Ryuu Kusari no Ori -Kokoro no Uchi no “Kokoro”-


Chapter 1.3

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1 Part 3

Nozomu is attending school as usual.


entering the cla.s.sroom, a student who had already arrived saw him but

immediately gave him a stupid look. Slandering is written on his desk, and

the surroundings giggle as Nozomu cleans it up.


school, whose basic policy is a thorough meritocracy,

distinguishes winners and losers very clearly. Students in this

cla.s.s, 10th cla.s.s, are undoubtedly the latter and are treated as the

lowest in the grade. Such losers usually find someone even weaker

than themselves and throw their dissatisfaction on him.

He is

treated as a tumor in this cla.s.s and they ignore him thoroughly when he

speaks to them. The only person who talks to him is Anri Sensei, who

is the teacher in charge, or Mars, who is a problem child. However, Mars

is only thinking about abusing him thoroughly.


right ~ That woman has a great body ……"

A trio

of Mars and his two friends came while conversing stupid story. When Mars

notices me, he comes with a grin. Mars is tall and has a good physique.


face isn't bad, but his ridiculous expression ruined everything.


Drop Out. Did you come to the school to do something useless? I think it's

better to clean the toilet anyway because it's still good for us."


Mars, stop it. No one will use toilet cleaned by this guy."


what about our training dolls? It will help you to test your weapons."


says nothing. It was the usual mockery, the usual ridicule, and

the beginning of the usual daily life.



is a magic cla.s.s in the morning. The instructor is Norn-sensei, a health



you know, magic is a technology that brings forth the energy (Qi) in

the body by using mental power and technique to manifests various

phenomena, the energy to be brought forth is not only from its own body

but also the outside world, that is, energy in the atmosphere.


using large-scale magic, you almost always use magic elements from the

outside world. This is called ceremonial magic, and it originated from

the Shinto ritual, praying to spirits and G.o.ds. Many people pray in the

same way, which is also the basis of modern chanting. That is ………… ”


goes on with the lessons without wasting time. Anri-sensei's cla.s.s has

a relaxed atmosphere due to her trait, but Norn-sensei's cla.s.s has a quiet

and tense atmosphere.

I took

notes of what the teacher said. The written test is a lifeline for me, who

cannot get the point of practical skill as expected due to the

Ability Suppression. In the practical skill-oriented exam of the end-of-year

exam at the end of the first year, I managed to advance due to the written

exam added to the supplementary exam. A written test will be added to

the practical test, so it will be an additional blow for ordinary

students, but it is the last line for me.

With a

chime at the end of the lesson, cla.s.s time ends and practice time begins.


whole cla.s.s moves to the training ground with the call from Norn-sensei.


at the training ground and watching everyone use their own magic,

I just

absorbed in the training of my beginner magic, that is I could only

do, just feeling the magical power inside me and manipulating it.


humans of this continent have considerable magical power, but my magical

power is very low. It wasn't too low at first, but after the manifestation

of my Ability Suppression, even beginner magic couldn't be used.


why I only repeat beginner training and increase my control.


that, the students around me started laughing again. Mars influenced by

the students, came to me and started cursing at me.


this, still training the first-year lesson? Soo low. I think there's

a baby walker here. Hahahaha."


Ignore those ridicule and immerse myself in training. In the first place,

I couldn't hear their voice at this time.

If you

concentrate on training, you will not be able to see your surroundings.


was especially noticeable during basic training and was in this state when

I met Shishō.

“………… Hey,

what are you ignoring?”


He is frustrated because I didn't listen, Mars's atmosphere suddenly

became dangerous.


he is a person with a strong desire to show his power.


probably thought he was ridiculed by me, the lowest. Still, I can't

hear him. I was completely trapped in my own world.


I was shocked from the side and was blown away. Mars blew me away with

wind magic. The magic released is a type of "air burst"

style magic that blows away the opponent with a shock wave when

the compressed wind is released.


not settled yet, Mars continues to try to release magic. But before

that, Norn Sensei's magic went through Mars's feet.


enough, any more than this, I will take the necessary measure as

a teacher."


magic released is "Air Arrow". Although it is a beginner wind magic,

the casting speed is faster than Mars, and the accuracy and power

are comparable to single intermediate magic. It was clear that her

air arrows were better than Mars's air bursts.


I understand."


left as if throwing away the rope, and the surrounding students returned to



you alright"


Sensei called me.




answered immediately. I've always been blown away by Shishō, so my defense

has improved a lot. This is one of my few special skills.


resume the training. This is the usual thing. That's why,


kind of guy can be a ha.s.sle. Anri is also worried about you. Come and talk

to me whenever you need to."


couldn't receive the words head-on and could only give a vague reply.


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in determining the superiority and inferiority of each nation in

the future.


each country is eager to attract excellent human resources to their own

countries and comes to scouts with various favorable conditions.


in my grade, there are so many excellent students that I have never seen

before. Five students have set foot in rank A. Rank A is a rank owned

by top adventurers and knights of the guards, and if you think

that students in their late teens have reached this rank, you can

understand their excellence.

On the

way home, familiar people walked from the front. Ken Notice and Lisa

Hounds. My former lover and my childhood friend. The two

are probably in the middle of a date. Ken laughs happily, and I

can understand that Lisa looks very happy.


Ken looks at me and notices me, he raises his hand. Lisa also notices me,

but she is frowning and looks gloomy.


Nozomu, this is weird."


spoke openly. I couldn't see his disgusted expression. Ken talked to

me openly even after I broke up with Lisa. It's complicated to see him

dating Lisa, but I'm a little relieved that he treats me like



that's right. How long has it been?"


been about 3 months. Didn't have the right time."


can't be helped. Unlike me, there's a lot of work to do right."


I asked Jihad Sensei to practice before, and I got a fever."


talks with a bitter smile.

If you

are a first-cla.s.s student, the expectations of the school are high,

and you will be treated accordingly. Besides, Ken is a student who

has reached A rank, which is rare in the school. Therefore, He

can get personal guidance from the famous continental personage.

When I

was talking to Ken, Lisa, who was next to him, interrupted

the conversation.


let's go"


she says so, she takes Ken's hand and starts walking. She doesn't want to

see my face, She doesn't even try to.


I try

to stop her, but her face clearly rejects me.


all, I couldn't say anything to her, who pulled Ken's hand and left, and I

just petrified.

When I

got home, my heart didn't calm down. Why she started rejecting me.

I still

don't know the reason, and my feelings remain dangling.


not usually that much, but when I find Lisa at school, I want to ask about

her feelings. As I thought, I still did not get away from my



remember when she dumped me. She looks at me with cold eyes. She turns her

back, saying "goodbye". She left in front of me. Without telling

me the reason.


then, my feelings have stopped.

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