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Chapter 2993

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Chapter 2993: A Semi-Divine Medicine Refiner

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Dongfang Ziyun reminded her aunt about Feng Wu’s armband.

Elder Dongfang was even angrier. “Look at her armband! She hasn’t even graduated from Imperial College yet!”

She couldn’t be any more displeased.

She had come all the way here only to argue with a child who hadn’t graduated.

How humiliating!


Elder Dongfang felt she had been played, but she couldn’t blame her own niece, so she directed all her rage toward Feng Wu.

Elder Helian didn’t know who Feng Wu was either.

This was the first time he had met her.

However, he was happy to see Elder Dongfang so mad.

Of course, he didn’t let the others see how pleased he was. Instead, he cleared his throat and put on a straight face. “Feng Wu, do you have an explanation?”

Feng Wu frowned and didn’t beat around the bush. “I’m a Semi-Divine medicine refiner.”

What she said almost made other people faint.




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Other people reacted with different expressions, but they all thought she was bragging.

“The pill Miss Feng Wu gave His Royal Highness was a Semi-Divine enhancement pill,” Elder Wu said affirmatively. “Otherwise, Night Owl wouldn’t have set off that explosion to stop His Royal Highness from taking the pill.”

Elder Dongfang frowned. “That doesn’t prove she made that pill.”

She then looked at the potion in Feng Wu’s hand. “What did you inject His Royal Highness with?”

Medicine could be in the form of pills, potions, and injectable potions.

Elder Dongfang had seen the last type because Dongfang Ziyun knew how to perform an injection.

Feng Wu said, “It’s the potion of a Semi-Divine pill.”

Elder Dongfang didn’t want to talk to her anymore.

She glanced at Dongfang. “Take a look at the potion.”

Dongfang Ziyun despised Feng Wu even more. She walked up to Feng Wu and asked for the potion. “The potion of a Semi-Divine pill? Don’t you know that is even harder to make than a Semi-Divine enhancement pill?”

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