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Li Qun Xi - 离群戏 著

Chapter 921: Departure

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Chapter 921: Departure

Lin Rui and Bucky had a conversation with an old man for a while. The old man told Johnny that it would be best for him to stay with him in this sacred place in order to live a peaceful life. 

However, Johnny was not willing to spend the rest of his life in this way, especially since he did not see the evil spirits as particularly powerful, as he had casually killed one of them the night before.

“After talking for a long time, I still don’t know anything about you. Judging by the appearance of the two of you, you shouldn’t be ordinary people.” The chat was deadlocked, and the old man turned his eyes to Lin Rui and Bucky and asked.

The old man asked Lin Rui and Bucky about their origins, as he noticed that they were not ordinary people. In fact, he had noticed the difference between them from the moment they entered the cemetery, and Johnny had a strong reaction to seeing them, indicating that they had some prior experience.

“We are merely pa.s.sing through and came out of curiosity. We have no connection to your h.e.l.ls, ghosts, or Ghost Riders,” Lin Rui replied with a smile upon hearing the old man’s words.

“What is your plan now that you’ve heard all these stories? Do you want to leave right away?” The old man asked, ignoring Lin Rui’s dismissive response.

Lin Rui turned to Bucky and asked, “Bucky, what do you think? I think this situation is quite dangerous. If we can’t help Johnny deal with these evil spirits, we might end up in h.e.l.l ourselves.”

Although Lin Rui is very intrigued by this world of h.e.l.l and Ghost Riders, the old man’s warning has made it clear that their strength may not be enough to truly help Johnny. Additionally, Lin Rui is unsure of his own capabilities. Even though Bucky is strong, he is no match for someone like Johnny.

“I’ll do whatever I want, you decide.” Bucky, who has always been indifferent to danger, maintained his usual calm att.i.tude. He was just watching the young man in front of him do whatever he pleased at the moment.

“I see…then we should probably continue on our journey. It’s too risky to stay here,” Lin Rui said, finally speaking after a few moments of hesitation.

After hearing Lin Rui’s response, both the old man and Bucky were surprised. Bucky had a.s.sumed that Lin Rui would continue to stay and listen to the old man’s stories, given that he had followed him all the way to the cemetery. 

The old man, on the other hand, did not expect Lin Rui’s att.i.tude to change so drastically after hearing everything he had to say.

Despite the old man’s earlier insistence that the situation was dire, he still believed that Johnny had a chance of winning, particularly against Blackheart. As a Ghost Rider of the older generation, the old man understood the power of the Ghost Rider well. 

However, in order to help Johnny break free from the control of the demon Mephistos, the old man still hoped that he would stay and protect this Land.


“Let’s go, Bucky,” Lin Rui said as he stood up from the stool and gestured for Bucky to do the same.

“Oh,” Bucky replied, quickly standing up. 

“Then, we’ll be going. Johnny, good luck with whatever you decide. I don’t think you’ll regret it.” Lin Rui said a final blessing to Johnny before turning and walking towards the gate, with Bucky following behind him.


Neither Johnny nor the old man said anything as they watched Lin Rui and Bucky leave. The old man was still stunned by Lin Rui’s sudden change in att.i.tude, while Johnny was lost in thought about his future path and he didn’t care what Lin Rui and Bucky had decided.

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In this way, Lin Rui and Bucky spent the day investigating a miraculous and magical event and ultimately decided to leave after hearing the full story. This decision was made entirely by Lin Rui, with Bucky simply following along.

“Haha, just now!”

Bucky: “…” He was left speechless by Lin Rui’s response.

In this way, Lin Rui and Bucky drove back to Rochester in the old jeep, with Bucky feeling helpless towards Lin Rui’s decision. Lin Rui believed that Johnny would definitely choose to fight as he was not the type of person who would want to stay in a small cemetery for the rest of his life.

Not long after Lin Rui and Bucky left the cemetery, Johnny also left on his own bike. Just as Lin Rui had guessed, Johnny could not bring himself to stay and guard the cemetery with the old man for the rest of his life. 

Although he knew the true nature of his situation, he still chose to fight. After all, he saw it as just Blackheart and a few fallen angels. He felt he still had a chance.

Additionally, learning about his situation from the old man made Johnny realize that his future life might not be as peaceful as he had thought. There might be some things he still needed to pursue, like the love he lost due to his contract. 

Johnny wanted to have no regrets, especially since he didn’t have a chance to have a proper conversation with his first love because of Lin Rui’s interference the day before.


As Johnny rode off on his bike, the old man standing at the edge of the cemetery whispered, “I hope you can come back safely.”

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