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Chapter 3375 The Netherworld's Black Sea

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Chapter 3375 The Netherworld’s Black Sea

“But we don’t know anything about them. How are we supposed to attack?” asked a startled Ming Cangyue.

“That’s why I said it would be a bit dangerous. We don’t have time to accurately judge their bottom line. They’re going to attack soon, and they view us as a piece of fat meat. As soon as they have a rough plan, they’ll be sure to attack. If it’s six against one, how will we win? There’s no need for us to plan anything. Let’s just attack. That’s our only chance,” said Long Chen.

“Alright, we’ll listen to you. What plan do you have?” said Ming Cangyue. When it came to this kind of experience, she knew that she couldn’t compare to Long Chen.

“Gather the troops. You and Leng Yueyan will each lead a group. Look at their positions. Their territories are a semicircle around us. You’ll attack the ones furthest from the center. Based on their locations, their meeting is being held in one of these two locations, either here or here.” Long Chen pointed at two of the red spots at the center. “Our greatest advantage is that they don’t know we’ve noticed them. While their masters aren’t present, we can easily break through the formations of their territories and destroy their divine cores. Once the first core is destroyed, immediately move to the next target. If they return to defend, we will immediately retreat. If they don’t defend, continue destroying them.”

“How can they not return to defend? Are you…” Leng Yueyan looked at Long Chen in shock.

“We’ll split into three paths. I will go directly to them and start a party with them,” said Long Chen.

“Unacceptable! Are you trying to draw their attention? I’d rather give up on this place than take that risk!” Leng Yueyan and Ming Cangyue’s expressions changed. This idea was absolutely crazy. They could not accept it.

Long Chen smiled. “I’m no fool. Do you think I would send myself to my death? I’ve prepared my way out.”

Long Chen explained what he was thinking. The two of them were still a bit hesitant, but after hearing what he told them, they truly felt that it wasn’t too risky.

Ultimately, after Long Chen pushed them, they agreed to this crazy idea. Long Chen then instantly took off his clothes. Leng Yueyan and Ming Cangyue pressed their hands against his chest.

After that, black qi swirled out and the laws of the Netherworld weaved together, forming a black cloak around Long Chen. This cloak was created by the laws of the Netherworld. It was the specific power of a NetherG.o.d.

Due to Long Chen and the two of them having been intimate, he was already touched by the aura of NetherG.o.ds. So, with this set of robes, his aura was just like that of a NetherG.o.d. However, there was no way to cover up his aura of the Four Peak realm.

Long Chen’s original bone saber had been damaged in the chaotic flow of time, and in their training session, Leng Yueyan had ended up cutting it apart. For now, Long Chen lacked a suitable weapon.

Leng Yueyan then found a jagged saber in Tuo Ming’s treasure. It was the weapon of a G.o.d, with its specific aura. It was seven feet long and as heavy as a mountain. But it didn’t feel too comfortable in Long Chen’s hands. It was just barely usable.

After putting this sinister jagged saber on his back, he looked at himself in the mirror and no longer recognized himself.

Leng Yueyan had also modified his appearance a bit, adding a full beard to his face. He definitely looked big and powerful. A murderous aura then surged out of him, and he appeared exceptionally domineering.

Leng Yueyan gave him a jade talisman, his life-saving talisman. As soon as the situation turned sour, as long as he fled out of the opposing side’s grand formation, this talisman would directly bring him back to their territory.

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However, the two of them were worried that facing so many G.o.ds, Long Chen wouldn’t have any chance to crush it.

Long Chen and the others entered the s.h.i.+p, which slowly flowed across the water. There were over a hundred thousand experts on the s.h.i.+p; none of whom dared to even make a sound. They were all terrified of this black water.

“The Netherworld’s black sea is like a network of blood vessels. It is so deep that you can’t see the bottom. The fiend spirits inside are not part of the six Daos, and they possess a bizarre power. Thus, unless people have no choice, they will not cross the black sea. One mistake, and they will be buried at the bottom of the sea. Yueyan and I crossed seven regions of the black sea because we had no other choice. Only then did we find this wild territory to take over. Now that I think back to it, with our cultivation bases of that time, it really was dangerous,” said Ming Cangyue.

Long Chen’s heart warmed. He held Ming Cangyue and Leng Yueyan’s hands. He knew that the reason they had no choice was because of him. To have driven two G.o.ds to the point of such desperation to get stronger, he was extremely moved.

“This particular section of the black sea is very wide. If we didn’t have a target, we wouldn’t dare to go through such a wide stretch. I trust that they also wouldn’t dare to do such a thing. Most likely, the battle last time drew their attention, and they only crossed this section because they knew our general direction,” said Ming Cangyue.

Tuo Ming’s territory was separated from theirs by two sections of the black sea. They were both very active sections as well. Tuo Ming himself had never crossed it before since he didn’t know that there was anything worthwhile beyond it. It was only when Leng Yueyan attacked the Nether King realm that his attention was drawn and he crossed over.

This section of the black sea was very wide. Even now, Leng Yueyan and Ming Cangyue were nervous about crossing it. They were as careful as possible.

As for Long Chen, he was lost in thought. Back in the Heavenly Rainbow Fairy’s mental domain, he had seen the full view of the nine heavens and ten lands. Back then, he saw endless nebulas and also countless vessels connecting the nebulas, but he still didn’t know what those vessels were. Was this black sea the Netherworld’s vessels?

After three days, they finally reached the other sh.o.r.e. Leng Yueyan and Ming Cangyue sighed with relief. As for the others, it was as if they had been relieved from a heavy burden.

“Everything’s going according to plan. Don’t worry about me.” Long Chen hugged both of them tightly. With the jagged saber on his back, he set off in a certain direction.

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