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Chapter 1912

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Chapter 1912: Chapter 1914 began to recollect. Divine Lord Sorcerer G.o.d (1)

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Upon hearing her master’s words, Yun Jian’s eyes flashed with a profound light.

The next second, she nodded at her master with certainty and certainty. “I want to recover all the memories of the sorcerer G.o.d, and I must do so!”

“Then what if, by recovering the sorcerer G.o.d’s memories, it is very likely to put you in danger or even die?”The old man looked straight at Yun Jian and said.

“He has already recovered all his memories, right?”Yun Zhi asked the old man.

He was naturally referring to Si Yi.

When the old man heard that Yun Zhi had already guessed it, he did not hide it anymore:

“That Stinky Brat has already recovered his memories. Today, I asked Desolate Yan to bring you out alone so that that stinky brat would not know that I want to help you recover your memories. Otherwise, he would definitely stop me!”

After the old man said that, he sighed again and said to the cloud note:

“I won’t hide it from you. If you recover your memory today, you will definitely be involved in it again. That Brat doesn’t want to let you recover your memory. He intends to bear all the responsibility alone.”.

“I’m not siding with that brat. I just feel that you have the right to choose to be with him or leave him to bear all the responsibility.”

As the old man spoke, he added, “Recovering your memories will put your life in danger at any time. Disciple, you can choose your own future.”

“I choose... to recover my memories!”Yun Jian said without hesitation.

After hearing Yun Jian’s words, the old man nodded in satisfaction. “Alright!”

Her answer made him very satisfied.

After saying this, the old man flipped his hand, and a bottle of medicine filled with immortal Qi appeared in his palm.

He gently tossed the medicine over to the Yun Jian, and after the Yun Jian caught the medicine, the old man suddenly returned to his original mischievous and mischievous appearance. He looked at the Yun Jian and said,

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“This is a special memory medicine that I have specially made. It is called ‘long live the most powerful, most handsome, and most powerful sovereign G.o.d’. Drink it, and you will immediately be able to regain your memories!”

Before all karma had begun, long before the G.o.d of shamans had even met divine lords.

That day, G.o.d of sorcerer had left the imperial dragon continent for several months. When she returned to the shaman clan, many of the girls of the shaman clan had been raped by a man, and the man of the Shaman clan had been killed by that man.

That was right. That man was the G.o.d of the G.o.d continent. At the same time, his strength was strong enough to activate the array formation from the G.o.d continent to the various continents.

G.o.d of Sorcerer chased the man all the way to the Tan family in the central continent. In front of the Tan family, he opened a pa.s.sage to the G.o.d continent and came to the G.o.d continent, killing the man in the G.o.d continent.

The G.o.d was killed by thousands of young girls from the continent. The G.o.ds of the G.o.d continent invited the ruler of the G.o.d continent, the divine lord, to the scene.

That was the first time the sorcerer G.o.d met the divine lord.

She held the b.u.t.terfly knife in her hand and stood among the G.o.ds stubbornly. She looked into his eyes without fear.

He would never forget her. At that time, her eyes had a light in them. She was so beautiful that she attracted his attention.

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