Godly Empress Doctor


Chapter 2991

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Chapter 2991: Humiliation (1)

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Elder Dongfang led the others into the room.

Dongfang Ziyun glanced at Feng Xun smugly.

If he thought he could stop her, he was very much mistaken.

Feng Xun frowned, fearing that Elder Dongfang might disturb Feng Wu.

Elder Dongfang walked into the room to find Jun Linyuan’s eyes tightly shut.


Feng Wu was giving him an injection.

Elder Dongfang scolded Feng Wu. “Who are you? What are you doing?!”

Feng Wu didn’t even look at her and only focused on the injection.

Her potion needed to be injected at a steady speed and pushed into Jun Linyuan’s energy channel with her spiritual essence. Therefore, it would take her a full minute to finish the process.

Elder Dongfang was furious when Feng Wu ignored her.

She was a Spiritual Overlord and the ruler of the castle. How dare this girl disrespect her?

Something like this hadn’t happened in years.

“Arrest her!”

Elder Dongfang gave the order.

She didn’t come alone. There were two people behind her.

They were only her maids, but they were by no means incompetent fighters.

“Stop!” Feng Xun’s face darkened.

He would do anything to stall them for Feng Wu.

He and Xuan Yi stepped out to face Elder Dongfang’s fury.

Elder Dongfang couldn’t believe what was happening. She felt offended.

“Young Lord Feng, are you defying a direct order?”

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Elder Dongfang was a lieutenant general. Although Feng Xun was the young lord of the Northern Feng Mansion, he didn’t have as high a military ranking because of his age.

Xuan Yi wanted to fight back, but the other maid tied him up, too.


Feng Xun was frantic.

He mumbled loudly.

This old woman!

How dare she tie him up?

Boss Jun would teach her a good lesson when he woke up!

Feng Xun kept struggling, and the temperature around Xuan Yi seemed to drop.

They had had enough of Elder Dongfang.

Luckily, their efforts weren’t for nothing. Feng Wu finished the injection.

After dealing with Feng Xun and Xuan Yi, Elder Dongfang finally focused on Feng Wu.

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