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Chapter 647: Prelude to Chaos: Ill Omen P2

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Chapter 647: Prelude to Chaos: Ill Omen P2

"Tara Faelar, Lady Zee. It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

Tara wanted to say more than just a name. Perhaps a formal introduction to her cla.s.s. Just to serve as an ice breaker between her and her newly appointed boss and Expert ranker.

But her attention was divided when she saw the light scar on Lady Zee's flawless face. And she was left speechless when she moved her gaze away from her scar only for it to land on her naked body. This was even though she was a girl herself.

'She… she is such a show-off.'

Jules pursed her lips and shook her head in denial as she watched Lady Zee's exhibitionist behavior.

Her seductive figure looked even more enchanting because of her drenched-in-water looks. The droplets of water were still running down from Lady Zee's crimson red pubic region which had a darker hue than her normally visible hair.

Tara thought Lady Zee's thick thighs had the same size as her waist. She regretted not eating enough at that time. As if eating enough was the answer to gaining thick and shapely thighs.

Lady Zee nodded at Tara while wearing a mild smile on her face. She then channeled her mana through her body and generated black flames around her.

Lady Zee was just trying to dry herself and get dressed. But she observed that her action had spooked her audience right after her black flames had made an appearance.

"Um… You'd have to forgive me. I broke through C-Rank recently. But I'm not in complete control over my rank's mana yet."

Lady Zee had failed to keep her mana signature in check when she allowed her black flames to manifest themselves. As a result, the lower-ranked Jules and Tara were exposed to her erratic and intimidating mana signature.

'*Sigh. Effects of forced breakthroughs.'

Lady Zee sighed and dropped the matter. She quickly got herself dressed in front of her subordinates while talking a bit with Jules. By now, Tara had also started opening up. The recruit in the Illuminati had come to realize that although Lady Zee was known to be fierce and bold, she was very considerate to her juniors.

"Are you still worried about Ronny? Still looking for him, Jules?"

Lady Zee asked Jules after talking about organization-related stuff. Jules was expecting this question from her superior. She responded honestly to her.

"Yes, Lady Zee. But not for getting back with him. I just want to know what happened to him. That guy just upped and disappeared into thin air without leaving anything to track him. I just want to know if he is alive or… or dead."

Jules said while controlling her emotions. But Lady Zee could see worry lines on her face that weren't visible to anybody that didn't know the ex-a.s.sistant professor of LA.

Lady Zee had taken a scroll out by now. She was reading blocks of texts that seemed to be ever-changing on the scroll. It was more of a communication artifact that was limited to text messages.

"Hm. Having closure is a good thing. But finding him might take some time, Jules."

Lady Zee smiled at her junior before rea.s.suring her.

"Don't worry. I'll help you look for that b.a.s.t.a.r.d when we finish our next mission. If you find him and want to settle a new life with him, I'd talk to my seniors and allow you to walk out of Illuminati too.

Contrary to what one may think, the Illuminati is perhaps the only cultist organization that isn't bloodthirsty or revenge-seeking. We'll let you be just fine. Maybe with a severance package too, if you perform well in the next mission.

Or we can convince Ronny to join our fold. Hehe. The possibilities are endless if you know where to look for them."

Jules felt gratified that she had someone like Lady Zee as her superior. Although she had tried to hit on Ron a few times, Jules knew she liked to tease all her juniors.

"Thank you, Lady Zee. Hehe. Let's find that guy before making plans. Also, what is the mission this time?"

Because she was no longer a.s.sociated with LA, Jules could now actively carry out the missions that were available to Illuminati.

As Lady Zee had said, the Illuminati was a profit-seeking organization. So of course, all its missions were highly lucrative for even low rankers like her.

"Hm? They want us to check out a newly appeared Utopia in Nightshade Duchy. You know, the usual stuff. How can we gain access to the Utopia? Things like that.

We'll be heading out as adventurers. You'll be you. And I'll have to make some changes to my presence. That's where Tara comes in."

Lady Zee explained the details of the mission briefly before commanding.

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"It should still be a few days before we move to the Nightshade duchy. I cannot use kingdom-controlled arrays. So I'll have to look for some other alternatives. Some illegal teleportation arrays maybe."

Hehe. Lady Zee is planning to change that ranker's name to something really funny when she defeats him in an open duel."

Jules replied and reversed the roles of follower and followed. She too started swimming leisurely in water that seemed to be just the right temperature.

Tara was lowkey impressed by lady Zee's steel-like temperament at that time. If it was her, she would have quit such an organization if someone had forced her to change her name. Lady Zee was nonetheless trying to regain her honor while remaining within the organization.

The young elf's curiosity grew even further when she learned the term ill omen. She couldn't help asking her now-senior.

"Jules, what is Lady Zee's original name?"

Jules swam some more and got close to Tara. she stopped swimming when she heard her question and pondered a bit, mumbling a few names that sounded identical. A few attempts to get the name right.

"That's right.


That's Lady Zee's real name. The Z in Eliza makes for Zee in Lady Zee. But don't call her by her original name. We are prohibited from doing so."

Jules chuckled as she saw the puzzled expressions on Tara's face. She added up further.

"Hehe. Don't worry. You are not the only one. It makes no sense how this name can also bring bad luck. High-ranked ent.i.ties can be so weird sometimes."

Jules said before diving into the pool. Her junior also followed her and started enjoying her free time.

A few days from now, the trio would arrive at the Nightshade Dutchy. They needed a relaxing time like this before they started on their upcoming mission.


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