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Chapter 586: Meeting With Acquaintance!

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Chapter 586: Meeting With Acquaintance!


Tang Li Xue really wanted to scold the Phoenix of Pride and teach it a harsh unforgettable lesson, but it was clearly not the right time to do that since the underground tunnel had trembled even more violently.

Tang Li Xue hastily dug upward to the surface with her [Spider Scorpion Transformation].

When Tang Li Xue jumped out to the surface, several mind-controlled foxes already waited for her and immediately launched attacks on her!

Yaya was still in an unconscious state because of the backlash from [War G.o.ddess Mode], while the Phoenix of Pride fell into a deep sleep under the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] to digest the scorching golden fruit.

So, Tang Li Xue could no longer enter [Divine Possession] mode or [Perfect a.s.similation] mode for now.

"It seems I can only rely on myself from now on...Tsk~! But these bast*rds are really annoying~!" Tang Li Xue clicked her tongue in annoyance.

[Mother Earth's Gift], [Earth Protection Wall]~!

With subtle earth control from [Mother Earth's Gift] divine ability, Tang Li Xue easily created a solid stone wall to block all attacks from those foxes!


Those foxes did not give up and kept spamming attacks mercilessly at the solid stone wall for one minute or so until the solid stone wall collapsed.

However, Tang Li Xue had already vanished, and they could not find her anymore there.

Yes, Tang Li Xue already activated her [Ethereal Form] plus [Art of Concealment] after she erected the [Earth Protection Wall], and then she hastily got away from there as fast as she could before those foxes could find her.

"I must get out from the radius of this Crimson Skies Domain as soon as possible~! But... Which direction should I run to?" Tang Li Xue muttered in confusion.

As far as Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes could see, this Crimson Skies Domain seemed to cover the entire sky, and she could not even determine the boundaries of this Crimson Skies Domain clearly.

Tang Li Xue shook her head and murmured while thinking deeply: "Oh, well... Let's just wander around randomly and see how they act first for now. If I really cannot hide or run away from them anymore, at worst I can enter another treasure game to avoid their chase."

Tang Li Xue wanted to test if the owner of this Crimson Skies Domain still could find her while she was in [Ethereal Form] plus [Art of Concealment].

But she found the answer soon after only traveled for a few hundred miles...


Tang Li Xue was almost swallowed by a sudden violent blizzard!

Her entire vision was covered in white color, and she could not even see anything.

The snow had piled up so high, and Tang Li Xue's silver furry figure was drowned inside the thick snow pile.

"Hisss~! It is so cold~! All of my limbs are almost freezing~! Why the h.e.l.l was there a sudden violent blizzard?!" Tang Li Xue muttered in a shaky voice.

Just when Tang Li Xue could not bear it anymore, she immediately decided to use [Sun Dragon Claws] to warm herself.

A pair of deep blue [Sun Dragon Claws] appeared on her right and left side making the surrounding extremely low temperature soar rapidly.

Even the thick snow pile around Tang Li Xue melted in an instant.

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief, but she did not dare to lower her guard.

On the contrary, she raised her vigilance to the maximum since her deep blue [Sun Dragon Claws] could easily be spotted by anyone in this white snow area.

As if proving Tang Li Xue's guess was correct, several ice spikes suddenly a.s.saulted Tang Li Xue from above!

Tang Li Xue controlled the pair of [Sun Dragon Claws] to quickly block all of the ice spikes!

All of the ice spikes instantly melted before they could even touch the [Sun Dragon Claws].


But Tang Li Xue's limbs began to freeze again, so she hastily controlled the [Sun Dragon Claws] to fly closer to her again.

Tang Li Xue frowned deeply and thought: 'This looks bad~! The surrounding temperature is getting lower and lower! I must find the culprit fast and kill it as soon as possible before it could freeze me to death!'

Tang Li Xue closed her topaz blue eyes and focused on her [Extraordinary Perception] to find the fox who created this blizzard!

When the blizzard fox launched another attack on Tang Li Xue, Tang Li Xue immediately took this chance to find it!

"I see... So, you hide behind that tree~! Take this~!" Tang Li Xue shouted as she used [Mother Earth's Gift] and launched a counterattack toward the blizzard fox.

[Earth Spikes]~!

Dozens of earth spikes crushed the tree into pieces, but when they attacked the blizzard fox, a thick ice wall suddenly blocked them!

Tang Li Xue widened her topaz blue eyes in shock and disbelief when she saw the familiar arctic white fox, then muttering: "You are... Bingbing?! You are Bingbing, aren't you?!"

However, the arctic white fox did not answer Tang Li Xue's questions and unleashed another attack on her!

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[Giant Ice Hammer]~!

But her pair of [Sun Dragon Claws] was freezing into two blocks of ice in an instant when they touched some [Icy Winter Sparrows]!

Then the frozen [Sun Dragon Claws] fell onto the ground covered with thick ice and shattered to pieces.

Tang Li Xue was caught off guard by the [Icy Winter Sparrows]'s terrifying freezing power, but it was already too late for her to avoid them since the rest of [Icy Winter Sparrows] was already flying so close toward her!

Just when the rest of [Icy Winter Sparrows] almost touched her silver furry body...

[Shadow Flash]~!

Tang Li Xue activated her [Shadow Striders] equipment skill and instantly teleported into Bingbing's shadow under her own feet!

[Mystic Whisper] activated~!

"Bingbing, wake up~! It is me, Little Xue~!" Tang Li Xue did not let out any voice from her mouth, but the sound created by her [Mystic Whisper] penetrated directly into Bingbing's mind.

The crimson light inside Bingbing's eyes faded for a moment as she muttered weakly: "I... What hap..."


But the powerful mind-control effect from Crimson Skies Domain immediately worked and affected Bingbing again.

When Tang Li Xue saw the crimson light in Bingbing's eyes only faded for a few moments before it returned again, Tang Li Xue realized that her plan had completely failed.

The powerful mind-control effect from Crimson Skies Domain which has a continuous effect was clearly a lot more powerful than Tang Li Xue's [Mystic Whisper] which has limited effect and duration.

Moreover, Tang Li Xue's Spirit stat was still far from enough to compete against the owner of Crimson Skies Domain.

Bingbing glared angrily at Tang Li Xue who was so close to her and launched an attack from melee range at Tang Li Xue!

[Icy Winter Rhino]~!

Extremely cold energy formed a huge white rhino and used its sharp horn to ram at Tang Li Xue!

It was already too late for Tang Li Xue to dodge since she was standing so close to Bingbing!


The rhino's sharp horn mercilessly stabbed Tang Li Xue's body and pushed her away until she left a long trail on the ground covered with a thick layer of frost!

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