Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Ordinary Magician - 平凡魔术师

Chapter 3374 Crisis Arrives

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Chapter 3374 Crisis Arrives

Long Chen was covered in blood, and his flesh was exposed in many spots. But his aura was thrumming powerfully. Qi waves surged out of him, shaking the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

Ming Cangyue and Leng Yueyan became his sparring partners, so naturally they would give him the strictest training. Although they did their best to avoid vitals, they still pushed Long Chen to the brink of death to constantly draw out his potential.

In this state, the Peakless Pills were constantly absorbed. It was unknown if it was because of the change in surroundings, but Long Chen advanced even easier. It took him three days to rise from the eighth Heavenstage to the ninth Heavenstage. That was something that Long Chen hadn’t dared to even dream of.

“What power. His blood, flesh, tendons, bones, essence, qi, and spirit all increased. There aren’t four peaks at all. His cultivation technique is truly astonis.h.i.+ng,” said Ming Cangyue in shock.

Even as a G.o.d who oversaw countless races and had seen countless ways that the Heavenly Daos could manifest, she had never seen such a heaven-defying cultivation technique.


Long Chen was revitalized. Ming Cangyue and Leng Yueyan were practically bullying him, but it was precisely this state that allowed him to absorb the Peakless Pills faster. This was a rare chance for him to rapidly improve himself, so he definitely couldn’t miss it.

Under their combined attacks, Long Chen remained at an absolute disadvantage. With their minds connected, their attacks came in an unending stream that didn’t give him the slightest opening.

As soon as he attacked, he faced a lethal counterattack. If he didn’t defend, he would be hacked to death.

After his training with Luo Zichuan, Long Chen had gained a far higher understanding of the principles of techniques. In the face of any expert, there was always a chance to attack and defend. Even if it was against an enemy that could not be beaten, that was simply due to them possessing absolute power, not because his technique was inferior.

However, against Leng Yueyan and Ming Cangyue, none of his techniques was useful. The support of the Heavenly Daos? Meaningless.

That was because both of them were G.o.ds. They were the heavens, and they were in control of this territory’s laws. Unless Long Chen became a G.o.d as well in charge of the world’s laws, there was no way he could fight them.

Their power made him think of his 108,000 stars. He was also the master of his own worlds, but he couldn’t control the laws like the two of them. At most, he could control some of their power. But the existence known as laws was not something he had come into contact with yet.

Long Chen trained during the day and recovered during the night. Accompanied by these two beautiful G.o.ds, every day was a painful joy.

Seven days later, Long Chen advanced again to reach the tenth Heavenstage. Ming Cangyue had thought that he would be advancing to the Divine Lord realm, not knowing that he had thirteen Heavenstages.

The explosive power of the tenth Heavenstage was so great that Long Chen needed some time to get accustomed to it. So, he had no choice but to settle down.

Based on his estimates, the power of his physical body had almost doubled from the ninth Heavenstage. And it wasn’t just his physical body; his Blood Qi, Spiritual Strength, and even his 108,000 stars had all changed.

He needed to get used to his new power for now. If he continued crazily climbing realms, his foundation would grow unstable.

With Long Chen getting accustomed to his new cultivation base, Ming Cangyue and Leng Yueyan hastily got to work on their new territories. It was three days later that Long Chen just barely managed to control his new power. It was also at this time that they received information that this wild territory had drawn the attention of other powers.

Furthermore, this time it was even worse. Multiple powers had noticed and sent spies to keep an eye on them. They were just like Tuo Ming, looking for their chance.

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What made Ming Cangyue uneasy was that these powers were very cool-headed. They only watched from the dark. If Long Chen hadn’t helped them set up an alarm system around their new territories, they might not have even noticed the spies.

Furthermore, those scouts were no fools. Tuo Ming’s army had previously attacked this place, and that left scars that had yet to be cleaned up. Through those scars, they could get a general understanding of their power.

Their enemies would not attack until they were sure to succeed. It would be a thunderous attack that didn’t give Ming Cangyue any chance to win.

“If my guess is correct, they are most likely sitting together, discussing how to attack us, how many soldiers every side should contribute, and how they will split the spoils afterward,” said Long Chen.

Leng Yueyan and Ming Cangyue nodded. That was very likely. If they wanted to attack together, they would need to make a plan and gather their forces.

Ming Cangyue’s side now had four strongholds. One was their old, initial home. One was this place. And two more were taken from Tuo Ming and the other expert.

Those strongholds all needed trusted people guarding them. If their enemies were to attack one place, they would be doomed. So, Leng Yueyan needed to make some preparations.

Suddenly, Ming Cangyue took out a mirror. Six small red dots flashed on it.

“We’ve found them.”

Long Chen had not just set up an alarm system. Anyone who touched those threads would be infected by a specific energy, which was something Ming Cangyue had put in. Through this faint energy, she could find the other side’s position.

“Since we’ve found them, let’s not wait. We’ll make the first move.” Long Chen clenched his fist. This time, it would probably be a bit dangerous.

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