about the quarrel they were doing and looked at the black-haired girl with their mouth wide open, and Tima who was behind her also surprised.

"Fufu, sorry. They're sure very close to each other .......... Oh. Was it Ena-chan? Would you like to join my little sister's party?"

"E. B, but ......... I've never been to a party like this, and ..."

Ena is quite hesitant.

She seems to be uncertain about attending the party because she originally came intended to accompany her brother.

But Irisdina doesn't seem to care about that, she says it doesn't matter.

"You don't have to be so stiff. This time it's a party only for relatives, so take it easy. And I think my sister would be happy if there are a lot of people."

"Well ... I think it's okay to join because the organizer herself says so."

“……… I understand. Please let me partic.i.p.ate if you are not bothered by me."

Nozomu agreed with Iris's opinion, and Ena thought it was bad to keep refusing her, so she decided to partic.i.p.ate.

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Nozomu and Irisdina laughed at Somia's voice when they looked at each other.

"Well, let's go now because the princess is calling."

"Yes, I will stop Mars for the time being."

The two nodded to each other and ran into the turmoil.


The main gate of Francilt Mansion. An old man in butler's clothes stood there, and when he rang the doorbell, a maid who warned Nozomu and others appeared.

"Yes, who is it?"

"I'm sorry to bother you late at night. Can you pa.s.s on my message because I have something to do with the owner of this mansion?"

"I'm sorry. Today, a party is being held to celebrate the birthday of the Lady's sister, so no one can act as an intermediary. If you have a request, I will deliver it to the Lady later, so can you forgive me?"

The owner of the mansion is Irisdina. When the maid sees the old man, he is well dressed and polite in his language, but something is wrong.

She asks about the important matter, but the old man says he must speak in front of the Lady and never gives up.

The old gentleman repeatedly asks the maid to meet the owner of the mansion, but she gently refuses because the maid is concerned about the life of her master.

"Hmm, it can't be helped …………"

Eventually, the old man sighed, straightened the collar of his butler's clothes, and snapped the fingers of his right hand.

Suddenly, the maid's body is weakened, and she collapsed on the spot.

"I'm sorry. This is also the Lord's order."

The old man hugs the collapsed maid and gently laids her back at the gate, and swiftly runs the fingers of his right hand into the air.

At that moment, a huge magic square appeared at the feet of the old man, an enormous magical power covered the mansion.


The fun time had pa.s.sed and the party itself has closed, so the people who were attending the party were either going home or cleaning up the venue.

However, Nozomu and his friends were still at the venue, waiting for Somia and the others. For them, the birthday party wasn't over yet.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, everyone!"

Somia rushes to Nozomu and his friends. Behind her are Irisdina and Tima.

The reason Nozomu and his friends were still there was to give a present to Somia.

Others were giving presents during the party, but Nozomu and his friends didn't have the opportunity.

By the way, the cause was the big quarrel between Mars and Ena. Nozomu was acting as a "stopper" throughout the party as the two made a turmoil, so he missed the opportunity to give the present.

Somia looks at Nozomu with excitement. The eyes of her urge Nozomu as if to say "quickly".

He laughed at the situation and tried to give the present.

However, the next moment, the door of the party venue opened with a clicking sound, and an old man came out from the entrance.

The old man is dressed in black butler clothes, has silver hair tied behind him, has red eyes, and wears monocles.

Irisdina sees the person and frowns at him. Neither Irisdina nor Nozomu and the others has seen such a person at this party. Looks like an outsider.

"Who are you? It seems that you weren't the one I invited to today's party."

"I'm really sorry to have disturbed you in an unscrupulous manner. Actually, there is a message from my lord to the owner of this mansion ... I'm late to say, I'm Rugato, a butler who serves the Waziart family of the Dizart Empire. Do you see the owners of this mansion, Irisdina-sama and Somiliana-sama? "

Irisdina asked the old man with a strained voice. He bows his head deeply and keeping the smile on his mouth without changing. It is an ideal expression of grat.i.tude as a servant.

"The Empire of Dizart ... Sure, in the northwestern part of the continent ..."

Nozomu speaks the name of the country as he mutters.

"... Certainly, I'm the owner of this mansion, Irisdina Francilt, and this child is my little sister Somiliana ... What on earth did Rugato-dono come for?"

"My purpose is to retrieve the treasure "Furnace of Spiritual Flame" that we lent to the Francilt family before."

"Furnace of Spiritual Flame?"

Irisdina tilts her head to words she has never heard. Apparently, she knows nothing about the treasure.

"Yes. That is a treasure that can take in the souls of others and own their power, and it belongs to the Waziart Family that I originally served .... Looks like, it is now fused with the soul of Somiliana-sama. I'll get it back now. "

"Na~ !!"

Everyone who was there doubted their ears.

According to Rugato's story, it seems that the "Furnace of Spiritual Flame" is fused with Somia's soul. And he says he'll get it back.

"Then I will fulfill the contract."

"Wa, wait !!"

Irisdina, who had no idea what was going on, called out to Rugato to stop him, but at that moment, a tremendous amount of magical power covered the entire mansion.

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