The Sovereign's Ascension

月如火 - Yuè Rú Huǒ - Fiery Moon

Chapter 1282 - Entering the Island (1)

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Chapter 1282 - Entering the Island (1)

The Sword Sect could be ranked in the top three amongst the eight strongest sects in the Ancient Barren Domain. They had a huge formation, with nearly a thousand Quasi-Elysium Core Realm experts. It was even more extravagant than the Azure Thunder Sect. When they entered the Profound Wither Island, they would immediately make a breakthrough and instantly turn into a terrifying force.

Amongst the group, there were also five Lesser Elysium Core Realm experts, and they would immediately try and make a breakthrough into the Greater Elysium Core Realm the moment they enter the Profound Wither Island.

When Lin Yun approached the Sword Sect’s party with Ye Ziling, he was inwardly shocked by their luxurious formation. This was also the terrifying foundation of the powerful sects, and it was simply too hard for others to compete with them.

Thinking that he might have to face Greater Elysium Core Realm experts, Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling a little anxious. He wanted to try and manifest his constellation as soon as possible.

“Young Master Lin, we meet again.” Mu Qingqing was pretty friendly to the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect. It was rare for someone of her ident.i.ty to have such a breadth of mind.

Since Mu Qingqing was being friendly, Lin Yun was also naturally polite to her and smiled. “Yeah, we meet again.”

Mu Qingqing nodded her head and greeted the other disciples from the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect before introducing them to Sikong Zhou.

“Lady Ye, remember to pay the Scarlet Firmament Sect a visit when you join the Sword Sect. All I can say is like father, like daughter.” Sikong Zhou nodded his head to everyone and took another look at Ye Ziling, especially when he mentioned her father. Judging from his tone, he seemed to have great respect for her father, Jian Jingtian.

“Let’s talk about that later.” Ye Ziling calmly replied.

“I heard that you managed to obtain a saint elixir?” Sikong Zhou then turned to look at Lin Yun. This made everyone briefly stunned and surprised when they looked at Lin Yun. After all, they knew how tough it was to obtain a saint elixir, with so many people competing for them.

“I was just lucky,” replied Lin Yun.

“There’s nothing ‘lucky’ about that.” Sikong Zhou shook his head and continued, “But Dugu Yan isn’t an easy opponent, and you’re not his opponent. So you have to be careful on the Profound Wither Island.”

“Thank you for your concern,” replied Lin Yun.

Sikong Zhou was only being polite. He soon continued towards the Profound Wither Island. As for Qin Tian and the rest, they turned to look at Lin Yun. “How is that not lucky? If he’s that capable, then why didn’t he come and help when the saint elixir was born? His face is really thick to seek help from the Sword Sect after being targeted by Dugu Yan.”

“If I were him, I’d hand over the saint elixir. After all, his only outcome is death the moment he enters the Profound Wither Island with his strength.”

“Tsk, his face is really thick.”

They were whispering amongst themselves when they left. Clearly, they weren’t happy with Lin Yun. Although they were soft with their words, everyone there was at least in the Empyrean Realm, and it wasn’t hard for anyone to hear what they said. They were clearly indirectly saying that to Lin Yun.

“Is that all you guys got? Didn’t you just receive a few slaps from me back in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect?” Lin Yun muttered while rubbing his nose. Likewise, his voice was also heard by them.

This instantly made Zhang Ting and the rest furious because Lin Yun actually dared to speak about how they were embarra.s.sed back in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect in front of so many people.

“There’s no need to be bothered with a fly,” said Qin Tian indifferently. His gaze was on Lin Yun right from the start.

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“Hmph. Let’s see how he’ll do on the Profound Wither Island, then!” Zhang Ting and his companions spoke amongst themselves.

“The transcendent geniuses of the Ancient Barren Domain are probably all gathered here…” Ye Ziling said.

“I’m not familiar with them. Do you mind introducing them to me?” Luo Hua, who had been quiet along the way, suddenly spoke up.

Her words made Ye Ziling surprised. After all, Luo Hua was someone with no interest in anyone, based on her impression of her, but she instantly understood what was going on after taking a glance at Lin Yun.

It turned out that Luo Hua was worried for Lin Yun and wanted him to know who to be careful with after entering the Profound Wither Island.

“The most fearsome ones are naturally the three transcendent geniuses of the Profound Sky Sect; they’re also called ‘The Three Saints of the Profound Sky Sect’…” Ye Ziling swept a glance at the three people who were at the center of attention amongst the Profound Sky Sect’s party, and all three of them were emitting terrifying auras.

They were called ‘The Three Saints of the Profound Sky Sect’, but they weren’t actual Saints. This was just a form of address that others had for them. This meant that the three of them had the potential to become Saints, and those from the older generations had great hopes for them.

In the future, the Profound Sky Sect would definitely be able to reach a new height in their hands, and this was an acknowledgment of their potential.

“Amongst the three, Qin Cang is the strongest in the Eastern Desolation. Two years ago, he merely used three moves to defeat the champion of the Empyrean Ranking back then. After that, no one was able to shake his position as the first rank. But no one knows how strong he has become now.” Ye Ziling said with a grave expression before she carried on, “Previously, when the saint elixir appeared, I heard that he didn’t make a move. Many people said that if he made a move back then, that white-haired youth wouldn’t even have a chance at the saint elixir.”

“He’s truly strong,” said Luo Hua.

“As for Xuan Ying and Lei Jue, they aren’t any weaker than Qin Cang. Rather, they are even more famous than Qin Cang. But this is only because Qin Cang hasn’t shown his strength in recent years. That’s the only reason why the other two are more famous,” said Ye Ziling.

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