Shen Jian - 神见

Chapter 3430: Obtaining the Pangu Axe

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Chapter 3430: Obtaining the Pangu Axe

The axe was so large that no one could describe how big it was. The Golden Dragon Mountain Range spanned countless miles, and the axe was as big as it! No… The axe was even bigger than the mountain range as it was buried in the earth beneath it.

The Golden Dragon Mountain Range seemed to be the dust and dirt acc.u.mulated on the axe.

The Kunlun Emperor and the others couldn’t see the end of the axe even after observing it for some time!

After all, the axe was too d.a.m.n big!

“This… Is this really an immortal artifact?!” one of the Void Immortals from the Kunlun Kingdom gasped.

Initially, everyone thought that an ancient weapon would sp.a.w.n, but from the looks of the axe, they thought wrong.

They had long since witnessed the power of the axe. Just the light it emitted could destroy peak-level Void Immortals.

Moreover, that was when no one actively used the axe! Not even ancient immortal artifacts had that kind of power!

“This… This is a supreme weapon!” the Heartless Valley Master yelled.

The eyes of everyone present started to burn as they realized what they could do with the axe.

As long as they obtained the weapon, they would be able to suppress their opponent! They would be an invincible existence!

Huang Xiaolong saw the look of greed in their eyes, and he chuckled, “This is indeed a supreme weapon. You can take it away as long as you have the ability to. Go ahead and try.”

He knew that treasures created by a G.o.d of Creation weren’t something these mortals could obtain.

There wasn’t a need to talk about people like the Kunlun Emperor. Even in the Immortal World, the number of people who could obtain the Pangu Axe could probably be counted on one hand.

“Are you serious?!” The Kunlun Emperor sucked in a cold breath, and he looked at Huang Xiaolong in doubt.

“Of course.”

Hesitating for a moment, the Kunlun Emperor charged towards the axe. Light surrounded his body as he tried to protect himself from the light it emitted. A talisman emerged from his body to surround him in a ball of protective light.

“Ancient Immortal Talisman!”

“That’s the strongest talisman created by the Nine Arches Immortal in the past!”

Many experts yelled.

The Ancient Immortal Talisman was said to make its user indestructible. No matter how strong the opponent was, the barrier of light would be able to fend them off!

Huang Xiaolong raised a single eyebrow when he saw the talisman. He obviously didn’t expect the Kunlun Emperor to possess such a special item, but that was about it.

The person who refined the talisman was good at it, and the runes that were drawn on it drew on the power of the heavens and earth around the user to protect them from external attacks.

The Kunlun Emperor revealed a smug smile when he saw the change in Huang Xiaolong’s expression.

It didn’t take long for him to approach the axe. With a confident expression, he stepped into the area of light emitted by the Pangu Axe.

The moment he did, the smile on his face disappeared. The light barrier around him was shattered instantly, and the talisman burst into flames.

No matter how strong the protective barrier was, it was an item used in the mortal world. There was no way the barrier could stand up to the power contained in the Pangu Axe.

With his expression changing, the Kunlun Emperor tried to retreat. It was too bad he wasn’t fast enough. The light struck him, and he turned into dust before he could scream.

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The experts of the six factions stared at the spot the Kunlun Emperor once was. The strongest expert in the Kunlun Secret Region was killed just like that!

In the past few days, the experts of the Kunlun Secret Region tried to approach Huang Xiaolong. However, they were sent flying as soon as they arrived near the formation.

After several tries, they could only give up reluctantly. Despite that, no one chose to leave. They stood outside as they watched Huang Xiaolong refine the Pangu Axe.

Getting to his feet six days later, Huang Xiaolong reached his hand out to grab the axe. It started to shrink. When it reached the size of several meters, it landed comfortably in his palm.

The light that surrounded the tiny version of the Pangu Axe was sharper than it was in the past. The light blinded those waiting outside.

It was time for him to return.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Huang Xiaolong could finally relax now that he obtained the Pangu Axe.

With the axe in hand, there was no reason for him to remain in the Kunlun Secret Region.

He could refine the Pangu Axe back in the Blue Dragon Orchard, and there was no need for him to let his parents worry for nothing.

Huang Xiaolong kept the Pangu Axe before teleporting away. There wasn’t anyone in there capable of making him stay.

As soon as he left, the experts of the six super factions charged into the Golden Dragon Mountain Range. Other than the terrifying remnant aura of the Pangu Axe, there was nothing left.

Huang Xiaolong left the Kunlun Secret Region after a few days, and he left for the Blue Dragon Orchard.

Huang Jiyuan and w.a.n.g Meilan heaved a sigh of relief upon his return.

After spending a day with them, Huang Xiaolong told them his intention to go into seclusion for a period of time. The sudden revelation shocked the members of the Huang Family.

“Is there really a need to enter seclusion with your strength?” Huang Chenfei asked.

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