Mechanical God Emperor

Zi Chan Bao Zeng - Assets Exploding - 资产暴增

Chapter 1413: King of Rulers Ziji

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Chapter 1413: King of Rulers Ziji

After the fall of the DemonG.o.d Emperor Manba, the news of Yang Feng’s advancement to a DemonG.o.d Emperor disseminated within the Realm of DemonG.o.ds. Sun DemonG.o.d, Moonlight DemonG.o.d, Star DemonG.o.d, and Brilliant DemonG.o.d suppressed the rebellions in the Realm of DemonG.o.ds.

After the most powerful Greater DemonG.o.ds were killed by Yang Feng, the rest got a clear understanding of the situation and submitted decisively.

Although minor concentrations of chaos occur ceaselessly throughout the Realm of DemonG.o.ds. But the overall situation has stabilized.

When Yang Feng took control of the Realm of DemonG.o.ds, the realm’s resources poured in from all directions and fell into his hands.

“The City of Miracles really hides many trump cards. Unfortunately, without energy, no matter how powerful the trump cards are, they will be rendered useless.”

Yang Feng walked inside the City of Miracles, a flash of admiration in his eyes.

With his insight, Yang Feng can naturally see that the whole City of Miracles is actually an Eternal grade treasure, an intact Eternal grade secret treasure, to boot.

However, although this Eternal grade secret treasure integrates both offense and defense and is incomparably powerful. But without the support of formidable Eternal force, it can’t exert its peerless power.

When Yang Feng extracted the DemonG.o.d force in the surroundings of the City of Miracles, he cut off the city’s power source, making it so it couldn’t give full play to its peerless power. Only then was Manba forced out of the City of Miracles and ultimately killed by Yang Feng.

“What is this?”

Once Yang Feng reached the center of the City of Miracles, he saw a blue crystal only the size of two fingers suspended in the void.

Countless thin lines spread from the blue crystal to all corners of the City of Miracles.

A mysterious aura diffused from the blue crystal, making it so that Yang Feng can’t see through its origin.

In the Realm of DemonG.o.ds, there are countless treasures of heaven and earth. Even though Yang Feng has never seen them before. But with a sweep of his tremendous soul force, he could grasp some of their characteristics. This is the terror of Eternal Sovereigns.

As for the blue crystal, despite how strong Yang Feng is, he can’t see through its origin and its use. It’s really strange.

“This should be a treasure of heaven and earth above the Eternal grade like the Kunmo Stone.”

Yang Feng unleashed the power of fate. All of a sudden, his heart was stirred, and his eyes s.h.i.+mmered with a scorching color.

After he advanced to a DemonG.o.d Emperor in this universe, Yang Feng has become extremely powerful. In addition, since he is an Eternal Sovereign in essence, he already recovered some of the power of an Eternal Sovereign.

Yang Feng glanced at the blue crystal, and then turned around and left. He entered Manba’s treasury.

In the treasury, there are all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth piled up everywhere, including treasures that are of great benefit to DemonG.o.d Emperors.

Yang Feng looked at the countless treasures in the treasury with an enigmatic shade in his eyes: “Now that the situation has stabilized, I should upgrade my strength. And then proceed to the next step.”

Time elapsed and 10 years pa.s.sed in a flash.

The Realm of Mortals and the Realm of DemonG.o.ds have been unified by Yang Feng in these 10 years.

The two realms are now fully under Yang Feng’s control, with countless treasures of heaven and earth and rare resources were being channeled into his hands.

The Realm of DemonG.o.ds, Feng Imperial Palace, in a huge laboratory.

There is a level-7 stronghold with a diameter of 1,000 kilometers and engraved with countless DemonG.o.d patterns in the huge laboratory.

The DemonG.o.d patterns intertwined, and a mysterious rune took shape unhurriedly.

Standing in front of the level-7 stronghold, Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and tremendous DemonG.o.d origin sank into the level-7 stronghold.

The mysterious rune absorbed the DemonG.o.d origin of dozens of Greater DemonG.o.ds and finally formed completely.

At the moment when the mysterious rune was formed, the DemonG.o.d force of the entire Realm of DemonG.o.ds churned and formed a terrible vortex that channeled DemonG.o.d force into the level-7 stronghold.

“This is the doing of his majesty DemonG.o.d Emperor!”

“What a frightening vision! What secret treasure has his majesty DemonG.o.d Emperor refined?”

“What is that?”


In the Realm of DemonG.o.ds, when the Greater DemonG.o.ds sensed the changes in the heaven and earth, their gazes converged from all directions and focused on this place.

The vision of heaven and earth lasted seven days and seven nights before it slowly dissipated.


Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a peculiar shade, and he ordered.

The mechanical towers scattered all over the Realm of DemonG.o.ds shone and madly extracted DemonG.o.d force, turning it into specks of light that converged on this place.

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The specks of light formed from DemonG.o.d force converged from all directions and finally formed a pillar of light that flowed into Yang Feng.

Back in the day, Yang Feng was able to advance to an Eternal Sovereign thanks to the extraordinary fruit that Du Ling Emperor had painstakingly brought from another universe.

As soon as the magical seed landed on the star, it disappeared into the earth and madly absorbed the star’s origin force.

The star trembled slightly, emanated strange ripples, and slowly absorbed the universe’s origin force to cultivate the magical seed.

“In order to cultivate a fruit like the Universe Fruit, you must absorb a universe’s origin force.”

Yang Feng’s eyes surged with DemonG.o.d patterns and evolved into fearsome DemonG.o.d eyes, and he quietly watched the Universe Fruit grow.

From the memories of Du Ling Emperor, Yang Feng learned that this fruit that transcends Eternal grade fruits is called Universe Fruit. The Universe Fruit is a fruit formed by absorbing a universe’s origin force. It can be planted in a universe only once after said universe has won a universe devour war.

If the Universe Fruit is planted repeatedly in a universe, said universe will gradually decline, and it’s universe energy level will drop.

Their universe is the foundation of an Eternal Sovereign. Once the universe energy level of their universe drops, the Eternal Sovereign will weaken, as well. Even if they consume a Universe Fruit to become stronger for a short time, it will be akin drinking sea water in the hopes of quenching the thirst. They’re strength ultimately won’t be improved.

After learning about the effects of the Universal Fruit, Yang Feng was wary to plant it in the world of Warlocks.

Since the universe of DemonG.o.ds doesn’t contain Yang Feng’s Eternal imprint, then even is it’s universe energy level drops, it won’t affect him at all. This was the reason why he planted the Universe Fruit in this universe.

“The bait has been set up! Now let’s wait for the fish to take the bait!”

The corners of Yang Feng’s mouth rose into a smile, and he turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

Duyun Universe, in the rear garden of an Eternal shrine. The rear garden is covered with all kinds of beautiful flowers and is filled with wonderful flower fragrances.

Beautiful girls of different races are dancing gracefully in the garden and issuing pleasant laughter. Splendid music pervaded the garden.

A das.h.i.+ng man with long, blond hair, dressed in a silver robe, with a wine cup in his hand, is sitting in the garden and enjoying the dancing of the beautiful girls.

The das.h.i.+ng man is Ling Saisi, one of the nine Eternal Sovereigns of Duyun Universe.

“These are the Universe Fruit’s fluctuations. The good-for-nothings An Luo and An Na finally began to plant the Universe Fruit! However, the dimensional coordinates are incorrect. They changed! Has that universe promoted?”

Ling Saisi’s eyes lit up and flickered with excitement. He was the one who sent Du Ling Emperor and Du Ling Empress to the universe of the world of Warlocks.


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