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Chapter 8.34

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Chapter 8.34

At dusk, Irisdina was visiting a store full of miscellaneous items with no sense of uniformity in the commercial district.

The place she visited was a fortune teller's shop where Zonne was based.

Irisdina swallowed a gulp of air as if to swallow down the tension rising in her throat, and then she entered the fortune teller's shop.

Inside the store, Zonne was sitting comfortably in a simple rocking chair, while puffing on his pipe.

A distinctive sweet aroma wafted through the store.

"Oh, miss. What can I do for you?"

"I am here to ask you a favor."

Simply and straightforwardly, Irisdina conveyed her intentions.

Her request was that he be present at the upcoming negotiations between the Francilt and Waziart families, as Nozomu's guardian.

"Hmm, in other words, you want me to be your backer in your negotiations with the vampires?"

"Yes. I know this is a very selfish request, but I humbly beg you."

Bowing deeply, Irisdina waited for Zonne's answer.

This proposal should not be a bad deal for Zonne, who did not want to provoke Tiamat inside Nozomu.

(Ah, so that's how it is. Father's purpose, too, in telling me to contact Nozomu, was to ask for the cooperation of Zonne-dono, who is now Nozomu's guardian...)

Irisdina came to realize the true intentions of her father after coming here, as well.

Realistically, in this town right now, the person who can be relied on most against Vitora in terms of strength is not Nozomu, but the old man in front of her.

Dragon, the highest rank of the spirit species. If he is the chosen guardian of Tiamat among them, he would definitely be dependable.

But Zonne's answer was not a favorable one for Irisdina.

"It's impossible. We dragons have nothing to do with the mundane affairs of humans. Whether vampires or not, we do not interfere."

"... Why? I apologize for the personal nature of the matter, but Vitora is completely targeting Nozomu. It would be unwise to put any more pressure on him at this critical time."

"Perhaps you are misunderstanding me, but I am Tiamat's guardian. I am by no means entirely on the boy's side."

Gnashing her back teeth, Irisdina sighed in her mind

"I found out after I trained him that he can't use spirit magic. It seems that the elf girl has done her best to make him able to sense the presence of spirits, but that's about as far as he can go."

"... Then, why did you train Nozomu about spirit magic?"

"If I stay close to that boy, if Tiamat ever resurfaces, I can seal him off instantly."

Of course, he was also partly motivated by Nozomu's will, who wished to be able to control Tiamat's power for Irisdina and the others.

Or rather, that was the main point in Zonne's mind. But, as a guardian, Zonne's position was that he could not be completely swayed by his feelings.

"So, no matter how closely I teach him, I'll always be a guardian."

"... But!"

"And from a guardian's point of view, the biggest burden on the boy right now is you and the Francilt. Between the boy and you, Miss. I don't need to tell you who is more important for the Dragons."

"That is…"

"Let's be clear about this. The next time that boy goes out of control, I will seal him off, no questions asked. If things go out of control, this town will surely collapse."


"You can think of this as the consensus of the Dragon race. I am not even sure if it is right for me to train the boy in the first place."

As for the Dragon race, it would not be surprising if they would immediately take measures to seal the area.

The reason why they did not do so was because Zonne was holding back such aggressive measures.

Of course, if there was no hope that Nozomu could control the power that he has taken inside him, Zonne would have no choice but to seal him off.

"... I'm sorry. I understand your desire to protect your family, but this is my answer."

Irisdina could see Zonne's unwavering determination in every word he said.

Biting her lip in frustration, she silently rose from her seat and left Zonne's stall.

As he watched her back as she left, Zonne puffed once again on the pipe he held in his hand.

(I told the young lady so, but if things get too serious, that boy will likely make a move anyway.)

If Nozomu made a move, Zonne would have no choice but to move as well, and there would be no way to stop him.

If the people he cared about were in danger, he would use his power, regardless of what would happen to himself.

If that were to happen, it might trigger the resurrection of Tiamat.

For him, Nozomu Bountis was that much of a concern.

(Besides, I'm also wondering if those guys have made their move now. Hmmm...)

Zonne was lost in thought as he puffed white smoke from his pipe.

(It's about time for the key planted by the elf lady to open the door. After that, the fate of the world will be decided. Will it end in tragedy or ...)

His only hope is the ability to sense the spirits that Shina brought to Nozomu in the blood covenant ritual. A small power that could not even allow him to enter.

Zonne could not help but pray that it would become a beacon of hope.


After being rejected by Zonne, Irisdina had no choice but to return to the Francilt mansion.

After finishing her meal in a casual manner, she looked out the window gloomily while drinking her after-dinner tea.

After failing to get Zonne's cooperation, it became necessary to force the White Dragon Chief into a situation where he had no choice but to make a move.

The only way to do that is to use Nozomu. And that is something that Irisfina would never agree to.

Naturally, the hand that was holding the cup was filled with strength.

The maid who was in charge was sweating cold sweat as Irisdina was giving off a tense and intimidating atmosphere.

"Oh, so this is where you are...'

"... Is there something I can do for you, Father?"

Irisdina replied coldly to Victor, who visited her in the dining room.

The two are at odds because of their stance regarding Nozomu. The atmosphere between them was cold.

Victor, on the other hand, did not take his daughter's dismissive att.i.tude to heart, and sat down on a chair at the same table so that they were facing each other.

"Irisdina, I hear you are keeping your distance from him. I told you to maintain good contact with him, didn't I?"

"No matter how many times Father has ordered me to do it, this time I cannot accept it. He is a person to whom I owe a debt of grat.i.tude. If we were to make him a human sacrifice, the dignity of the Francilt family would surely fall to the ground."

To her father's unflinching words, Irisdina answered nonchalantly while suppressing her boiling anger.

"Moreover, it would not only make an enemy of Arcazam, but of the old man behind him as well. If that were to happen, it would no longer be a matter of the survival of the household. Even the reputation of our country will be questionable."

"Yes, that's right. If we make an enemy of that old man, it will surely be our end. But if Nozomu Bountis himself makes a move, that old man will have no choice but to make a move as well. If he succeeded, he might even be able to stop the Death Demon Princess from making her move."

In fact, he absolutely had to avoid making an enemy of the white dragon behind Nozomu.

Even for Victor, it was not Nozomu, who had difficulty controlling his power, but Zonne, who had practically become his guardian, whom he was relying on.

"You, too, have considered it, haven't you?'

Irisdina was silent at her father's penetrating question.

Indeed, she too thought Zonne was the one who could break through their current situation and had contacted him just now.

"I wanted to ask for Zonne-dono's cooperation as well, but he refused because of his position as a member of the Dragon race. I wish I didn't have to make him move by using bait just because he turned me down."

"That's what I wish, too. It would be best if he would cooperate voluntarily. But if he doesn't, we have no choice but to force him to move. Given that there is no other choice, it would be wise to choose that option."

The frustration that welled up inside her stripped Irisdina of her aristocratic facade.

The thought of needing to protect her sister and not wanting to involve Nozomu in her actions whirled around and around in her mind.

(I can neither involve Nozomu nor sacrifice Somia. Then...)

Determined to do as her heart decided, she took a deep breath once again.

The emotions that had been swirling around in her chest begin to recede in a surprisingly calm manner.

People often get confused when they have a myriad of options in their minds. It is when they are unable to put their wavering thoughts down to the point that needs to be determined.

So once she had made her decision, her mind and body were surprisingly light.

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"Then I don't mind being a fool ..."

Mazarinette knew Victor had a clumsy side, but she did not expect him to do the same to her daughter, whom he had doted on so much.

"It can't be helped, can it? This is me. I am not as strong as Firana..."

Victor smiled helplessly, turning the cold light in his eyes into the color of sadness.

Viktor never thought of himself as a strong person. Instead, he regarded himself as a weak person.

In the past, he couldn't accept it and tried to pretend to be strong.

He flaunted an authority that was not his own and had affairs with many women. He could not maintain himself without putting on such a false robe.

It was Firana, Irisdina's mother, who discovered and accepted him for the weak man he was.

"And besides, this is probably the last time I'll ever see them. If it comes down to it, I'll leave it to that boy. As much as it pains me..."

Victor gently caressed Irisdina's head as it lay on the floor.

Her white, bleached hair slipped between Victor's fingers.

(If it had been the past her, she would have chosen Somia without any hesitation ... I guess that's how big that boy is becoming inside her heart...)

Victor is the head of the Francilt household and also a single parent.

So he has always harbored resentment towards Nozomu, both for being favored by his daughters, whom he loves so much, and for his foolishness in still not realizing his own position.

While throwing aside the fact that he was also like that in his younger days before he met Firana, he goes on to say abusive things about Nozomu in his mind.

He is a hateful man who took his daughters away from him. But still, he is the only man his daughter ever wanted.

The only stranger that the eldest daughter, who was in a desperate struggle to stay alive to protect the rest of her family, wished to be by her side.

(Then I will swallow this bitterness. Instead, make my daughter a happy woman at all costs, kid.)

Victor regretfully released his hand that was caressing Irisdina's head, declaring that he would cut off Nozomu's head with his own hand if he didn't.

"I'm sorry for being a pathetic father. I wish I could have at least seen you as a bride..."

"Hmph, then finish your business quickly and come meet me. I wouldn't know what to do if you died."

"Are you worried about me?"

"Ha-, don't be so self-conscious. I'm worried about these girls, not you!"

Mazarinette ordered the escort maid to gently carry out the sleeping Irisdina and Somia, and then left the dining room with an angry look on her face.

"Mena, you too, stay with the girls..."

"No, I will be staying here. I am the maid of the Francilt household and your personal caretaker. Besides ..."


"As far as I'm concerned, I'm the only one who can protect you when you can't even wield a sword."

When Mena smiled wryly, not as a maid, but as a friend, Victor's cheeks finally relaxed as well.

"I'm better than I was when I was young. I can wield a sword a little better."

"No, sir, your keen senses are more deadly than your physical strength. To be honest, it would be better to have the laundry maid of the mansion carry a sword. Of course, he is no match for Nozomu-sama. They are like the moon and the earth, the dragon and the caterpillar."

A laundry maid, as the name suggests, is a maid who specializes in laundry. It is a technical job that requires hard labor and detailed changes in washing methods depending on the material of the garment, but at least they are in a position where they do not have to wield a sword.

Putting aside that he was showing his firepower in the outburst of love for his daughters, the original Victor was not that strong.

"Well, if it's magic..."

"There is no use for magic that can only be used to make bonfires. That's why you should behave yourself and hide behind me. You'll only get in the way if you step in front of me."

"D-, do you have to go that far?"

"Yes, you should be aware of the reality."

Mena made a very rude remark to her Master. However, for the current Victor, that rudeness was more dependable than anything else.

"Fufu~... Let's prepare a welcome for them. Get ready."

"Understood, my lord."

Victor smiled at Mena, who instantly returned to her maid's face and bowed reverently.

There was no more sadness in his eyes, only determination shining in them.

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