The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

夜北 - North Night

Chapter 2044 - Shameless Team (6)

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Chapter 2044: Shameless Team (6)

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With a raise of his hand and a kick of his foot, he could directly break bones and tear flesh.

It was a joke to show mercy.

The ferocity of the Flaming Red Squad was showing and their pre-battle att.i.tude were completely different.

From a shameless villain to a killing machine…

On the field, all the students of Specter College were secretly cursing the Flaming Red Squad for being shameless!


First, they pretended to be so indecent before the fight, and then they began beating them to death as soon as the fight started!

What kind of f*cking grudge did we have?

The souls of the students of Specter College were crying, and the spectators around the venue were shocked. As for the remaining four teams who had yet to fight, all of them were trembling as they looked at the members of the Flaming Red Squad who had transformed into Asura on stage.

“What happened? The team of Deathfire Academy… Don’t tell me they have been swapped!” A group of teenagers gathered together and trembled. They had seen the matches of the Flaming Red Squad before. There was nothing particularly eye-catching, but their strength was not as shocking as today!

This time, he really didn’t show the slightest mercy. They could feel pain all over their bodies.

“Terrifying… Terrifying… I don’t want to fight these smiling tigers at all.”

“F*ck, they are definitely going to enter the top four. I don’t even have the thought of winning…”

The momentum of the Flaming Red Squad was not only a heavy blow to their opponents on the stage, but also to their potential opponents below the stage.

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Taotie sat in the stands and blinked his eyes as he watched the fierce battle of the Flaming Red Squad.

The more sloppy they were, the more they could make their opponents lower their guard.

Shen Yanxiao had a lot of contact with the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group. She was very familiar with their fighting style, and she appreciated it. With a little improvement, she used their fighting style to teach the Flaming Red Squad.

From the looks of it…

The effect was pretty good, wasn’t it?

The battle between the Flaming Red Squad and Specter College did not last long. The disparity between the two sides destined their fight to be short.

In less than half an hour, all the students of Specter College fell to the ground. As for the 100 members of the Flaming Red Squad, none of them were missing as they stood upright on the stage. Only a dozen or so members were seriously injured, and they were also standing while leaning against their teammates.

After the victory, the members of the Flaming Red Squad immediately returned to their usual sloppy appearance. They retreated in groups of three to five with their arms around each other’s shoulders. Before they left, they even ran to pick up the sandbags they had thrown out before.

There was no need to mention how relaxed her exit was.

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