Godly Empress Doctor


Chapter 2992

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Chapter 2992: Humiliation (2)

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She leaned on her walking stick and glared at Feng Wu.

“Tie her up!” she said furiously.

Feng Wu frowned and raised her head slightly.

She finally had time to deal with the newcomers.

“No one touches her!”


Just then, somebody else arrived.

It was none other than the senior elder of the Imperial College, Elder Helian.

He didn’t know Feng Wu, but Elder Wu did. When he realized things were going wrong, he went to fetch Elder Helian.

Imperial College and Military Academy were always competing with each other.

Elder Helian and Elder Dongfang were in charge of the castle’s west and east wing, respectively. Whenever there was a disagreement, they would engage in a fierce argument.

When Elder Wu told Elder Helian that Elder Dongfang was picking on an Imperial College student, Elder Helian couldn’t take it anymore.

He arrived just in time to see what Elder Dongfang was doing.

“What is this?” Elder Helian glared at Elder Dongfang.

Feng Wu spoke first.

“Jun Linyuan is being treated for his injuries. He may deteriorate if he’s disturbed.”

Jun Linyuan?

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She had just called the crown prince by his name!

Jun Linyuan had stabilized temporarily after the injection, but his spiritual essence hadn’t started circulating yet.

Feng Wu was worried.

However, she had to solve the problem at hand, or they would keep disturbing him.

She followed the others.


There was Elder Dongfang, Dongfang Ziyun and the other members of the Military Academy.

Elder Helian, Elder Wu, Feng Xun, Xuan Yi and Feng Wu were from the Imperial College.

Elder Dongfang immediately pointed at Feng Wu. “Who on earth are you? Are you a medicine refiner? What level are you? Who gave you the right to treat His Royal Highness?”

She then turned to Elder Helian. “Ziyun is a Supreme Level medicine refiner, and no one in this castle is better than her. These people tried to stop her from treating the crown prince. Instead, this girl is doing the job. How’s that possible?”

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