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Chapter 2473 Connecting With The Old Quinn (Part 2)

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Chapter 2473 Connecting With The Old Quinn (Part 2)

The past two people that had arrived Quinn felt indifferent about seeing them. They were those that had helped him during his goal, and perhaps in the end they had even become friends of his. 

Although he didn't have as strong of a connection with them compared to others, he didn't have a distaste in his mouth when seeing them. However right now there was one person he didn't want to see, Bryce Cain. 

Bryce had been a large pain and hindrance for Quinn during his time as a vampire, almost having it out for him every step of the way. In the end, the two had teamed up, but rather than as friends, it was just because the two were moving toward the same goal, but even then he was obsessed, obsessed with hatred. 

"It should be me that's still alive!" Bryce said. "I should be the one to protect the vampires and rid them of their troubles!" 

"The vampire settlement, no, the vampires, have always been at each other's throats because of thoughts like yours." Quinn replied, not in the mood to go softly on him. "Only now, after countless numbers of years, is the settlement starting to look like a place where they don't have to worry about their role in society."

Hearing these words, it looked like Bryce was almost shaking with anger. 

"What have you done Quinn?" Byrce asked. "Are the vampires now living amongst humans, side by side as equals. We are living next to our food. That's the same as humans living side by side with chickens! I knew everything would fall apart without me, and it looks like I was right!"

It was going to be impossible to get rid of so many years of bias that had been ingrained in Bryce's head, so Quinn decided to take another approach, he would just walk over touch his body and get it over with. 

"What do you think you're doing?" Bryce said, as a cane formed in his hand. He pulled out the bottom part of the cane revealing a thin red coloured sword. "Quinn I hate you… not just you, but you and your entire 10th family. 

"You were all just a puppet, working for that man behind the scenes! I told everyone that my grandfather was framed. I worked to get rid of the Punishers, to change our ways so something like what happened to my grandfather would never happen again. 

"And then you came back? You changed the way the vampires were thinking after it had taken them so long to see my way. I left the world without accomplis.h.i.+ng everything I wished to do. The fact that you are here in front of me, is unacceptable." 

Bryce dashed forward and swung his sword. Quinn was able to track it with his eye, moving out of the way but the tip of the blade made a small cut across his chest. Jumping back he looked down to see if he was bleeding. 

There was no blood, but a large stinging pain that was throbbing.

'His sword, it still hurt me, and not in the same way as before. I didn't experience any memories or a burning sensation or anything like that. Does that mean it's only if I touch his real body?

Not letting up, Bryce charged forward again and started to swing his sword. Seeing the small twitches in his shoulder muscles, the movements he would make, Quinn could predict where he was going to move, and avoided the large bulk of the attacks. 

Still, the tip of the sword would cut through his skin from time to time, leaving no wounds but allowing him to feel pain. 

"It looks like you must have gotten somewhat better!" Bryce said, continuing to swing his sword at a great speed not stopping for a moment. "I can tell though, you can't use your powers for some reason and you can still feel pain. 

"You won't die Quinn, you don't have to worry, but I will make you experience as much pain as possible." 

As the attacks continued Quinn eventually saw an opening, he took a slash across his arm, taking the pain, and delivered a punch right to Bryce's stomach. He slid across the room and the same thing had happened again. 

Searing pain over his body, and his head filled with the emotions he experienced in the last moments. This time it was different compared to the others. 

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'Bryce's emotions, they are so dark, they're heavy, even in his last moments, he was obsessed with it till the very end.' 

How many lives had Quinn taken, it was far more than he could count, and the truth was, he couldn't even recognise a lot of them. Their lives were nothing when he had taken them. 

While there were others he did recognise, others that deserved their death, and seeing them again, had reminded him of why he had done those things.

"While your skills are suppressed in this world, you will have to deal with the direct pain inflicted onto you." Cindy said. "While also going through what we went through. Experiencing death over and over. 

"Quinn, you will be lucky if you are the same person after getting out of this place. Get ready to experience h.e.l.l."



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