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Chapter 590

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Chapter 590: Human Emperor’s Righteousness, Attack Midway (2)

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What this intruder did in the secret room made them tremble in fear.

They did not know why this person was so bold. Could it be that he also relied on the power of Tragic Death City?

He might not know that compared to eternal extreme pain, having his soul dissipate was the best outcome.

When he heard them, Jiang Li’s actions of collecting the Seven Star Lantern slowed down slightly. He was not angry, and he took out a Cloud Sh.e.l.l Bead and held it in his hand.

“If I’m not wrong, people can enter this place alive!”


He had his doubts from the beginning. Not to mention Tragic Death City, even this entire Netherworld fragment could not be stepped on by living people.

However, there were so many living people in this secret room. This was clearly not normal unless the rules in this small area were tampered with by some force.

For example, the legendary Heaven-rank artifact of the Blood King Palace!

The Blood King was a ghost who had exhausted his Yang lifespan. He should have been expelled from Tragic Death City, but he could still do well. It was not surprising for him to do such a thing.

Jiang Li had just tried to release a child of the Origin Blood Ancient Leech from the coffin.

The child did not fall into the void like the two Chang Le Guards earlier. Instead, it could crawl freely in the Blood King Palace.

In that case, the other living people were no exception.

Then, he could bring in some help from powerful enemies that he could not deal with!

After taking away all the sleeping villains, he no longer hid. He directly pierced through the roof of the secret room and crushed the token that the Cloud Manor had given him.

The expiry date of this bead had not pa.s.sed. Soon, a clear female voice sounded from the spiral cloud.

“You are… the successor of the Human Emperor!?”

At this moment, there was a rare trace of shock in the ethereal voice.

Firstly, it was because she could tell that the successor of the Human Emperor opposite her was already dead. She was shocked that Jiang Li was actually willing to die for the sake of the world!

This kind of awareness was something that many experts of their Divine Judgment Hall had never possessed. Otherwise, they would not have wasted so much time at the entrance of Tragic Death City in the Land of Blood.

Secondly, this was the light of merit on this Human Emperor’s successor. It had increased more than ten times since the last time she saw it.

Even a super saint who did good deeds every day might not be able to acc.u.mulate such dazzling merit in ten lifetimes.

Just these two points alone, while shocking, also made Concubine Yun feel deep admiration.

Jiang Li looked back through the clouds and noticed that the person who spoke was sitting on the throne in the jade hall. It was a slender woman whose face could not be seen clearly, and he knew that he had seen the person in question.

He did not hesitate and explained the situation.

“Greetings, Concubine Yun.”

“This is the Blood King Palace in Tragic Death City. It’s the base of the Blood King. In this area, even living people can step foot!”

“The Blood King is about to return. I can’t resist him. Please stop the Blood King’s plot!”

Before he could finish speaking, Jiang Li left the spot and flew back because a blood-colored pillar of light had already shot towards him.

The powerful blood light was extremely fast, but its power was not as terrifying as he had imagined.

On the way, the pillar of light met the air, a ball of fog formed by countless fine ice crystals.

The small ice crystals were arranged at a specific angle. When the blood color collided with each small ice crystal, there would be a slight deviation.

Under the acc.u.mulation of countless tiny deflections, the path of the pillar of light was diverted upwards, and it practically brushed past Jiang Li’s head without any danger.

The Blood King, who was standing in the City G.o.d’s Hall, looked fiercely at the masked guy. He had a bad feeling.

The trouble caused by this cultivator who came from nowhere might not be over yet.

However, he could not go out and kill him directly.

This was because the City G.o.d’s Hall that was overlapping on the spatial level had only transferred 20% of its essence.

Everyone inside could not enter or leave.

The people inside could only unleash 20% of their original strength when casting spell techniques.

He still needed at least 30 breaths to completely transfer the City G.o.d’s Hall! However, as time pa.s.sed, he became more and more uneasy!

Right at this moment, a spiral cloud was growing larger and larger where Jiang Li had just stood.

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Then, a cloud staircase stretched out.

The Cliffless Sword, Senior Pei Zhong, and the Northern Profound Hall Master, Qiu Shui, attacked together to stop their attacks.

With the two of them, it was naturally too difficult to directly stop the five Earth Immortals. However, they could only a.s.sist from the outside and reduce the pressure.

“There are still people captured in the Divine Judgment Hall below. That palace is the core of this array formation. Everyone can break through first!”

Under Jiang Li’s guidance, the Divine Judgment Hall sent out a portion of their people to attack those two key points.

In the secret room below, flames burned through the golden flames, burning away the remaining half of the captives’ methods.

The experts who had been forced to faint since they were captured finally woke up.

When they woke up, their legs went soft and they almost could not stand.

Being forcefully used as a lifespan source was extremely harmful to them.

A Nascent Soul cultivator’s subst.i.tute could only support an Earth Immortal dead person for twelve hours. It was not even a day.

Soul Formation was slightly better, but it could not withstand half a month of work.

Moreover, there were also Earth Immortals who had gathered the three flowers on their heads and condensed the five qi in their chests who had walked further on the path of cultivation. The expenditure of using their lifespan as subst.i.tutes was even more terrifying.

More than half of the Soul Formation cultivators who had been captured had been killed during this period of time.

Only those Earth Immortal experts with sufficiently tough lives were still alive. However, their lifespan was reduced, and their cultivation levels had fallen.

After these experts woke up and swallowed the medicinal pills handed over by the Divine Judgment Hall to stabilize their injuries, they roared and rose into the sky to face the enemy.

The Blood King Palace had practically destroyed everything they had. As the top experts of the Eastern Region, when had they ever suffered such a loss?

This time, they had to take revenge on the Blood King Palace no matter what!

On the other side, there were no experts in the Array Hall to begin with. They easily rushed in and seized the main center of the array.

The array formation that wreaked havoc in Tragic Death City immediately went silent.

The array formation in the Blood King Palace turned around and attacked the City G.o.d’s Hall.

Being attacked from both sides at the same time, even the Heaven-rank artifact was severely affected.

The transition between reality and illusion that crossed s.p.a.ce was forcefully interrupted, and the stored power of incense was quickly consumed.

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