Glutton Berserker ~The One That Exceeds The Concept Of Levels~

Ichinoda Ichiri - 一色一凛

Chapter 213: The Last Apostle

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Chapter 213: The Last Apostle

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The black cubes ran away towards the horizon.

I listened to Greed's story while chasing after them.

『The Great Green Valley was the last place Kairos and Libra fought.』

[As expected…was that so?]

Because only there was a scene that would be impossible in Gallia. From the first time I visited, I thought it was unusual.

『And it was also the place where Kairos was swallowed by the Gluttony skill.』

Somehow, Greed said with a frustrated look. From the way he said it, he probably didn't want to remember it too much.

Nevertheless, Greed told me that it was a good opportunity.

While Kairos was swallowed by the Gluttony skill, the last slash he fired must have created the great green valley. With that power, he gave Libra a fatal wound, and even carved a mysterious phenomenon into the earth.

It was said that vegetation grew, and monsters began to gather to seek salvation from death. I saw it too, and it's still going on.

I wonder if I can now use the power of soul liberation because I'm connected with Kairos.

『What about Kairos? 』

[It’s nothing…]

I tried to ask Kairos, but there was no reply. Moreover, Rafal was also nowhere to be found.

After I came to this world, I didn't feel like they were watching over me. Something seemed to be blocking me.

『Can you hear my voice.』

[Yeah. What else does Greed know about soul liberation?]

『I know only one thing. That this power was the only way to oppose Libra.』

We can only defeat Libra by using soul liberation? Then Greed laughed, telling me how relieved he was seeing me learning how to use it at the last minute.

『That's what Kairos used. But, you don't have to follow his example.』


『This power certainly worked for Libra. But, we couldn't come up with another way to defeat him.』

This was the most important thing, Greed said quietly.

『Kairos has high expectations of you, too. He doesn't tell you important things even though he has a lot of trouble. Do you know why?』

[That’s because, we…]

『I believe in you.』

For Greed, he sounded a little embarra.s.sed, perhaps because the words were uncharacteristic of him.

In the fight against my father, who became the black angel that controls death, I received Kairos’ help. He wasn't telling us what to do, it was more like guiding us on the way to go. Just as Greed said, he must be that kind of person.

『Finally…..we’re here』

[That’s gotta be the center,right?]

Just like me, for Greed, this would be the first time for us to be in this place.

It shone brilliantly like the sun. But surprisingly, it's not dazzling. The countless souls that flowed ash.o.r.e were sucked into the gigantic ball of light.

Each time, ripples of the soul’s red color were mixed on the surface. However, the golden color prevailed, and the color of the soul was lost. It was as if their existence was denied and they were treated like parts.

Even the souls devoured by the Gluttony skill weren't treated like that. Each one was allowed to exist as an individual.

[How many souls did it have to absorb to grow to this size?]

『It's been little by little over the last 4,000 years. The number will certainly be beyond our imagination.』

The closer we got, the more impressed we were with its size. I've never seen the two moons in the sky up close, but if I could, they might be this big.

[Hey, Greed.]


[What would happen if I ate something as huge as the moon like that thing?]

『That size…. You are the one who knows best what is going to happen.』

Greed laughed with a combination of an astonished, yet worried voice.

『Fate, are you ready? It's here.』

While grasping the black sword, Greed urged me to look ahead.

Like a sunspot on the sun, there was a lone figure in the background of a gigantic ma.s.s of soul.

There were two of them. One was the crucified Roxy. And then there was Libra, with his eyes closed, quietly waiting for things to begin.

He should already know about us. Because he even bothered to use the Black Cube to stop us.

The escaped black cubes were floating around him.

In that case, let's start from here…

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[Eh…that sphere?]

[To be precise, should I say that it was a G.o.d? Everyone is equally blessed by G.o.d. Skills are given, levels are raised, status are cultivated. When you die, it will return to G.o.d along with your soul. We’re just returning what we were given. It's originally a borrowed power anyway. Returning it is a price to pay.]

[Why is there a difference in the skills given?]

[You know. Because it depends on the endurance of the soul. Strong skills for strong souls. Weak skills for weak souls. Even the have-nots you speak of have a role to play.]

Libra opened his mouth and pretended to chew.

[They are food for monsters. It's to raise the monster's level and raise its stats. Beginner warriors should hunt goblins first to raise their level. It's the same. Monsters are also weak at first. They eats humans and become stronger.]

[Is it just for that purpose?]

[It's not fair, isn't it? If you don't do that, it's too one-sided. To put it straight, monsters were also humans. In the big picture, humans kill each other. You guys like to fight and kill each other, don't you? Since the other side’s appearance is different, it would make it even easier.]

Capturing the drifting human souls and monster souls, Libra showed that there was not much difference between the two.

[It’s originally a human soul. However, by becoming the soul of a monster, a diversity of skills was born. What you get out of it will inevitably increase.]

He tossed the captured two souls into the golden sphere. The color of the soul faded, but it soon returned to its original golden color.

Libra watched it with a smile.

[It's still early. Then, I opened the door and invited you here. Can you guess my intention in doing so?]

[Not very much, but I don't feel welcomed.]

[Good guess. You will sleep here forever. It's a special seat… it's called G.o.d's ident.i.ty.]

The black cubes that were floating around the library until a while ago

Each of them began to move in an orderly manner, as if it had a will.

[If everything is a pre-established harmony, then I'd let you do as you please. Only Gluttony must never appear in the original world again. I'm trying not to repeat the same cycle. If I don't do that. Like you in front of me, you'll gain new powers and appear again and again.]

『Fate, here he comes.』

[I know.]

This pressure was incomparable to my father's. But, the black angel who governed death still had a softness towards me.

Rather, should I say that it's murderous intent with no other touch? Even so, Libra's expression hadn't changed yet…

That gap gave me the impression of a mysterious depth.

[That’s right. My stigmata is telling me to fight you. For you are a dangerous factor.]

The tattoo drawn on Libra's face was bright red.

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