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Chapter 511 - Went Deep Into Tias Mountain Range And Caused A Misunderstanding

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Chapter 511 - Went Deep Into Tias Mountain Range And Caused A Misunderstanding

Vincent sat across from Dave and told him about Ramirez's plan. He also told him that they had found a clue to stop Ramirez and wanted to bring Andy along to the Tias Mountains Range. They were going to look for the Light Guardian Council, persuade them to join forces against Ramirez, and obtain the ancient books in their hands.

Dave replied with a grim expression, "Since the situation is so critical, how can I rest? Furthermore, Ramirez has already revealed his wolf-like ambition. It will be more beneficial if I continue persuading the other city lords and the leaders of the aristocratic families!"

Vincent raised his hand and interrupted Dave. He said with a solemn expression, "You must rest now. Devil Flame City also needs to rest and recuperate! Even if you are not tired, you can't let all the residents of Devil Flame City work so hard. Sooner or later, they will tire themselves out! Devil Flame City is our base camp. Everything must be stable. Remember, everyone must rest! As for the Dark Elves who want to visit the ruins of Bright Moon City, think of a way to contact the surrounding cities and see who has the ability to receive a large number of visitors and share the burden with Devil Flame City!"

After thinking seriously for a moment, Dave said, "The only other city closest to Bright Moon City is Devil Sea City! But the old City Lord Hayward is not good at handling government affairs, and Devil Sea City has almost no contact with the outside world. I'm not sure if they have the ability to receive a large number of visitors!"

Vincent smiled slightly. He nodded and said, "There is absolutely no problem with Devil Sea City. Right now, the ones in charge of the internal affairs of the city are Hayward's sons. I have also met his youngest son, Alger. He is a young man with ability and ambition. To be able to receive the city lords and heads of aristocratic families from all over the world is a good opportunity for Devil Sea City to rope in allies. He will definitely not miss such an opportunity. You can find Alger and talk to him about it!"

Dave let out a sigh of relief and said, "If Devil Sea City is willing to help us, I can finally rest. The residents in the city can finally rest as well!"

Suddenly, the door swung open. Catherine walked in with Andy.

Horace, who was sitting by the side, immediately stood up after seeing his disciple and said, "Fellow disciple, how have you been these days?"

Andy nodded and glanced at Dave subconsciously. She replied timidly, "I'm fine. It's just that I have too many things to do every day. It's not easy!"

Dave coughed a little awkwardly and quietly turned his head to the side.

Ever since Devil Flame City defeated the apostles, the elves have been rewarded for meritorious deeds. After all, all the elves had contributed to the battle against the apostles.

Since Vincent had become a G.o.d, and Dave himself had become the City Lord, they were not part of the merit system.

Ebenezer refused to partic.i.p.ate in the reaping of merit because he was not an elf.

Therefore, after a detailed investigation, Dave named Andy as the number one contributor!

Without Andy, there would not have been any elves who would come to support Devil Flame City in the first place. If not for those elves who fought with their lives, Devil Flame City would have missed out on the best opportunity for Vincent to become a G.o.d. They had also given Vincent the chance to the Elf Race.

Moreover, Andy's performance in terms of city defense was equally outstanding. She was acknowledged by most of the elves. Not only was she rewarded in terms of merit, but she was also appointed as a guard of the North City Gate.

However, even a hero like Andy, who had made outstanding contributions, was having a hard time living in the city. It is obvious what the other elves are going through. Dave finally felt guilty and deeply realized that he had neglected the livelihood of the elves in the city. He had disregarded his responsibility as City Lord.

Horace had already heard about the things in Devil Flame City from Dave. He said to his disciple with some heartache, "This time, I came to pick you up. I want to take you into the Tias Mountain Range and find the elves of the Light Guardian Council. You can come with me and take the opportunity to relax!"

After Andy heard about the Light Guardian Council, she immediately became hesitant.

Vincent took the lead and said, "Don't worry. I've already asked Dave to change the order. From now on, Devil Flame City will begin to rest and recuperate. There won't be any more extreme working hours. At this time, you'll follow us into the Tias Mountain Range. Your leave will not affect the normal affairs of Devil Flame City!"

After hearing what Vincent said, Andy was finally relieved. She nodded and said, "That's good. I'll lead everyone to the Tias Mountain Range!"

Horace was full of joy as he said, "Disciple, did you know? I've already become a G.o.d of the Elf Race! I'm following Vincent into the Tias Mountains Range because I want to convince the Light Guardian Council to join us. At the same time, I also want you to reconcile with your parents!"

After hearing what Horace said, Andy became nervous again. There was a trace of worry and expectation in her eyes.

Vincent smiled and said, "Let's set off immediately. If you have anything to say, you can tell us on the way. It's also a good opportunity for Dave to rest!"

Everyone nodded and set off together. They left Devil Flame City and headed straight for the Tias Mountain Range.

The Tias Mountain Range was not far from Devil Flame City. After leaving the city, they arrived at the periphery of the mountain range.

Horace and Andy looked at the familiar forest around them and suddenly felt like they had returned to their old place. They could not help but sigh, "Back then, it was here that we, master and disciple, and Dave, met you all. Now that I think about it, it's really unbelievable! It can only be said that the heavens have given the elves a savior, and we are all lucky enough to be able to help our savior!"

Avril and Angelina looked at their surroundings carefully and turned to look at Vincent together.

They said, "Back then, we met and separated here. You followed Dave into Devil Flame City, and we hid together with Mr. Horace and Andy in their safe house. Now that I think about it, our experience is really colorful!"

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Vincent nodded and said, "At that time, we also walked all the way from Dark Yuan City along the main peak of the Tiya Mountain Range but we didn't meet the members of the Light Guardian Council. If we met them at that time, perhaps things would be easier now!"

Andy took the opportunity to prepare her bow and arrow. She crouched behind a huge rock like a gecko, carefully sizing up the surroundings.

Horace, on the other hand, directly flashed and merged into one with a big tree beside him.

After seeing that everyone had hidden, Vincent pulled out the Return Journey of the Dead from his waist and carefully observed the psionic barrier a hundred meters away.

Vincent shouted in a deep voice, "World Domination!"

He raised his blade and swung downward. Endless battle intent condensed into a blade that was more than a hundred meters long. The blade hacked at the barrier.


The psionic barrier instantly collapsed. At the same time, nine pillars that were milky-white in color lit up in the surroundings. The pillars symbolized the purest energy of light.

A stern inquiry suddenly came from a hundred meters away, "Who is it? How dare you intrude into the territory of the Light Guardian Council!"

Vincent did not speak. Instead, he looked at Andy beside him.

Andy quickly said, "Please don't misunderstand, I'm Andy! I want to meet the President of the Light Guardian Council and discuss the matter of fighting against the demons together!"

An angry voice came from afar again, "So it's you, the traitor, who has returned. The recent turmoil of the Light Guardian Council must be related to you! Since you have triggered the Holy Light Array, just die inside!"

Andy replied with a shocked face, "What happened to the Light Guardian Council has absolutely nothing to do with us!"

No matter what Andy said, the voice in the distance did not reply to her. Instead, the nine pillars of light around them suddenly began to split, intertwining and refracting each other, finally forming a huge net that covered the sky and earth. It trapped Vincent and the others and began to shrink continuously.

The white light was like a sharp blade, chopping down all the trees and destroying all the boulders along the way into pieces.. It was almost about to reach them in just a blink of an eye.

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