Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor


Chapter 2928

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Chapter 2928: Provoking The Superior

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When they saw the sword qi slas.h.i.+ng towards them, Luo Yu and Leng Hua’s expressions changed slightly. They pulled out their long swords immediately and waved two sword qi which broke the sword qi that came towards them in midair.

“Swish swis.h.!.+”

Whenthe two air currents flew out and hit the incoming sword qi, though the sword qi had been dissolved, there was still a small sharp air current that managed to slash their carriage and left a mark.

Luo Yu and Leng Hua stared coldly at the person in front when they saw the mark on the carriage. At this time, the curtain of the carriage was opened by Feng Jiu.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s face darkened slightly and his eyes stared ahead with a stern look. Although they were separated by the curtain of the carriage, they knew that if Luo Yu and Leng Hua hadn’t taken action to dissolve the sword qi, it would have hit their carriage with full force.


Feng Jiu, who had opened the curtain of the carriage, reached out and touched the mark on the carriage and said: “It has been scratched. If this had been customised, it wouldn’t have been marked so easily.”

As she spoke, she looked to the front and saw eight guards besieging four loose cultivators. The strength of the eight guards in armour had already reached the Immortal Sacred level. As for the four loose cultivators, three were men and one was a woman, two of the men were about twenty five years old, while the other man looked about forty or fifty years old. The woman looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old, and she was beautiful and also outstanding.

At the side, a man in luxurious gold clothing was guarded by two middle-aged men. His eyes were fixed on the woman, the coveting in his eyes was obvious at a glance.

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As the fight between the two parties drew closer to the carriage, the eyes of the man in luxurious clothing fell on her suddenly. Unsurprisingly, she saw the look of amazement flash across his eyes. He even tried to step forward to get closer to her, but he was protected by the two middle-aged men.

With a loud bang, everyone who had gathered to watch the fight saw the people who had jumped onto the carriage being knocked to the ground. One by one, they fell to the ground and spurted blood from their mouths.

Amongst them, one of the loose cultivators who had fallen was helped up by the other three loose cultivators quickly, and they took the opportunity to flee. However, the few guards who were lying on the ground were not so lucky, as they weren’t even able to stand up. All they felt was the unbearable pain in their internal organs, and when they opened their mouth, they spat out a mouthful of blood.

When the man in luxurious clothing by the side saw this, he couldn’t help but be startled. Even the expressions of the two middle-aged men who were protecting him changed slightly at this time. They didn’t even care about chasing after the people who had fled, they helped each other up and stepped aside. Only the two middle-aged men stepped forward.

“I have accidentally offended Your Excellency, please accept my apology.” The two middle-aged men folded their hands and faced the carriage.

In the carriage, Feng Jiu sighed as she looked at the tea that had been spilt onto the table, then she got up and walked out with Xuanyuan Mo Ze. When the two of them appeared before everyone’s sight, there were voices of admiration around them.

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