Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Lan Hua Yue - 蓝华月

Chapter 901

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Chapter 901 Being Taken Away by Someone

Baizhi’s eyes were filled with tears, but they were very steady as well.

Lin Mengya frowned. She didn’t know what was going on outside. If they could wait safely until Long Tianyu or Qinghu came back, the danger would be over.

Therefore, she could not drag anyone down. Baizhi and Baiji must be hidden.

“Okay, let’s hide inside together. You two go first, and I go to make some arrangements.”

At this moment, she had no time to explain, so she had to trick Baiji and Baizhi and let them hide into the big box first.

When Lin Mengya saw that they were trying their best to curl up and made a s.p.a.ce for her, she smiled very gently.

“Master! You…”

Baizhi had seen through Lin Mengya’s plan, but the heavy lid of the box was put on before she could react.

Lin Mengya quickly locked the box. She was not softhearted at all although she heard that Baizhi and Baiji were beating and pleading in a tearful voice.

“Stay there. If I’m dead, there must be someone to ask for help. No matter what happens, be quiet. Wait for me. I will survive.”

She touched the box reluctantly. There were carvings on the side and top of the box, so they could breath.

After straightening her clothes, Lin Mengya pulled out a screen to cover the big box that contained two people.

She had to ensure their safety first no matter what happened.

It was already dusk outside. Lin Mengya walked out of the room calmly.

The gentle breeze brought the smell of blood which made Lin Mengya’s heart turn cold.

No wonder there was no sound in the yard, and no one came to warn them, there was probably no living person in the vast Prince Yu’s Mansion other than the three of them.

How brutal! Today would be a tough day.

“Princess Yu, how have you been? Or should I call you – Hall Master?”

The door was pushed open, and a figure in purple came gracefully following with two rows of people.

However, she already knew who she was as soon as she heard her voice.

“It’s just a t.i.tle. You can call me whatever you want. But maybe Princess Yu is not a good choice. Otherwise, your partner will be very sad.”

Even in the face of a strong enemy, Lin Mengya was still calm, and no trace of panic was showed.

Catching Yunzhu’s charming eyes, which contained fatal killing intent, the corners of her mouth were curved, and she smiled softly.

It was just like the first time she had seen Yunzhu who was as old as an old woman.

“To be honest, I really don’t want to meet you like this. After all, you have done me a favor. How about this? As long as you are nice, I can promise you that you will be safe, and I will treat you with courtesy. What do you think?”

Lin Mengya looked at Yunzhu, who was talking to herself proudly, and there were a few sneers in her eyes.

“I’m afraid that you’re not the one to make decision. Why don’t you ask someone who can be in charge of these things? Whether it’s in my Sanjue Hall or the Candle Dragon Cult, you’re just a clown.”

Lin Mengya had always been sharp-tongued. And she was particularly good at the art of drawing hatred.

In just a few words, she hit the home of Yunzhu who was already a fox of years, she still wanted to kill Lin Mengya at that moment.

Lin Mengya looked at Yunzhu gently, but her eyes were filled with coldness.

She had already guessed that the other party wouldn’t dare to touch her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come out and surrender so calmly.

She would never lose any psychological attack.

“Miss Lin, you’re really good. Yes. I’m not the one to make the decision, and I can’t help you either. Since you’ve said so, please come with me.”

Yunzhu, who was neither angry nor annoyed, was still polite to Lin Mengya.

The two of them had already known quite well about each other, so they could be more patient.


She held back her gaze and did not look at the box where the two of them were hiding.

Lin Mengya was still calm on the surface, but she couldn’t help worrying in her heart.

“Long Tianyu or Qinghu would be back soon.

“The two girls had to hide well. Hoped that the box could keep them safe.”

When they got out of the Liuxin Courtyard, there were many men in black standing outside already.

However, everyone here was involved in killing the people of Prince Yu’s Mansion.

She had to make them pay the debt back!

“In order to catch me, you guys really did something. I’m wondering if Miss Feng are satisfied?”

Lin Mengya tilted her head slightly and looked at the corner with a faint smile.

A gray corner of the clothes, which had not been hidden well, trembled for a moment. Then, Feng Zidie’s pale and shocked face appeared in her sight.

“You… why are you still alive?”

If the person standing here today was really Miss Zhang who was nameless, Feng Zidie would probably kill her cruelly.

Unfortunately, she was Lin Mengya.

It was a lingering nightmare for Feng Zidie in her whole life.

Lin Mengya smiled. Of course, she knew what she meant to Feng Zidie.

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“No matter whether I’m alive or dead, you won’t be able to get what you want the most. Don’t worry, no matter what happens to me this time, he’ll put the blame on you definitely. But perhaps you’ll think that very few people can recognize the Mind Enchantment Incense which was made by you. But he doesn’t need it at all. Miss Feng, I thought you were smart, but now I know that you’re so stupid that n.o.body can help you.”

No one was riding with her.

The carriage had been sealed off, so she could not see any scenery outside.

However, she suddenly smelled something was burning.

“Did those people want to set fire to Prince Yu’s Mansion?”

Lin Mengya’s heart sank. If it was real as she had expected, Baiji and Baizhi would be in great danger.

Although there was a very complete fire protection system in her yard, the premise was that someone could find them who were locking in the box.

She couldn’t help but pray to G.o.d that they would be safe.

The anxious feeling was really a kind of torture for her.

The carriage shook non-stop. Even Lin Mengya did not know where she would be taken to.

But there was only one belief in her heart which forced her to calm down.

Her life was related to the overall situation, so she couldn’t panic. She must calm down in order to solve this crisis.

She breathed out gently. She knew that Yunzhu and Feng Zidie were well-prepared this time.

If she hadn’t asked Lin Kui to help Qinghu, Yunzhu would have sneaked up on them and used them to threaten her.

Instead of doing this, it’s better to take the initiative to surrender and reduce the casualties.

However, she was sorry for those innocent people who had died in the Prince’s Mansion.

Although she knew that it was reasonable to first bring the brigands’ king to justice, Yunzhu was so cruel. No matter what, she must send that woman to h.e.l.l to atone for her sins!

Lin Mengya didn’t know how long it took before she felt dizzy. And the carriage finally stopped.

“Miss Lin, we’re here. Please.”

Yunzhu opened the door with a modest and gentle smile.

But in Lin Mengya’s eyes, that smile could only arouse the cold killing intent in her heart.

She got out of the carriage and found herself standing at the gate of an inconspicuous house.

It was very strange nearby. It seemed that she had never been there before.

The Capital City was not small, so it was normal to have a secluded blind spot.

But these people were quite bold to set up their lairs in such a place.

Perhaps it was wicked under the light. Even the highly suspicious Emperor would not know that there was such a malignant tumor hidden under his nose.

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