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Chang Yu - 尝谕

Chapter 996: Fight? How to fight?

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Chapter 996: Fight? How to fight?

Violence is the only way to go since reasoning doesn’t work.

The soldiers were furious. They overheard Dong Xuebing and Xu Yan’s conversation but did not get the underlying meaning. What are they saying?

One hand….

Twenty men….

Get past them?!

Are they crazy?

Chaochao was stunned and quickly asked his mother. “Mum, what is he trying to do?”

Xu Yan stroked her son’s head. “Let your Uncle Dong handle this. Let’s step back and give him some s.p.a.ce. I don’t want you all to get hurt by standing too close.”

Chaochao asked. “Are we going to rush out?!”

One of Chaochao’s cla.s.smates added. “But… but there are too many soldiers.”

“That’s right.” A girl said. “We… we…. How are we going to dash out?”

Xu Yan smiled. “It will be fine. Your Uncle Dong is around.”

Other than Xu Yan, no one knows what she meant.

Dong Xuebing stepped in front of Xu Yan and the rest and lit a cigarette in front of the soldiers. He took one puff and pointed at the soldiers with the cigarette between his fingers. “I had given ‘face’ to you all, don’t blame me for what happened next. I am giving you all two choices. Step aside and let us leave. The second choice is to fight me if you all think you can stop us. We had tried reasoning with you, and you all refused to listen. Then don’t blame me for being unreasonable with you all. You all had crossed the line by hitting these students.”

Political Commissar Liu shouted. “Who gives you the right to talk here?”

Dong Xuebing looked at him. “I should be the one saying this. Who are you to speak in front of me? Do you think you are a big shot? Are you all going to move aside?”

Political Commissar Liu retorted. “What do you think?”

“That means you all are still going to stop us?” Dong Xuebing shrugged his shoulders. “Then let’s stop wasting time. What are you all waiting for? Are you all waiting for me to buy coffins for you all? I’m sorry. I cannot afford coffins for so many people, but I can still afford one for you. Hahaha…. Let’s stop wasting time. Political Commissar Liu, I feel ashamed for you. Do your soldiers only know how to scare people?” He continued to insult Political Commissar Liu and his soldiers. Although rash, he is still a Discipline Inspection leader and cannot make the first move.

Dong Xuebing grew up in a Beijing Hutong and learned to throw insults at the older generations. His insults were degrading and evil.

Dong Xuebing was never afraid of arguing or quarreling with others.

Political Commissar Liu and the soldiers were frustrated by Dong Xuebing and Xu Yan barging into their military base, and the insults angered them. He turned to his men and signaled them.

A few soldiers walked towards Dong Xuebing.

Xu Yan saw they were about to fight and quickly said. “Xuebing, remember to pull back your punches.”

“I know.” Dong Xuebing waved his hand, who was holding his cigarette. “I will not use this hand.”

The few soldiers felt insulted. Other than training, the soldiers had not done anything else in the military base. Anyone of them can kill this guy, let alone twenty of them. Do you still want to fight all of us at once?!

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Political Commissar Liu felt something was wrong with what Xu Yan said. He quickly stopped his men. “Wait!”

Although the military did not interact with the local authorities much, they were still based in Fen Zhou City. They had never met Dong Xuebing but had heard of his name. All the soldiers looked at Dong Xuebing in shock. This guy is not Chief Xu’s subordinate! He is the famous G.o.d of Plagues!

Political Commissar Liu is in a dilemma.

Chaochao and his cla.s.smates were puzzled. Is this name so scary? Why had they never heard of him before? Why are the soldiers scared of him?

Dong Xuebing looked at the soldiers. “What’s wrong? Come on. What are you all waiting for?”

The angry soldiers had calmed down and almost vomited blood after they heard Dong Xuebing. F**k! Who doesn’t know about your combat skills in Fen Zhou City? You can hold up a wall weighing more than a ton, fight a few dozen civilians, and even fight off a Siberian tiger with your fists. Your combat abilities are out of this world.

How are we going to fight you?

Fight? How can we fight against you? We are no match even if we have more men.

The soldiers were proud and seldom bowed down to others. However, they had to admit someone was better than them. For example, Dong Xuebing, whom they used to discuss among themselves. They wonder how many men can take down Dong Xuebing and if he can stop a tank with one hand. They were impressed with his combat skills and understood why he said he would only use one hand to fight against them. He was not joking and could do it.


Political Commissar Liu did not expect Dong Xuebing to get involved. The G.o.d of Plagues?! He is not afraid of guns. Political Commissar Liu had heard Dong Xuebing had experienced life and death in numerous gun fights. The soldiers were no match for him, and Political Commissar Liu stopped them from preventing them from embarra.s.sing themselves.

Political Commissar Liu’s men cannot win against Dong Xuebing, and the latter refuses to listen to him.

Everyone who faces Dong Xuebing will get headaches.

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