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Chapter 509 - Divided The Work And Awakened The Race

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Chapter 509 - Divided The Work And Awakened The Race

When everyone heard Horace's words, they could not help but sigh. They did not expect that the elves who insisted on their faith would also have internal strife!

Moreover, without Horace saying it out loud, everyone could guess that he belonged to the group of elves who wanted to fight against the demons.

Vincent asked softly, "So, the ancient books of the Elf Race are in the hands of the elves who want to stay in the Tias Mountain Range and maintain their inheritance and beliefs?"

Horace nodded and said in a deep voice, "The split between us was very thorough and caused quite a bit of conflict, causing many elves to die. In the end, both sides decided to resolve it peacefully and go their separate ways completely! The elves who were ready to take revenge on the demons took away most of the cultivation books, while the elves who stayed in the Tias Mountain Range took all the ancient books regarding the G.o.ds!"

Horace continued, "It has been hundreds of years since the two sides fell apart, and during this time, the two sides always met in the Tias Mountain Range. From the beginning, they turned a blind eye to each other. Soon, their hatred for one another developed and they started treating each other like enemies!"

Vincent, Avril, and the others nodded silently. It was as if they could understand why this had happened.

Winnie, who was a Dark Elf, asked with great concern, "We are all elite races, why did you become enemies?"

Horace smiled bitterly at Winnie and said, "Before the arrival of Great G.o.d Vincent, didn't you and all the Dark Elves also view the other elves as enemies? This was because everyone's beliefs and habits had undergone a huge change. Without the influence of a powerful external force, it was impossible for the two sides to merge again! This was because as time pa.s.sed, the elves that lingered at the edge of the Tias Mountain Range no longer relied solely on faith to increase their strength. They also used effective methods to increase their combat strength, such as teacher-student teaching, allowing their descendants to grow up quickly.

Horace continued, "Furthermore, we have also simplified our prayers. At the same time, we have completely given up on the prayer ritual. In the eyes of the elves that stayed behind in the mountain range, this was a blasphemy against the G.o.ds. Hence, they viewed us as traitors of the Elf Race! And we thought that they were truly cowards. They didn't dare to fight to the death for the elves and only hid in the mountain range like cowards! The feud between the two sides was intensified from an ideological point of view!"

After listening to Horace's story, Winnie was filled with self-blame and regret. She was once a loyal believer who worked for Gajero and had regarded the other elves as her mortal enemies for Gajero's sake. However, she finally realized how foolish her actions were. In order to please an evil G.o.d from another race, she had sacrificed the lives of her own companions, which was equivalent to betraying her own race!

Winnie clenched her fists and said with incomparable determination, "The Elf Race must never harm each other again. Whether it is the Dark Elves or the elves inside and outside of the Tias Mountain Range, they should cherish their own companions and every drop of the Elf Race's blood! Even if we have different beliefs and different habits, these are all internal conflicts within the race. When faced with the invasion of a powerful foreign enemy, we should put aside our prejudices and unite together to protect our world!"

Vincent looked at Winnie and nodded slightly. He said, "You're right. This is the att.i.tude of being responsible for the race! Next, we'll go deep into the Tias Mountain Range and find the elves who have preserved the ancient books. We'll try our best to reach an agreement with them and unite the Elf Race once again!"

Whether it was Horace, Winnie, or Melissa, they all felt extremely excited after hearing Vincent's order. Hope to save the Elf Race had once again reappeared in front of their eyes.

Winnie volunteered and said, "I won't be going to the Tias Mountain Range at this time. I'll return to Mosen City and use my connections to persuade more City Lords. I'll make them realize the true intentions of Gajero so that more Dark Elves will realize the truth in time. Of course, I also hope that you will be able to provide evidence. That way, what I say will be more convincing!"

Vincent turned to look at Melissa and said softly, "Then Horace and I will go there personally this time. You stay behind to guard Serene Spring City and wait for a Fire Elf named Linus. He is currently collecting evidence of the twelve apostles and demons. Once he is done, he will come to Serene Spring City to look for you!"

Melissa said respectfully, "Don't worry, master. I will definitely guard my home well!"

Vincent then turned to look at Avril and Angelina. He wanted to ask if they were going.

Avril said first, "Since the elves in the Tias Mountain Range and the elves in the outside world hate each other, then we can't bring more elves with us on this trip. We sisters should follow you into the mountain range. At least we have the authority to modify. We also have the ability to protect ourselves in the face of any danger!"

Vincent thought about it and felt that it made sense, so he turned to look at Ebenezer.

Ebenezer scratched his head and said, "Master, I'll go wherever you want me to go. After all, there are junior brothers guarding Devil Flame City, junior sisters guarding Serene Spring City, and two females taking care of you in the Tias Mountain Range. So, I can go anywhere!"

Vincent smiled and took out the Cup of Fate from his pocket. He said to Ebenezer, "Then go to Imperial City! In order to prevent the black fog from spreading out of the city, you have to constantly use the Cup of Fate to refine the black fog. And before I come back, you can use the psionic power stored in the Cup of Fate at will!"

Ebenezer looked at the invincible treasure in Vincent's hand and said in surprise, "Master, this is the most powerful magic treasure in your hands. If you don't carry it with you, won't you be in danger?"

Vincent shook his head and said confidently, "With my current strength, I won't encounter any danger in Elf World. As I am not facing demons, I won't be able to use the Cup of Fate for the time being. You can use it to restrict the black fog in Imperial City first!"

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Ebenezer did not refuse. He immediately took the Cup of Fate with both hands and kept it carefully.

This was a very common scene in Serene Spring City. However, Mosen City was filled with Dark Elves. Therefore, the scene was very strange and unbelievable!

Winnie and Benjamin raised their hands to rub their eyes at the same time. After observing a few times, they still could not help but walk forward to pull a Dark Elf over.

Benjamin looked at the devout Dark Elf and could not help but ask loudly, "What's going on? Why are you guys paying respects to Vincent?"

When the Dark Elf saw that Winnie and Benjamin had returned, he said happily, "That's great, City Lord Winnie and General Benjamin, you're back! Great G.o.d Vincent said that you would be back soon, it seems that the Great G.o.d is really effective!"

Benjamin asked with a puzzled look, "Great G.o.d Vincent? Since when did you start treating him like a G.o.d?"

The Dark Elf looked at Benjamin in confusion and said, "When Great G.o.d Vincent rushed over to clear away the black fog and save Mosen City! He even showed us the divine spark, proving that he is a true G.o.d! He is also the second G.o.d in our elite race, other than Gajero! We originally wanted to go to Serene Spring City to visit his temple, but Great G.o.d Vincent warned us to obtain consent from the two of you first, so everyone has been waiting for your return. Some elves could not wait any longer, so they held a ceremony to wors.h.i.+p Great G.o.d Vincent in the city in advance!"

Benjamin's face was filled with disbelief as he muttered and sighed, "What a guy, stealing our home in the midst of chaos! Even when we met later, he didn't even mention a word!"

Benjamin turned his head to look at Winnie. He thought about how shameless Vincent was!

Winnie shook her head helplessly and said, "Back then, everyone had discussed the plan together. It was to get rid of all the black fog before Mosen City. It is reasonable for him to expose his divine ident.i.ty. There's no need to pursue it too much. Anyway, this day will come sooner or later!"

Benjamin said with some dissatisfaction, "But this guy is a little too much! We agreed to work together, but he is secretly playing tricks and hiding it from us!"

Winnie looked at Benjamin thoughtfully.. She asked quietly, "Did you realize that you are angry because you treat him as a friend and partner? But think about what Gajero has done. Isn't he more despicable than Vincent? But we never scolded Gajero because Gajero is more in line with the image of a G.o.d that we know, so we don't dare to question him, or even look at him directly! Vincent is a very sullen G.o.d in comparison!"

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