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Chapter 510 - The Most Miserable City Lord, Teacher-Disciple Relationship

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Chapter 510 - The Most Miserable City Lord, Teacher-Disciple Relations.h.i.+p

"Sullen? I don't think he is sullen at all! He is kind and approachable. I think Vincent is willing to do this for the elves. Otherwise, he would not have made all the elves accept his ident.i.ty as a foreign G.o.d in such a short period of time!" replied Benjamin.

His current att.i.tude toward Vincent could be said to be very contradictory.

When Gajero disregarded the life and death of the elves, Benjamin saw Vincent as his last hope, his savior!

Benjamin had always maintained his respect in front of Vincent because Vincent was the strongest person in the world in his heart. Vincent was also a ruthless person who would strike at the slightest disagreement!

However, behind Vincent's back, Benjamin could not help himself from wanting to slander and frame Vincent. In short, the more wretched and sinister Vincent was imagined to be, the more comfortable Benjamin felt!

This was because everything Vincent had done had been too great. It was as if he was a perfect person without any flaws. This made everyone, especially the members of the Elf Race feel inferior when standing in front of him!

If everything seemed too perfect, it would not seem real. Therefore, Benjamin would rather point out Vincent's flaws than treat him as a high and mighty, selfless G.o.d.

In the history of the Elf Race, there had never been a lack of G.o.ds who were constantly being labeled as perfect.

However, there had never been a G.o.d who lived alongside the ordinary elves, had flesh and blood, flaws and strengths!

Winnie also had the same thoughts, so she could understand Benjamin's dark speculation about Vincent.

Winnie suddenly opened her mouth and asked Benjamin, "Are you a little afraid?"

Benjamin was stunned and replied blankly, "What am I afraid of?"

Winnie thought for a moment and said softly, "You're afraid that Vincent doesn't have any selfish motives, and is helping the Elf Race without expecting anything in return! If he doesn't have any selfish desires, how can the Elf Race keep this powerful and n.o.ble G.o.d in the future?"

Benjamin felt like he was suddenly awakened from a dream. He was stunned for a long time before he sighed in realization, "What a pity! The future of this great G.o.d is destined to be in the sea of stars and the depths of the Black Hole. If he is willing to give so much to the Elf Race without holding anything back, then he must be even more loyal and responsible to his own race! What kind of virtue does our Elf Race have to be able to keep him?"

Winnie took a deep breath and nodded somewhat helplessly. She said softly, "So, I've decided!"

Benjamin came back to his senses and asked curiously, "What have you decided?"

Winnie raised her head to look at the street in front of her with a determined gaze. She then turned around and shouted to the soldiers guarding the city gates, "Open the city gates! Tell all the residents of Mosen City to go to Serene Spring City and pay respects to Vincent in his temple! We want Vincent's will to remain on the land of the elves forever and be pa.s.sed down from generation to generation. Even if there is a day when Vincent leaves Elf World, I still hope that when he returns to the Elf Race, there will still be elves who remember his name and everything that he has done for the Elf Race!"

Benjamin, as general of the city, nodded his head with a straight face. He waved his hand to signal the soldiers to follow Winnie's instructions.

The gates of Mosen City soon opened and the city was empty in an instant. All the residents headed toward Serene Spring City under the escort of the troops of Mosen City.

Winnie and Benjamin had broken their promise. They did not wait for Vincent to show them more conclusive evidence of the demons' crimes. Instead, they chose to directly lead all the soldiers and civilians in Mosen City to Serene Spring City to change their beliefs. This was because of their trust and respect for Vincent.

At the same time, on the outskirts of Serene Spring City, Vincent was walking alongside Avril, Angelina, and Horace. The outline of the Tias Mountain Range had appeared in front of them. They could vaguely see Devil Flame City in the other direction.

Horace suddenly requested, "Sir Vincent, can we make a detour to Devil Flame City first? My disciple Andy is still in Devil Flame City. I want to bring her along when we return this time!"

Vincent asked in surprise, "Didn't you say that the elves in the Tias Mountain Range view you guys as their mortal enemies? Why would you bring Andy with you to face such danger?"

Horace sighed helplessly, "The elves that are currently guarding the Tias Mountain Range are mostly Light Elves. They have established an organization called the Light Guardian Council. They follow the old elf wors.h.i.+p system of the G.o.ds, and Andy's parents are members of the Light Guardian Council! Therefore, Andy can move freely in the Tias Mountain Range. The elves of the Light Guardian Council will not attack her. That's why I want to bring her along to gather my companions! Since we want to convince the Light Guardian Council to join hands to fight against the demons, we can also take this opportunity to resolve the enmity between her and her parents!"

Vincent, Avril, and Angelina looked at each other. They did not expect for there to be such a secret. They nodded and said, "Alright, let's go and bring Andy! However, we are too slow so we'll use the s.p.a.ce tunnel directly!"

Avril raised her hand to open the s.p.a.ce door. The four of them who had reached an agreement entered the s.p.a.ce tunnel together and rushed toward Devil Flame City.

The city guards and commoners of Devil Flame City were very busy at this time.

The streets were filled with elves that were in a hurry. Even the shops on the streets were flooded with elves. They did not have time to chat or greet each other.

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Vincent saw the scene of Devil Flame City through the s.p.a.ce barrier and could not help but sigh, "What is the situation? Is Devil Flame City going to war?"

Dave wiped his mouth. He was about to get up and walk out of the room.

At that moment, a s.p.a.ce door suddenly appeared in the room. Vincent and the others instantly filed out and stood in front of Dave.

Dave walked forward excitedly and said to Vincent, "Vincent, you're back!"

Vincent looked at Dave's appearance and felt rather sorry for him. He said softly, "You're not going anywhere today. Stay here and rest well! Those elves who are waiting to visit the ruins of Bright Moon City, they will need to come at a fixed timing. From now on, the ruins of Bright Moon City will only be opened to the public once a day! Your current mission is to govern Devil Flame City, cultivate in peace, and advance to level 40 as soon as possible so that you can make preparations to become a G.o.d in the future!"

After hearing Vincent's command-like tone, Dave smiled happily and said, "It's alright, I can still hold on!"

Vincent said with a serious expression, "That won't do either. After I'm done with the matter at hand, I'll ask Avril and Angelina to come back and help you. Now, you must go and rest!"

Dave originally wanted to reject Vincent's good intentions again, but before he could say anything, Vincent turned his head to look at Catherine.

Vincent said with incomparable determination, "Lady Catherine, you're in charge of supervising him to rest well. If he doesn't do as I say, when I come back, I'll beat him until he is bedridden so he will have no choice but to rest!"

Catherine nodded repeatedly and said, "Alright, please rest a.s.sured! No matter what, I won't let him leave the City Lord's mansion today. I'll make sure that he carries out your orders resolutely and have a good rest!"

After seeing the scene, Dave knew that he had no choice but to postpone his matters for the day. He smiled helplessly and pat Vincent on the shoulder.

He asked, "Why did you think of visiting me today? Are the matters in Imperial City resolved?"

Vincent shook his head gently and said, "The situation has become even more troublesome now. We are here to call Andy and head to the Tias Mountain Range together!"

Dave turned to Catherine and raised his chin. Catherine immediately turned around and left the room.

Following that, Dave grabbed Vincent's hand and said, "I have already asked Catherine to invite Andy over.. You guys can sit down and rest first. At the same time, you can tell me about what had happened in Imperial City!"

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