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Chapter 1814: A Rusted Blade

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Chapter 1814: A Rusted Blade

As expected, the report incited a great uproar in the fourth realm after publication. And not just the fourth realm—the spirit paper had long made its way into the chief worlds through various channels. The supremes that the Demonic Vine had defeated instantly became a universal laughingstock.

Thirty-sixth level sequence cultivators also existed in the chief worlds, but they would never be able to defeat a supreme’s projection. Most importantly was that the vine didn’t defeat all of her opponents, she frequently lost as well. That further highlighted how incompetent those who’d lost to her were.

The report and its recordings brought an immense morale boost to the fourth realm. So supremes weren’t invincible! It’d taken more than three hundred of them before they had the courage to attack the Star Sect. If the immortals of the fourth realm continued to cultivate, they would reach the same levels and defeat the supremes!


Since Nihil Homeland had once been the sanctuary for the first batch of outsiders to the Land of Reincarnation, many felt a certain affinity for the name. Thus, the new world created by the thirty-six plane cl.u.s.ters was called “New Nihil Homeland”.

The one that the Golden Dragon King forcefully claimed became vital territory for the dragons. It didn’t join New Nihil Homeland.

The thirty-thousand and five hundredth year of the Xuanhuang calendar.

In the one hundred and fortieth year since New Nihil Homeland’s founding, it occupied seventy cl.u.s.ters and had doubled its size at inception. Through a mix of pressure and threats, it now boasted a portion of fourth realm locals who’d defected to the chief worlds. They were the outsiders’ representatives in the Land of Reincarnation.

It wasn’t that the locals didn’t resist their occupiers, but that the cultivators from the outside realm were at least tenth level sequence experts. Ten levels was peak battle strength in the current fourth realm, not to mention the projections of the supremes.

After another one hundred years, a stream of radiant sword light suddenly shot out of the Star Formula Academy and streaked toward the Dragon Cl.u.s.ter of the fourth realm.

A ma.s.sive battle was taking place there.

The Dragon Cl.u.s.ter was located to the northwest, close to where True Nihil Homeland was. Thus far, the chief worlds had stayed out of the center of the fourth realm as they didn’t know what the Land of Reincarnation’s true capabilities were.

They started in the Northwest Cl.u.s.ter and swiftly conquered thirty-six planes. Continuing their advance from the fringes, they gradually made their way through the orders of the land. They’d now reached the Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, a pivotal intersection of the fourth realm.

The outsiders decided to mount an attack after making preparations for two hundred and sixty years. There weren't that many supremes in residence at True Nihil Homeland these days; they’d soundlessly a.s.similated into the fourth realm to search for their treasures. No one knew where they were.

The fourth realm was too vast in comparison to their numbers.

Establis.h.i.+ng True Nihil Homeland had been done for their disciples and subordinates, and to draw the attention of the fourth realm. The driving force behind the homeland’s expansion was no longer cultivators from the outside realm, but locals of the fourth realm.

Once a local faction fell, they immediately turned into henchmen for their new liege lords and attacked their home. This was what Lu Yun had been worried of, so he’d struck preemptively and cleaned house of groups who were preparing to surrender as soon as the outsiders arrived.

Those who surrendered now were first defeated or intimidated into capitulating.

No singular governing body had unified the fourth realm since the end of the original Hongmeng. The realm had always been demarcated by race or clan. Plane cl.u.s.ters were just collections of numerous planes that happened to be grouped together.

In fact, there was no such concept as the fourth realm in many people’s eyes. To the immortals, this was the Boundless Planes. s.p.a.ce was composed of vast plane cl.u.s.ters instead of singular worlds.

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Thus, surrendering to the chief worlds wasn’t an act of betrayal. They were just protecting their own clan or sect.

“Surrender and see a bit less death. Otherwise, all of you will die.” Yun Lang wore a black combat outfit and looked to be twenty-four years old. A small crown of gold held his faintly purple hair in place. He stood coolly outside the academy gates, fifteen hundred kilometers away.

“We would rather die than submit!” an elder spat out through grit teeth. “Kill us all if you have what it takes! We will make life difficult for you even in death! Come at us!”

Rays of brilliant splendor circled over the skies of the Dragon Academy, protecting the building.

“These Formula Academies are truly difficult and irksome to eliminate…” Yun Lang heaved a sigh.

In the cl.u.s.ters that True Nihil Homeland conquered, most factions surrendered after they were defeated. But if a plane or cl.u.s.ter boasted of an academy? They required absolute annihilation. Obtaining their allegiance was impossible.

Furthermore, when Formula Academies were toppled, they caused immense destruction and brought a great deal of trouble to the outsiders. Many sequence experts from the outside realm died in their final moments of victory.

“Then kill them all,” Yun Lang grumbled. “It’s not my men who are dying, so what do I care?”

He gave the order and s.h.i.+fted three hundred million troops into motion. They surged toward the Dragon Academy like a tide of iron and steel.


A ray of resplendent sword light descended from the sky. When it faded away, a rusty sword poked out sideways from the ground five hundred kilometers in front of the academy’s gates. The army of three hundred million strong creaked to a halt.

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