Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Ordinary Magician - 平凡魔术师

Chapter 3633

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Chapter 3633

Long Chen was as quick as lightning, his Minghong Saber slas.h.i.+ng down with the power of the stars.

“Ant, today I’ll show you a power that you couldn’t comprehend even if you cultivated for a hundred thousand years!”

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Alldevil Tianye sneered and raised his staff. It actually merged with the runes on his arm and smashed toward Long Chen.


A huge explosion turned the world dark, making people lose their vision. They then felt s.p.a.ce twisting around them as if they would be twisted apart. After that, many of them hacked up blood.

Everyone was horrified. Even from such a distance, while wearing their battle armor, they were unable to fend off that strange force.

When their vision was restored, they saw Long Chen slas.h.i.+ng at Alldevil Tianye once more.

That scene was the exact same as before, as if the previous scene was repeating. Seeing this, people were flabbergasted. They couldn’t tell if this was simply a misperception on their end or something else. Could it be that such a terrifying attack did not require any recovery period in between?


An even more intense explosion shook the land, and it was even louder than before. They couldn’t see any qi wave or a single ripple. But they felt like their physical bodies and souls were struck by a meteor. It felt like they would be torn apart.

“Everyone, retreat into the city!”

Guo Ran suddenly shouted. Countless people were injured, so without hesitation, they immediately retreated.

Once they were all inside the city, through the formation, they watched the distant battlefield. Right now, the battlefield was already littered with corpses. Countless devil beasts had been killed by the shockwaves, so even the Alldevil race’s experts were retreating in terror.

Suddenly, a saber pierced through the dome of the heavens like a celestial blade.

It pierced through this world that was covered in devil qi, and people could see through the hole left in the sky by that saber. From the hole, they could see endless stars. This saber pierced directly into the starry sky.

“Raise the power of the formation’s defenses to the peak!” roared Guo Ran.

The entire city quivered. Over a thousand barriers appeared in the blink of an eye over the city.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you were tricking me!”

Alldevil Tianye roared furiously. After exchanging two blows with Long Chen, he realized that while Long Chen seemed to be attacking with these two blows, he was actually defending. The first blow’s power was absorbed by his second blow, and his second blow’s power was absorbed by his third blow.

This third blow was his true killing move. The first two were nothing more than preparation for the third blow. When he realized it, Long Chen’s third blow had fully locked him down.

Most terrifying of all, there were some stars in the starry sky above the heavens that were brighter than the others. They illuminated the giant saber-image that already had nine hundred and ninety-nine stars s.h.i.+ning on it. It was as if those stars were resonating, causing it to unleash endless power.

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“Idiot, it was clearly you who felt yourself to be a bada.s.s and refused to use your full power. The moment you wanted to play a game of cat and mouse with me, you already lost any chance to win. All that awaits you is death. I will use your head as an offering to those warriors that sacrificed themselves.”

“Inferior human, all you know is how to scheme! Do you think that’s enough to defeat a mighty supreme expert?! Keep dreaming! Alldevil Blood Sacrifice!”

Alldevil Tianye roared. Suddenly, his left hand formed a strange seal. Seeing that seal, the city’s people cried out in shock.

“Since when did the Alldevil race know how to form hand seals?!”

In all their years of fighting the Alldevil race, no one had even heard of them using hand seals.

As he formed hand seals, the Alldevil experts in the distance began to explode. It had to be known that even after all the fighting, there were still millions of them.

As the Alldevil experts exploded, the devil beasts simply lay there, their bodies withering. Their Blood Qi was sucked away by a mysterious energy.

This sight gave others chills. This technique was terrifying. He was sacrificing his own people.

As the Alldevil experts and devil beasts died, blood light surged into Alldevil Tianye’s arm, which emitted a blood-colored light. His power then erupted like a volcano, crazily climbing.

After absorbing endless Blood qi energy, Alldevil Tianye’s body began to grow. He grew until he was a giant dozens of miles tall. After that, his staff rumbled, growing with him and emitting blood-colored flames.

“Die, you inferior human! Alldevil Heaven Subduing Strike!” Alldevil Tianye roared. His staff shattered s.p.a.ce as it smashed toward Long Chen.

“Die, you filthy devil! Split the Heavens 3!” Long Chen also shouted. All of his power poured into this one attack. This attack would decide victory or defeat!

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