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Chapter 1066 - Evil in Chaos

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Chapter 1066 Evil in Chaos

“Not bad.”

Han Jue thought as he looked at the Nine Divine Stars.

Then, he began to check his emails and discovered that the most active person in the past ten million years was not Han Huang, not Huang Zuntian, but Zhao Shuangquan.

Many good friends were besieging him, and the number of times he was attacked was also in the ma.s.s emails.


Tsk tsk, was he following Han Huang’s path?

It seemed that rivaling all living beings had already become the geniuses’ supreme goal.

Han Jue noticed that Zhao Shuangquan had established the Nine Extremes Orthodoxy. Could this be the prelude of the nine Chaos? Interesting!

Wouldn’t it be even more explosive for the Nine Divine Stars to fight against the Nine Extremes Orthodoxy in the future?


That’s it!

Han Jue’s goal for the Nine Divine Stars directly grew to the nine Chaos.

This was more meaningful!

Han Jue smiled and didn’t say anything else.

He began to check on Huang Zuntian. Although he was attacked, sealed, and devoured from time to time, Huang Zuntian had always been alive.

“Why isn’t Primordial Origin here? Could it be because of Han Huang’s previous performance?”

Han Jue thought silently. This was not a good thing. The longer Primordial Origin delayed, the more Huang Zuntian suffered.

He secretly teleported to the main Dao Field, took out the Book of Misfortune, and started cursing Primordial Origin.

However, his curse missed. The other party couldn’t be cursed.

Although the Book of Misfortune was an Ultimate Supreme Treasure, it had never been to the Ancient Primordial World. Its karma couldn’t involve the Ancient Primordial World.

What a good place. It was suitable for cultivation.

Han Jue sighed in his mind.

However, since the Book of Misfortune had been taken out, there was no reason to put it back.

He would let the Ninth Chaos bear Primordial Origin’s sins!

Han Jue started cursing the Ninth Chaos.

Five days later, his lifespan began to decrease.

Recently, the Chaos’ providence had increased greatly. Han Jue had to spend more lifespan to prevent the Ninth Chaos from breaking

through this time.

100 million years of lifespan!

10 billion years of lifespan!

A trillion years of lifespan!

100 trillion years!

1 quadrillion years!

10 quadrillion years!

100 quadrillion years!

Han Jue saw the email that Ninth Chaos was injured, but there were no new injuries. He decided to continue cursing.

Han Jue paused after spending 1.3 quintillion years of his lifespan. An email appeared in

front of him.

[Because of your curse, your good friend Ninth

Chaos’ Dao heart shattered and he developed

mental demons.]

Even a powerful Dao Creator would develop mental demons?

Han Jue didn’t dare to continue, afraid that the

Ninth Chaos would go mad and slaughter the innocent.

He put away the Book of Misfortune and looked

at the Chaos.

Indeed, the Chaos’ order collapsed. The edge absorbed countless grudges and gave birth to evil devils. They were formed by the Ninth Chaos’ mental demons and were extremely savage and terrifying.

However, there were many Chaotic experts. These evil devils could not threaten the Chaos’


Han Jue returned to the third Dao Field and

went to visit Mo Zhu.

On the other side.

In a mysterious dark s.p.a.ce.

Two figures emitting divine light gathered. One

of them had a huge head with eight eyes and was ghastly and terrifying. The other looked

like a human, but his true appearance could not be seen.

Chaotic Consciousness, Formless Transcendent

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Deity! “Do you sense it?” the Chaotic Consciousness

A Dao Creator couldn’t be kind to another Dao

Creator, so they were very wary of each other. The Formless Transcendent Deity said, “Alright, let him guess. We’re only Dao

Creators who are about to be suppressed. Instead of thinking about this, why don’t you think about how to deal with it? What should

we do if what we guessed happens?” The Immeasurable Destruction Venerable said, “We have to join forces with the other Dao

Creators. But, we will be easily discovered if we do this.”

The Chaotic Consciousness said, “Let’s do it here. We can rope in the other two Dao

Creators and open our hearts. We can only gamble.”

The two Dao Creators hesitated for a moment before nodding.

In the Daoist temple of the third Dao Field.

Han Jue was cultivating when a line of words suddenly appeared in front of him.

[The Chaotic Consciousness sent you a dream. Do you accept?]

Han Jue ignored him. His seclusion period was not over yet. How could it be interrupted? Thousands of years later.

[The Immeasurable Destruction Venerable sent

you a dream. Do you accept?] Ignore!

How annoying!

Han Jue was unhappy. Another hundred thousand years pa.s.sed. Someone sent another dream.

[The Formless Transcendent Deity sent you a dream. Do you accept?]

So many? Did something happen in the Chaos?

Han Jue opened his eyes and looked at the Chaos. Everything was fine. His good friends

were still alive.

It was probably a trap.

He closed his eyes again. He waited until his ten million years of

seclusion were up before opening his eyes again. Han Jue, who was already 170 million years old, thought for a moment and sent a dream to the Immeasurable Destruction Venerable. The dream was a blank domain. Han Jue asked when he saw the other party,

“What is it? Why did you visit my dream?”

The Immeasurable Destruction Venerable was

silent for a moment before saying, “Why didn’t you accept it?”

“I was cultivating. You were not the only one. There were two others. What’s the matter?” Han Jue asked in confusion. His performance

dispelled the other party’s suspicion.

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