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Chapter 601 - Heavenly Demon Disease (1)

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Chapter 601 - Heavenly Demon Disease (1)

It began when news of Zeus’ disappearance arrived from Olympus. At first, they were going to keep it a secret from the rest of Yeon-woo’s allies because nothing good would come from others knowing this information.

But if the other societies accidentally found Zeus first, the consequences would be too great. When Hermes said it would probably be better to ask the other societies for help, they decided to tell Niflheim, the Chan Sect, and the East Demon Army.

These societies were some of the largest in the heavenly world, and Olympus hoped that their networks would help them find Zeus soon. Of course, it meant they would be in debt to the other societies, but it was better than losing Zeus to the other societies at some unforeseen time.

However, when they shared news of Zeus’ disappearance to the rest of the allies, the allies’ reactions were completely unexpected. The Chan Sect seemed to be the most perturbed.

“Just a moment.” Erlang Shen’s expression stiffened as he left the conference room. He soon returned with shocking news. “I received similar news from Three G.o.d Mountains. The emperor is missing.”

Both Zeus and the Jade Emperor were gone? Something disturbing was going on. Anxiety spread through all of them.

* * *

[The G.o.dly society searches through their database to confirm the allied forces’ request.]

The first thing the allied forces did was to ask Malach for help. Although some would say that it was dangerous to expose your vulnerability, Malach and L’Infernal were unique societies within the heavenly world. Malach represented absolute good, which meant that they were considered an inflexible society that didn’t know how to negotiate or be flexible. However, this also meant Malach would never betray others or break their promises.

Although they didn’t ally themselves with other societies and always walked alone, they did anything they could to maintain order among the other societies. As a result, the heavenly world always depended on them to arbitrate or run interference. Moreover, because Malach’s motto was peace, stability, and love, they were willing to step up in situations like this.

Malach was clearly aware of the severity of the situation because they quickly began an investigation. However, considering how delicate the matter was, it took time to search for information.

[The G.o.dly society has confirmed that similar incidents have occurred. The affected societies include , , and .]

[Other similar incidents are being revealed.]

[The G.o.dly society has uncovered a grave problem and determined that a more in-depth investigation will be necessary. An official request for a.s.sistance has been sent to other societies.]

The result was shocking.

[The G.o.dly society secretly wishes to contact your allies. Will you accept?]

[You have accepted.]

[Michael, an envoy of , is descending!]

Everyone was surprised that an envoy would descend.

“Michael himself?”

“What has happened…?”

“They’re probably mad because of what happened with Gabriel. I hope there isn’t any tension or a fight.”


『Puppy, you’re right. Things are indeed playing out in an amusing manner.』

Agares and Fenrir laughed as they talked. Michael was an archangel, a position that was second only to that of the celestial scribe, Metatron, and Michael was extremely influential, with many loyal supporters in Malach. In fact, based on his physical strength alone, it was possible that his status was higher than that of Metatron. He rarely left Malach because he was an extremist who detested evil and sin, and yet…he was coming as an envoy?

Those who knew Michael’s character expressed concern. Michael only acknowledged the G.o.d he served, and he lived by the personal motto “the only good demons are dead ones.” It was obvious what such a being would do down here, especially considering his hate for Yeon-woo, who used Gabriel to make the Fruit of Good and Evil.

Boom! When a blinding white lightning bolt landed on the ground, a beautiful man with bright red lips and multiple pairs of wings appeared.

[The of the allied forces fix their eyes on Tartarus.]

[ of the allied forces fix their eyes on Tartarus.]

[The of the allied forces fix their eyes on Tartarus.]

[The demonic society carefully observes the actions of the G.o.dly society .]

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[Baal fixes his eyes on Tartarus.]

Eight Extremes of Sword Thunder activated one after the other. Rumble, rumble, rumble! With each swing, Vigrid blazed with black-red bolts and fire that threatened to swallow Michael. Most divine beings would have tried to evade these attacks, but Michael easily deflected them and even made the occasional counterattack.

The G.o.ds and demons watching the fight ended up being the ones injured by the attacks, and they were forced to move back as the area around them was ruined. When Sword Thunder reached the Fifth Extreme, Michael’s spear pierced through the fire to reach Yeon-woo’s throat.

Yeon-woo swung Vigrid down to deflect it and the two began another battle of strength. Vigrid and the spear clashed, each trying to break the other. It was a fierce standoff, and neither party held back.

‘Do I need to combine before fighting?’ Yeon-woo briefly considered combining with Kronos. Since he started this fight, he wanted to take it to the end. However, the only thing that prevented him from doing so was the fact that Michael probably had some secret weapon.

Diiiing! At that moment, Yeon-woo’s heart began to beat wildly. The Philosopher’s Stone was throbbing. His eyes narrowed.

『I heard you have the most pieces of my foolish older brother. I can see why.』 Michael stopped fighting after sensing something and grinned as he looked at Yeon-woo’s chest.

Yeon-woo’s eyebrows furrowed. “Older brother?”

『Oh, you must not know because you’re a mortal.』 Michael looked into Yeon-woo’s eyes and smiled toothily. 『Luciel. My twin left behind the thing you have next to your heart』

Yeon-woo hadn’t been expecting that information at all. The lightkeeper who had once put fear into the entire heavenly world, Luciel—Lucifer—was Michael’s twin brother? Despite his shock, Yeon-woo managed to understand why Michael was so strong even though he didn’t have a special divinity like a conceptual G.o.d or a creator G.o.d.

『I think that’s enough, you unwelcome visitor.』 Just then, an arrow condensed with demonic energy fell in between Yeon-woo and Michael. It had a life-threatening, destructive strength, and Yeon-woo and Michael pushed each other away to escape it.

Standing in the spot they had just vacated was Agares, who had manifested in his true body. Hundreds of pairs of black wings fluttered beautifully in the air. 『I’ve always said that it is mine. Only I can taste it.』 With a cold smile, Agares licked his hand, which was filled with black demonic energy. His eyes were sharp, as if he could hack Michael apart just by looking at him.

『Stop being so annoy…!』 Michael was about to tell Agares to go away when he realized that Erlang Shen and Fenrir had joined Agares to surround him. Yeon-woo’s subordinates also appeared and glowered at him.

In the sky, Boo/Faust’s wide eyes were blazing, as if he wanted to rip Michael to shreds.

[All the allied forces carefully observe Michael.]

[The G.o.dly society advises Michael to stop.]

Even Michael wouldn’t be able to deal with all these beings at once. 『How boring. You beings have nipped the first fun I’ve had in a while.』 Michael snorted in dissatisfaction and stuck his spear into the ground. The blazing fire was extinguished. Then, as if nothing had happened, he rubbed his hands together with a brazen smile. 『Shall we talk now?』

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