I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Fu Xiaochen - 傅啸尘

Chapter 1644 - 1644 Instant Kill

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Chapter 1644 - 1644 Instant Kill

1644 Instant Kill

As soon as the middle-aged man finished speaking, another door appeared in front of everyone. Without hesitation, everyone rushed in. Chu Yunfan was no exception as he too entered the light door.

He appeared in a ring. This ring was in a separate dimension and had a barrier around it. The technology to create such a small dimension was a high-tech technology that even the Federation had yet to reach.

Chu Yunfan clicked his tongue in wonder.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him. It was a young man dressed in black. His expression was solemn, but then he saw Chu Yunfan. He laughed as he said, “G.o.d truly blesses me. I’ve met a Golden Core. Looks like I’ve won the first round!”

The divine power in the youth boiled. He was an intermediate Abstract. Among the geniuses who came to partic.i.p.ate in the a.s.sessment, he was pretty good.

The youth made his move. Divine power surged through his body. He stretched out his arm and a long saber appeared in his hand. His aura was like a G.o.d’s. In an instant, he pounced toward Chu Yunfan.

At this moment, outside of the dimension, Fang Yu and a group of inner disciples from the Flying Celestials were watching this battle. They naturally had the means to see the battle inside. Other than the seeded contestants who had long been selected by the sect, the most eye-catching one was probably the Golden Core who had shocked them earlier.

“So it’s Xiao Bofu. His strength is impressive. It’s said that he once received the inheritance of an ancient saber master. His cultivation is good,” someone commented. He recognized the black-robed youth and naturally thought that Chu Yunfan was in big trouble.

Everyone’s expression remained unchanged. There were many people among them who had fortuitous encounters. This was not a big deal. What they really wanted to know was whether Chu Yunfan could handle it. Even Fang Yu was watching intently. Clearly, she was also quite interested in this matter.

In the ring, Xiao Bofu’s blade slashed down. The saber light condensed into one, and countless divine power turned into a terrifying killing move that slashed down at Chu Yunfan. The saber light from this slash lit up the entire ring.

“Petty tricks!” Chu Yunfan sneered and stretched out his hand. A sword condensed from purple lightning appeared behind him.

It was the Seven Violet Thunder Swords. At this moment, only one sword was formed. Then, the sword on Chu Yunfan’s back swept out fiercely. Compared to the shocking aura of the saber light, this sword looked ordinary, but it instantly tore the saber light apart.


After the sword light tore through the saber light, it instantly landed on Xiao Bofu’s body.


Xiao Bofu spat out a mouthful of blood, and his entire body trembled. A huge hole had been blasted through his chest, and blood flew everywhere.

He was instantly defeated!

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“Petty tricks. With your strength, you dare to look down on me?” Chu Yunfan sneered and opened his palm. The sword turned into a small sword about the length of a finger and spun above his palm. Then, he clenched his fist and the sword dissipated.

Soon, all the battles had been decided. The battles between these geniuses were ruthless and decisive. Very few of them were dragged out, and the outcome was often decided in a short time. In a battle between experts, the difference was only a split second.

Soon, it was the second round.

After Chu Yunfan entered the door of light, his opponent soon came in. It was a man about thirty years old. His figure was tall and straight, and he had a high and mighty aura. It was clear that he was also a person who had been in power all year round.

“That person is the current head of the Yun clan in Lavish Prefecture, Yun Hui, right? He’s the youngest person to become head of the Yun clan throughout history.”

Someone recognized the young man. After Chu Yunfan had killed Xiao Bofu in seconds, more and more people were attracted to him.

Yun Hui glanced at Chu Yunfan and said, “I just took some time to look you up. I didn’t expect you to come from that backward Violet Thunder Prefecture. Tsk, tsk. Although the Imperial Court has not imposed any restrictions on natives from backward prefectures and treats you all equally, with your strength, it’s already incredible that you can make it this far.

“I will give you a chance to end this battle with dignity. Surrender now. Otherwise, when I attack, the casualties will be unpredictable. I want to become a seed disciple.”

Yun Hui spoke arrogantly as he looked at Chu Yunfan with a somewhat regretful expression. He was quite surprised, but that was all. Chu Yunfan was destined to be a stepping stone for him to become a seed disciple.

“You sure are full of confidence.” Chu Yunfan smiled coldly.

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