Martial God Asura

Kindhearted Bee - Shan Liang de Mi Feng - 善良的蜜蜂

Chapter 5255: It's That Coincidental

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Chapter 5255: It’s That Coincidental

Humans ought to be down to earth, but there were those who liked to take shortcuts. Such was the case for normal mortals, and the same applied to cultivators too.

That was why there were so many black sheep who strayed from the right path.

Instead of working hard on their cultivation, they turned toward refining others for power. These things happened not just in the Holy Light Galaxy but in the Totem Galaxy too. There were even organizations that capture those with special bloodlines in exchange for profits.

In fact, there were plenty of markets for that all over the Totem Galaxy. Treasure Hall was only an extremely small player, insignificant in the greater scale of things.

According to Treasure Hall’s sectmaster, the one that had captured the woman with dragon horns was an organization called Constellation Hall.

Constellation Hall also dabbled in such despicable dealings, and they were in a partners.h.i.+p with Treasure Hall. That was how Treasure Hall’s sectmaster knew that they had captured a woman with dragon horns.

It was worth noting that Constellation Hall wasn’t a local power of True Dragon Starfield. Instead, they were from the Totem Galaxy’s Emperor Starfield.

With Treasure Hall’s sectmaster leading the way, Chu Feng soon arrived at Constellation Hall’s turf in Emperor Starfield.

While there were many experts in this realm, Constellation Hall was only equivalent to Treasure Hall in terms of fighting prowess. Their sectmaster was at rank seven Martial Exalted level.

Even so, Chu Feng still proceeded carefully, choosing to scout the situation instead of making a move right away. He quickly confirmed that Treasure Hall’s sectmaster hadn’t lied about Constellation Hall’s strength.

Through his Heaven’s Eyes, he was able to find the people whom Constellation Hall had captured.

There was indeed a woman with dragon horns amongst the prisoners, but she was extremely weak, being only at rank one Utmost Exalted level. She also looked completely different from Long Xiaoxiao. Even the shape of their horns was different.

“I told you. How could there be something that coincidental in the world?” Chu Feng remarked with a shake of his head.

He thought that it was too much of a coincidence for him to meet Long Xiaoxiao in the Totem Galaxy, and it would appear that he was right.

“Are you still going to intervene in this matter now that you know that it’s not Long Xiaoxiao?” Milady Queen asked.

“It’s one thing if I didn’t encounter these, but there’s no way I’d spare them now that I know that they’re here. I’d be doing the world a favor by killing them,” Chu Feng said.

“Young hero Chu Feng, I’ve did what you asked me to and brought you here. Please let me go!” Treasure Hall’s sectmaster pleaded.

He had followed Chu Feng’s orders in hopes that the latter would spare his life.

“You did make up for your crimes by bringing me here. I ought to reward you,” Chu Feng said.

“Thank you, Young hero Chu Feng.”

Treasure Hall’s sectmaster was overjoyed to hear the news. He thought that it would already be a blessing for him to survive this ordeal, but Chu Feng was offering him a reward on top of that. He quickly kneeled onto the floor and kowtowed in grat.i.tude.

Chu Feng looked at him with a cold smile and said, “I’ll reward you like an easy death.”

Immemoral Hero’s Sword appeared in his hand, and he plunged it into the other party’s dantian.


Treasure Hall’s sectmaster widened his eyes in horror.

Not giving him a chance to continue speaking, Chu Feng pulled the Immemorial Hero’s Sword upward, slicing the other party into two.


There was suddenly a deafening explosion. Despite being quite some distance away, Chu Feng could clearly see three silhouettes, two men and a woman, floating above Constellation Hall.

One of the men was dressed in black whereas the other was dressed in white. Both of them were emanating their martial power, allowing Chu Feng to accurately gauge their cultivation. The white-robed man was at rank eight Martial Exalted level, whereas the black-robed man was at rank seven Martial Exalted level.

The black-robed man and the woman charged straight toward the cells to rescue the prisoners while the white-robed man brandished his spear to ma.s.sacre the members of Constellation Hall.

The white-robed man appeared to be in control of the situation, being the strongest cultivator present, but there was unease in his eyes. He appeared to be unaccustomed to slaughter, feeling guilt even when the person he killed was a villain.

However, Chu Feng only spared him a glance before turning his attention toward the woman.

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The woman had an attractive, youthful face. She wore a golden dress that revealed her enticing legs. Even the imprisoned woman with dragon horns looked ordinary compared to her.

“I’m fine. It’s just that I haven’t fully recovered from my injuries. Junior, you need not be worried about me,” the white-robed man replied with a strained smile.

He didn’t want Long Xiaoxiao to see his weakness.

“I’m glad that you’re fine, senior.” Long Xiaoxiao heaved a sigh of relief.

“Junior, let’s resume our journey now that we have rescued those people,” the black-robed man said.

“All right,” Long Xiaoxiao replied.


All of a sudden, the white-robed man and black-robed man turned their sights in the same direction. They had finally noticed Chu Feng’s presence, or rather, the latter had allowed them to detect him.

“Did we miss someone out?”

The white-robed man and black-robed man immediately whipped out their weapons once more. They thought that Chu Feng was affiliated with Constellation Hall.

“Chu Feng!” Long Xiaoxiao suddenly exclaimed.

She stared at Chu Feng with glowing eyes.

“Junior, you know him?”

Both the white-robed man and black-robed man turned to look at Long Xiaoxiao with a complicated look in their eyes. They had never seen such an expression on her before.

However, Long Xiaoxiao paid them no heed and rushed straight for Chu Feng, leaping right into his arms.


The white-robed man and black-robed man turned livid at that sight.

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