Release that Witch

Er Mu - 二目

Chapter 1501 - 1501 Release That Witch: Side Story (Part 3)

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1501 Release That Witch: Side Story (Part 3)

The return journey was abnormally smooth.

Before they could go far, another advance party came to their door. This was the “real reinforcement” who had rushed over to support them after seeing Meyna’s distress signal. The two troops then merged into one and headed towards Taquila together. Although they occasionally encountered traces of demons on the way, the demons were all scattered sentries and could not pose a threat to this army at all.

Seeing that the crisis had been resolved, Meyna was relieved and turned her attention to Nightingale. When they talked, Nightingale didn’t tell them everything about her background. She only said that she needed to see the highest leader of the Holy City. Meyna didn’t have any objections to this, because in terms of ability and magic power, she was worthy of being a senior witch. Such a person could get the right to see the person in charge. Moreover, Meyna had to report this matter in detail. Whether Nightingale was willing or not, the higher-ups would know that she was here.

After three days and two nights of trekking, Taquila City finally appeared in everyone’s vision.

“That’s Taquila…”

Nightingale dismounted from her horse and looked at the city in the distance. It was surrounded by towering walls, like a green mountain standing on a plain. Even the Hermes Defense Line could not compare to it. Such a majestic city wall was beyond the reach of humans. In this era, it was a miracle exclusive to witches.

There were countless tall towers in the city. It was said that only high-level Awakened ones could become the masters of the towers. The tallest “Tower of Babel” was the throne of the ruler of the Holy City, the Queen of Starfall City.

“How is it? It’s magnificent, isn’t it?” Mayne said proudly. “It’s the largest of the three Holy Cities. The demons will never be able to take it down.”

Unfortunately, five hundred years later, it would only be ruins. Nightingale pursed her lips but didn’t retort, because she knew in her heart that no matter how bad the situation was, the superiors would not easily tell it to the lower ranks. Those people needed the garrison to continue fighting with high spirit until the last person.

“Do you think… even if we can defend the Holy City, we can’t win against the demons?” Meyna noticed the complicated look in her eyes.

“What I think doesn’t matter. What matters is what you think.”

“What we think?” Meyna was stunned.

“That’s right.” Nightingale’s thoughts instantly returned to that night, when she seemed to have snuck into the lord’s room and waited for the other party to arrive, while her heart was actually full of uncertainty about the future. “If we follow the current path, we definitely won’t be able to defeat the demons. But since I’m here, I won’t stand by and do nothing.”

What a strange feeling…Meyna thought.

If it were any other high-ranking witch, she would have thought that they were too arrogant. However, when this mysterious witch of unknown origin said this, she felt inexplicably convinced.

It was as if this witch had already seen the day of victory with her own eyes.

“Let’s go,” said Nightingale, mounting her horse.

Entering the crowded Holy City, the garrison team went their separate ways, while Meyna led Nightingale to the Tower of Babel. Firstly, she had to report the matter, and secondly, she could not disrespect the senior witch. However, they were not immediately granted an audience and could only wait in the lobby for the notice.

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Not only that, but Nightingale also noticed that there were seven or eight heavy armored warriors around the hall.

Under the fog vision, they were like pitch-black holes. It was hard not to notice them. This meant that they were carrying G.o.d’s Stones of Retaliation.

“It seems that the Queen of Witches doesn’t trust visitors from other worlds.” Nightingale chuckled.

“What did you say?” Meyna had no idea.

“It’s nothing. This has nothing to do with you,” she said nonchalantly.

However, Meyna misunderstood her. “Are you worried about the audience? Don’t worry, the Union has always respected powerful Awakened ones. You’re so young, and you’re as powerful as a senior witch. As long as you explain your background to the lords, you’ll definitely be treated equally.”

At this point, she suddenly sighed. “If my sister wasn’t so stubborn, she would have been one of the higher-ups of the Union by now.”

“Your sister?” asked Nightingale casually.

“Yes.” Meyna’s eyes lit up. “Even when she was in the Union, she was one of the top genius witches. She was even personally praised by the Three Chief Witches. I thought that with time, she could become the core of the leaders.h.i.+p, just like the Queen of Witches…”

“Oh? That’s something.” Nightingale shrugged. “What’s her name? I might have heard of her.”

After three days of interaction, Meyna was no longer surprised by such a reaction—it was as if the other party knew a lot, but also as if she knew nothing about the world. For example, she was very unfamiliar with the common sense of the Holy City, the Union, and so on, and did not even have the self-awareness of a high-level witch. However, when they were camping and chatting at night, she was able to speak articulately about some difficult things, such as what the stars in the sky were and why the bonfire could only burn brightly in the wind. If Meyna refuted or questioned her, she would definitely be confused by the other party’s more complicated theories.

So when Nightingale asked, Meyna was not the least surprised. “Her name is Agatha. She’s the youngest senior witch.”

“Pfft!” Nightingale choked on her saliva for the second time.


“I’ve heard of her before. I’ve heard of her before.” She waved a hand. “Not only have I heard her before, but I’m quite familiar with her.”

How could she not be familiar with her? Ever since Agatha joined Graycastle, Roland had left most of his research projects to her, and he had directly become half a hands-off manager. At that time, she still couldn’t see the trick behind it, but now it was obvious that Roland was slacking off!

These words had a completely different meaning in Meyna’s ears.

This girl knew very little about Taquila, but she knew Agatha well. Did this not mean that Agatha was more famous than the legends of the Holy City?

“How did you meet my sister?”

“Well…” Nightingale looked away. “It’s a long story.”

At the same time, a huge plan gradually took shape in her mind. Since Agatha existed and had a disagreement with the Holy City, it meant that the Union was approaching its end. There was not much time left for humans, but it was an opportunity for her to change everything.

“Is this Miss Nightingale?” At this time, several people came to the front of Nightingale and Meyna. The leader was a female warrior in armor.

Judging from their attire, they should be the elite troops of the Union, the Blessed Army.

“I am,” said Nightingale, getting up.

“Please come with us.”

Meyna also wanted to follow, but the warrior held out her hand to stop her. “Your mission ends here. Go back to the camp and wait for orders.”

She hesitated for a moment and could only accept the order helplessly.

“Hey, Meyna,” said Nightingale suddenly.

“Lady Nightingale?”

“Remember to protect yourself.” She turned around and smiled. “We will win.”

At the top of Tower of Babel.

The moment Nightingale walked into the hall, she felt several eyes on her.

She was very familiar with this suspicious and vigilant gaze. She came to the center of the hall and waved at the women sitting in the chief seats. She did not know the others, but she knew the red-haired woman in the middle very well. It was this person who planned the final framework of the Union and personally sent the witches into the darkest abyss.

She was the creator of the church, Alice, the Queen of Witches.

“How dare you!”

“You should bow to the Chiefs!”

The moment she raised her hand, a warrior immediately shouted.

Nightingale spread her hands playfully. “I’m sorry. I’m a citizen of Graycastle. I don’t know much about Union etiquette.”

“A citizen… of Graycastle?”

“What is that place?” The witches looked confused.

In the end, it was Alice who spoke. “It doesn’t matter. At a time like this, we shouldn’t be talking over trivial matters. I heard from the advance team that they met you in the northern region of Fertile Plains. So the Graycastle you mentioned is also in that area? I’ve never heard that there are still large human towns in the north.”

“Because it is indeed not in the north.” Nightingale smiled. “Graycastle originated in the far east. After decades of development, it has become a human country that unites the continent. In fact, the Fertile Plains is also part of Graycastle’s territory—”

“Ridiculous!” A witch at the head of the table interrupted her sternly. “There are only forests and ridges in the east. How can there be a human kingdom?”

Alice’s face also showed a hint of anger.

“Yes, there is.” Nightingale didn’t back down. “When the Union was destroyed, it became the only refuge for mankind. Because of the implementation of the G.o.d’s Punishment Army plan, the witches disappeared. You tried to preserve your strength and make a comeback, but the result was a crus.h.i.+ng defeat.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the hall was in an uproar.

The expressions of the witches sitting at the head of the table changed drastically!

Until now, the G.o.d’s Punishment Army had been an extremely secret research project. Except for the leaders of the Quest Society and Taquila City, almost no one knew about the existence of this project.

Yet, this woman of unknown origin had directly revealed the Queen of Starfall City’s trump card?

“Guards! This person is a spy for Natalya. Take her down!” The witch who interrupted her ordered.

Four heavy armored warriors immediately rushed towards Nightingale.

Even a high-grade witch would be at the mercy of the G.o.d’s Stone of Retaliation as long as she was within its influence range!

Nightingale, however, calmly raised her left hand and snapped her fingers. Then she waved her hands!

Four black threads instantly shattered the divine stones hanging on the warriors’ chests.

Without this line of defense, the warriors couldn’t restrain Nightingale at all. In the blink of an eye, Nightingale knocked them all down and deliberately avoided the fatal parts. Although the warriors couldn’t stand up again due to the wounds, none of them died.

“How is this possible!?”

The witch’s exclamation became everyone’s common thought.

Using her ability to break the seal of the G.o.d’s Stone of Retaliation?

This scene simply overturned everyone’s understanding!

Even Extraordinary individuals could only use pure physical strength within the range of the G.o.d’s Stone! However, those strange threads and her intermittent figure indicated that this person was definitely not a witch who strengthened her body.

“Get out of the way!” Alice made her move.

She grabbed the long sword next to her and slashed it at Nightingale. The sword was s.h.i.+ning with golden light. It was the power bestowed by the Sigil of G.o.d’s Will.

Nightingale smiled and pulled the dagger from her belt. The edge of the blade gleamed with the same light.

“She also has a Sigil of G.o.d’s Will?”

In the midst of everyone’s astonishment, Nightingale raised her dagger to meet Alice’s sword. She could see that the Queen of Witches had no intention of taking her life, so she didn’t point at her opponent’s vital parts. Instead, she chose to clash head-on with the sword!

With a crisp sound, Alice’s sword was broken into two pieces, but Nightingale’s dagger was unscathed.

The hall was silent for a moment.

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Nightingale wasn’t surprised by this result. This chromium molybdenum vanadium steel dagger was produced from an industrial a.s.sembly line. How could it be inferior to a hand-made mixed steel product?

As she stepped, the lines changed, as if she was walking in the air. Through the black and white world, she could see that the entire city was awakened by the sound of the horn. The streets and alleys were filled with ordinary people running in a hurry. The soldiers and combat witches of the garrison had already climbed the city wall or entered the fortifications outside the high wall according to their training.

Among the troops outside the city, Nightingale found a familiar magic wave.

She adjusted her direction and jumped towards this person.

“Everyone, get into cover and wait for the demons to get close before taking action!”

“Remember! Destroy their siege weapons first!”

“If you encounter an enemy on the level of a Lord of h.e.l.l, immediately release a signal smoke. The Blessed Army will a.s.sist you!”

On the front line, the commander was loudly a.s.signing tasks. Meyna squatted in a trench and looked at the red mist not far away. It was not her first time encountering demons and she was quite experienced among the combat witches, but it was her first time experiencing such a large-scale battle.

No matter what, she must not retreat! She took a deep breath and secretly clenched her fists. Behind her was the Holy City, the last home of the witches!

Suddenly, a young girl leaped out of the void and landed lightly in front of the camp.

“Hey, no way…” Meyna gasped.

Who else could it be but Nightingale!?

“Who is that little girl?” The other soldiers also discovered her existence.

“Is she a witch? Pull her back!”

Nightingale faced the demon army and raised her right hand.

Almost instantly, all the combat witches sensed that something was wrong. The magic power in the air was surging crazily, as if a huge storm had been set off! And the center of the storm was the blond woman!

What was this feeling? Meyna had thought that she had seen enough unsolved mysteries about the woman, but she did not expect her to surprise her again.

This was not the magic power that humans could withstand!

“Is she crazy? If this continues, she’ll explode and die!”

“But she seems fine!”

The others looked at the scene in front of them in disbelief. Even the Awakened who had just begun to understand magic could feel how astonis.h.i.+ng the magic power gathered on the girl’s body was. Logically speaking, even a high-level witch could not control such power, but the person in front of them was doing all this calmly!

Nightingale really couldn’t have done this on her own.

The magic power she summoned at this moment was like an overwhelming bomb. If there was any flaw in her willpower, she would turn into ashes in the huge explosion.

However, she had the support of countless people.

Be it in the real world or the Dream World, people’s understanding and research of the magic power and the Cradle System had far exceeded that of the past. She did not spend much effort to open the door of the Cradle. At this moment, the Realm of Mind was connected to her, and the surging sea of consciousness provided her with additional calculations.

She stood on the shoulders of millions of people.

“Watch closely.”

Nightingale condensed her magic power into a black and white sword and slashed at the red mist! The huge sword which was thousands of meters long tore through s.p.a.ce. Even the naked eye could capture its existence!

The moment the huge sword landed, everything in their sight distorted. The edge of the sharp blade spread out like a transparent ripple!

There was no deafening roar, nor was there any earth-shattering change. Everything happened in the blink of an eye. After the sword light disappeared, a deep groove appeared on the ground, and the surrounding demons disappeared. That’s right, this groove was not broken by force, and the demons were not cut into pieces. They just disappeared neatly, as if they had never existed. The edge of the groove was as smooth as a mirror. Whether it was gravel or rocks below, they had become a smooth surface.

In fact, it wasn’t just the ground. Even the red mist in the air and the clouds above their heads were split into two by this attack.

The demons retreated in defeat.

They fled faster than when they came.

Nightingale turned around and saw that there were many people standing behind her. There were both combat witches and ordinary soldiers of the garrison. But regardless of their ident.i.ty and status, when she turned around, everyone responded in unison.

They put their right hands to their chests and knelt down to her on one knee.

This was the most solemn etiquette, and it was also a way for the Taquila people to show their respect to the top of the high-ranking witches.

Typically, they only did this in grand ceremonies to the Three Chiefs.

Nightingale knew that she would become the guide for the surviving humans, just as Roland had done before.

It would probably be a long time before she had the time to enjoy lying on the rocking chair and eating fish filets.

However, she believed that such efforts would not be in vain.

Nightingale turned to look at the continuous mountains to the south.

As long as Agatha was around, time was not insurmountable.

Five hundred years later, she would truly receive her reward.

And now, the story had just begun.

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