Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

纳兰闲 - Nalanxian

Chapter 1385 - Incense

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Chapter 1385: Incense

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Mr. Fan nodded mildly with a cool, lofty aura emanating from him. He had deep blue eyes and it was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

Deputy Chairman Qin wanted to walk the man downstairs, but the man raised his hand and turned down the offer. Even though the man could not be bothered to talk to Deputy Chairman Qin, the latter did not lose his temper at all.

He simply stood where he was and saw the man off until he walked into the lift and went out of sight.

After the lift had gone downstairs, Deputy Chairman Qin veered his eyes and turned to look at Pei Rong. His att.i.tude had reverted to normal and he sounded superior. “Let’s talk inside.”

“Uh huh.” Pei Rong gathered his thoughts and cautiously followed behind Deputy Chairman Qin.


Deputy Chairman Qin sat down on the couch first. He pointed at Pei Rong and gestured for him to take a seat as well. “Do you have the prescriptions?”

“Not yet.” Pei Rong lowered his head. “I’m sorry. My father was unable to get the prescriptions from her.”

Deputy Chairman Qin had already seen this coming, but he could not help being annoyed. “It was such a simple task. You have to put in more effort and treat this seriously.”

Pei Rong could feel his palms go sweaty. He nodded anxiously. “I’m so sorry. The young woman refused to help my father and I did not see this coming. Please give me more time.”

Deputy Chairman Qin rapped his fingers on his knee without answering Pei Rong.

He had placed his hope on Pei Rong when he realized that Old Mr. Pei was friends with Huo Yao. From the looks of it now, it was unlikely for Pei Rong to succeed.

Deputy Chairman Qin pondered briefly and stood up. He walked up in front of a cabinet with a combination lock on it and entered the pa.s.sword to open it. Soon, he retrieved a long wooden box from it.

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Deputy Chairman Qin narrowed his eyes looking at the box. He closed the cabinet and turned to walk back to Pei Rong and handed him the box.

Min Yu had shown up at the apothecaries’ exam with Huo Yao, so they were clearly close.

Pei Rong held onto the incense box as he pondered. Deputy Chairman Qin was probably right about this, but the target was Min Yu, so he could not help feeling apprehensive about it. If anything went wrong, he would have to answer for it.

He looked at Deputy Chairman Qin. “Are you sure about this?”

Deputy Chairman Qin knew of Pei Rong’s concerns. Before Pei Rong could say more, he interrupted him. “You don’t have to be scared. This is just normal incense. If you act normal, no one is going to know any better.”

Pei Rong felt uneasy about doing it. “After all, this is Min Yu we’re talking about. Are you sure I can pull this off?”

Deputy Chairman Qin smiled and said, “Min Yu’s condition is incurable. We can make him suffer a relapse anytime we see fit.”

Pei Rong was stunned. He was puzzled why Deputy Chairman Qin would know about Min Yu’s health problems so clearly. However, he failed to detect some subtleties in Deputy Chairman Qin’s words. He had just implied that he was not working alone.

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