Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse


Chapter 1655 Azure Treasure Emperor's ModusOperandi ! lll

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Chapter 1655 Azure Treasure Emperor's ModusOperandi ! lll

Noah was straightforward as without Natalya, he would have not been led into this Forsaken Treasure Reality as he would not bully the being who had initially found it!

Natalya's gaze hardened as she gazed at Noah and then the glimmering gold scroll, her hands reaching towards it as an influx of information similar to Noah flowed into her- her eyes s.h.i.+ning brightly an instant later.

"If your talent is stupendous, 20 Destiny Reality Pa.s.sages are possible. How many Reality Pa.s.sages does the Primordial Legend that you want to kill have?"

Noah voiced out freely as the golden scroll naturally floated back into his hands.

Natalya's eyes released a sharp l.u.s.ter at this question as she voiced out with confidence.

"Less than 10."


"Mmm…and what do you think of your talent and foundation? Do you think you can forge more than 10?"

An important question that caused the burning light within the eyes of Natalya to dim.

Everyone knew themselves the most as Natalya understood her foundation and destiny best apart from anyone else, and she could give a confident answer at this moment as she stayed quiet!

Noah looked at such a scene as his eyes began to curve, a devilish smile coming onto his lips as he spoke calmly.

"I have a way that will guarantee you achieving at least 15 if not more Destiny Reality Pa.s.sages."


His words caused Natalya's eyes to flutter, locking onto him as her origin buzzed.


With a devilish smile, a Tyrannical aura had already begun leaking from Noah as he spoke.

"As you've noticed, I'm a little exceptional in the things that I do as even now, not just Eighth Firmament existences…but even average Ninth Firmament existences cannot compare to me. Whatever revenge you have to take, whatever Legend you have to kill…I can confidently say that you can achieve this under me within a few months, if not weeks."


Boastful words echoed out as they occupied the mind of Natalya Rostova entirely!

"Under you?"

"Yes. Be one of the many Generals under me that shall explore these expanses of Realities…and breaking your shackles to form more than 15 Reality Pa.s.sages should be easy as your enemies shall become my enemies!"

A talented existence under him who had enough fortune to locate a Forsaken Treasure Reality and a possible enemy at the level of a Legend that could be a source of wondrous loot in the future…how could Noah let such a chance slip away!?

There was more to his intentions apart from this as for now, the will of the Tyrannical Emperor echoed out as the past Overseer of the Isles of the Gilded Forge received a bright prompt proposal before her very eyes that told her to pledge her Fealty to a single being.


Silence reigned in the surroundings as for those proficient in destiny, they would already know the choice to make in this shocking situation as the eyes of Natalya moved from Noah to gaze at the over a dozen Destiny Goblins skill kneeling towards his three bodies. Her own goals flashed before her eyes as when superimposed with all the things she had seen with him in their time…the choice was clear!

With a heavy heart driven only by revenge, the figure of Natalya Rostova bowed towards Noah while speaking out stellar words.

"I pledge Fealty to the Tyrannical Emperor."


Waves of essence bloomed out as yet another Destined existence fell under Noah's banner.

Her eyes gradually expanded with more shock as with the pledging of Fealty, she felt the strengthening of her body and soul as well as the eruption of her seas of destiny just from being connected to this being!

Before she could express her shock though, she felt her surroundings glimmer with scintillating lights as Noah's voice echoed out.

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"Good. Let's wrap things up here and I'll bring you to the base of operations. There, I'll give you a few Limit Breaking Tools and get you ready to break your shackles…I want to see the process of forging Reality Pa.s.sages and a revolving Reality in a crystal clear fas.h.i.+on."

She had far surpa.s.sed a level of intrigue and anger as at this moment, she wanted to rip apart this being's main body to pieces as quickly as possible no matter the price! But she couldn't yet locate him as she had begun to rush her awakening already by unlocking concepts her soul was not yet ready for, and Beatrix worried for what she might do next if this being before them continued to show anomalous capabilities that forced the Empress to continue unlocking concepts much too early.

'Let us not lose sight of the ultimate prize….Empress.'

Beatrix had this thought as she planned to talk to the only being she cared for when the time was right. Because now…the reigning will of an existence that had just wiped out too many Ninth Firmament existences still imposed down around them.

"If you've been evading the eyes of Legends this whole time, why can't I?"

A gaze of boundless confidence stared at the dark haired Genevieve, this Empress staring back in turn at the stellar cosmic being as she snapped her hand to bring back a cuboidal vessel they had been utilizing all this time!

"Oh, let me do the honors this time around."


Noah's will surged out as above them and eclipsing everything, a transport type Quasi-TABOO Primordial Relic in the form of a dazzling Reality appeared as was called out.

Glorious in stature and putting everything else to shame, Noah's stellar figure floated to land atop the seemingly endless vessel that looked like a stable gla.s.s structure holding a Reality filled with countless Cosmos, a thin multicolored barrier surrounding it all around in a circular fas.h.i.+on as when he arrived, Noah called upon the feature of of the Infinite Reality to begin erecting structures within this Quasi-TABOO vessel. Futuristic structures where one could find lodging, expansive high rise gla.s.s buildings with open roof pools, bubbling golden springs filled with hazy mist where one could go and relax, huge forges and grills to cook Primordial Beasts…everything that one could imagine for relaxation arose on top of the as its size alone was vaster than many Cosmos!

The figures of Genevieve and Beatrix arrived onto the Quasi-TABOO vessel as they looked at the paradisical sight atop it, their eyes flas.h.i.+ng coldly as they gazed at the Unnamed Kainos Emperor who at this time had erected a singular crystalline stellar throne at the very center of this vessel that he went to sit on, gazing towards them in a carefree manner as his voice echoed out.

"Make yourselves at home as we head out to our false home. Towards the Pure Blooded Domains where even Primordial Legends can be seen!"


Towards the Pure Blooded Domains.

Towards the belly of the beast!


With dominating visage, the vessel of the Unnamed Kainos Emperor followed the memories of defeated enemies as he went towards one of the innermost domains of Primordials where occasionally, the Visage of genuine Legends could be seen!

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