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Chapter 3979

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Chapter 3979 – Efforts Gone to Waste

Translator: Silavin & Jon

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Qin Ji had hit the nail on the head, which allowed Ling Chun Qiu and Yue He to heave a sigh of relief. Both of them thought that he was right. Even if Yang Kai was still able to activate Mie Meng’s Divine Ability, he wouldn’t pose a threat to them as long as he couldn’t go near the battlefield.

It was then they realised why Yang Kai, who was much weaker, repeatedly attempted to charge towards the battlefield. It was because he was trying to launch a sneak attack on them. At that instant, they were reeling from shock. If he managed to come close enough to them, one of them would’ve been killed instead of Old Yu.

They were not confident about parrying Mie Meng’s strike.

At the thought of this, they stopped holding back as their violent forces swept out again. In mid-air, the Proprietress wielded a whip as her weapon, stirring up gales and bringing down beams of lightning. The innumerable whip shadows not only protected her but also Bai Qi in the lake.

Nevertheless, even though she was powerful, she still couldn’t fully use her power given the worries she had; therefore, not long after she flipped the situation around thanks to Yang Kai, she fell into a disadvantage again.

Qin Ji and the others widened their eyes as their gazes were filled with anxiety and disbelief, however. They had done their best to overestimate the Proprietress’ strength, but after they traded moves with her, they realised that they had still underestimated her.

Presently, a Sixth-Order cultivator and two Fifth-Order cultivators had joined forces to battle against the Proprietress, who could only use seventy percent of her strength, but they still found it difficult to deal with her. If she was able to fully use her power, all three of them wouldn’t be a match for her.

There was a dark expression on Qin Ji’s face as he bellowed, “It seems that this b.i.t.c.h is close to ascending to the Seventh Order! If we don’t kill her today, we’ll all die in the future!”

After he finished speaking, the pupils of Ling Chun Qiu and Yue He contracted. A thousand years ago, this woman was already a Sixth-Order cultivator. Because of a person’s death, she had slaughtered countless people in the 3,000 Worlds. One thousand years had pa.s.sed, so there was no way she hadn’t improved at all. It was apparent that she was close to ascending to the Seventh Order.

A thousand years ago, she was already able to turn the 3,000 Worlds upside down, so if she successfully reached the Seventh Order, none of them would be safe from her revenge.

Therefore, after Qin Ji finished speaking, all three of them didn’t dare to hold back again as they brought out their trump cards to deal with the Proprietress.

Just then, the lake, which was protected by the Proprietress’ Spirit Array, exuded a series of abstruse fluctuations. The fluctuations were so profound that it was as though a whole new world was about to be born.

“d.a.m.n it!” Qin Ji’s expression changed as he stared solemnly at the lake, “Bai Qi is about to break through!”

All of them were Open Heaven Realm Masters, so they were familiar with these fluctuations. Apparently, it was the sign of a cultivator ascending to the Open Heaven Realm as Heaven and Earth split apart in their body.

At this moment, the lake was still protected by the Spirit Array, but the fluctuations were still felt coming from it, which went to show that his ascension wouldn’t be a quiet one.

If his ascension was this vigorous, it meant that the Order he was going to achieve wouldn’t be low. It was just like what they had found out. They knew that Bai Qi was going to attain the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, which was why they made use of Fifth-Order Yang Sprites to attract the Proprietress to come over.

If Bai Qi successfully broke through at this point, all of them would be doomed.

At that instant, Qin Ji yelled, “Lady Yue He!”

Hearing that, the alluring woman got his hint and made a feint to leave the battlefield as she charged towards the lake. The pressure on Qin Ji and Ling Cun Qiu intensified as they were left to deal with the Proprietress.

Soon, Yue He was about to reach the lake. Seeing that, a fl.u.s.tered Yang Kai directly held his spear and came her way. With his spear pointing at the front, he suppressed his power and yelled, “I’ll kill you if you dare come any closer!”

It was laughable for an Emperor Realm cultivator to threaten a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in such a way; however, after he used a Mie Meng’s Divine Ability to kill a Fourth-Order cultivator earlier, Yue He had to be wary of him. Thus, she decided to push out a palm at Yang Kai from a distance.

She was just trying to probe Yang Kai’s abilities, so she hadn’t used her full strength. That was because she was worried that he would summon Mie Meng again.

However, Yang Kai didn’t have any golden tail feathers left. His warning was only a threat without any substance. Faced with her palm, he wasn’t even sure if he should flee or parry. At that moment, he felt an extremely bitter taste in his mouth, but behind him was Bai Qi who was about to break through, so he still gritted his teeth and extended his spear.

Following a loud boom, Yang Kai sprayed out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying backwards. While he was in mid-air, all his bones started cracking.

Although it was just a probing move from a Fifth-Order cultivator, Yang Kai was completely powerless to resist it and became severely injured after just one strike.

Seeing that, Yue He appeared elated as she knew that Yang Kai had no more trump cards left. He wouldn’t have become so battered if he could still summon Mie Meng. Without hesitation, she dashed towards the lake and raised her delicate hands before making her palms face the lake. It was apparent that she was about to launch an attack.

“You dare!” Yang Kai bellowed and, ignoring his own injuries, returned to the lake. There was a fist-sized black energy ball in front of the spear that contained a power that could shred worlds. With his hair hung loose on his shoulders, he shot towards the woman.

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After shooting him a cold glare, Yue He performed a hand seal with one hand as an abstruse force whirled around her finger.

At this moment, some diamond-shaped transparent s.h.i.+elds were whirling around the Proprietress. The s.h.i.+elds were full of cracks, and when the battle seemed to have stopped, all the s.h.i.+elds broke apart. The Proprietress spat a mouthful of blood as she was clearly injured. Ignoring her wounds though, she stared attentively at the lake.


A crisp crack was heard as everything in the world seemed to have come back to life.

Both Yang Kai and the Proprietress turned ashen, while Qin Ji and Ling Chun Qiu heaved a sigh of relief. On the other hand, Yue He was gaping at Yang Kai as she had fallen into a dazed state.


More cracking sounds were heard, and just three breaths of time later, gaps started appearing on the array that was arranged by the Proprietress.

After all, no one could protect the array at that time, which was why it wasn’t able to fend off Yue He’s strike.

Following a crash, the array broke apart, and all the mist evaporated in an instant, revealing a figure who was seated at the bottom of the lake.

Bai Qi was seen seated with his legs crossed. The Yang Element at the bottom of the lake was gone as it had been absorbed by him; however, at this moment, the power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements around him were a mess. The illusory phantom of the Small Universe World kept flickering as though it was going to fall apart at any moment.

Bai Qi looked up at the Proprietress. There was a bitter and unwilling smile on his face. He parted his lips in an attempt to say something, but he kept silent eventually.

He had been cultivating for a thousand years for this moment, but in the end, all his efforts had gone to waste. During the most important moment of his breakthrough, he was interrupted by a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master; therefore, despite the fact that he had done his best, he was unable to complete his ascension.

It was just a matter of time before the embryonic Small Universe World in his body disintegrated. Once that happened, the Power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements would explode and he would die without a complete corpse.

The Proprietress looked down at Bai Qi, who was inside the lake. The clear lake water wasn’t able to shut out her apologetic gaze. The light went out in her usually bright eyes, which could easily arouse anyone’s pity.

She slowly closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again, a violent aura radiated from her as her hair flapped in the air. Glaring at Qin Ji and Ling Chun Qiu, she grit her teeth and said words that could freeze anyone’s Soul, “If this Queen doesn’t trample flat all of your forces, she shall never ascend to the Seventh Order!”

Following that, the expressions of Qin Ji and Ling Chun Qiu changed drastically. Since she had taken such an oath, it suggested that she was determined to fight them to the death.

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