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Chapter 1211 - Mythical Bloodline

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Chapter 1211: Mythical Bloodline

“How did you…”

Diqiong was astonished, and even thought that it was someone else posing as Su Ping. The guy was growing almost as fast as her.

“Are you roaming the land again?” Su Ping couldn’t help but smile. That bird gave her a strong familiar feeling. They had chanced upon each other last time, and it happened yet again; it was truly a coincidence.

Diqiong frowned and snorted. “What do you mean by roaming? I’m looking for food!”

“Might as well say that you’re roaming.”

“You, you, you…”

“I, I, I, I’m back. It’s been a long time; you seem to have gained a lot of weight.”

“A lot of weight?” Diqiong shrieked, as if someone had just stepped on her tail; a mirror made with the law of water was manifested in front of her, displaying her reflection. She looked herself up and down, making Su Ping’s heart race.

Even though she loved to show off, he had to admit she was indeed very pretty.

“Are you kidding? n.o.body is as gorgeous as me. You should have your eyes changed.” Diqiong looked for a while and heaved a sigh of relief. She then dismissed the mirror and looked at Su Ping in disdain.

Su Ping wasn’t angry at all. He smiled and said, “I’m here to talk to the elder of your clan. I have some questions regarding the const.i.tution I awakened here; I was hoping he could enlighten me.”

Diqiong raised her eyebrows, then said solemnly, “Just ask me if you have any questions. There’s no need to ask the elder about such trivia.”

“What do you kn…”

Su Ping smartly stopped talking when he noticed her eyebrows rising. After all, he was there to make a request; the situation called for modesty.

“Can you tell what const.i.tution I have?” asked Su Ping.

Diqiong disdainfully sneered after Su Ping posed the question, but then she put on a solemn expression. She observed carefully with golden flames in her eyes, which looked like miniature phoenixes. Her observation took a long time, revealing shock in the end.

“There are several powerful bloodlines in your body. They all lead straight to chaos!” said Diqiong solemnly.

She didn’t remember seeing such an a.s.sortment of powerful bloodlines in Su Ping’s body. This time his change was too significant, inside and out.

“They lead straight to chaos?”

Su Ping was astonished, knowing that Diqiong was talking about the essences of G.o.ds and souls.

“That’s right. They’re on the top tier that branches out from chaos. Above them is the chaotic mythical bloodline. Judging by the bloodlines in your body, if you later develop the chaotic mythical bloodline, it should be one of the most powerful, almost as good as that of the Golden Crows…” said Diqiong with a snort.

“Almost as good as yours? You’re not flattering yourself, are you?” Su Ping was rather suspicious.

Infuriated, Diqiong said, “The Golden Crows have the most advanced bloodline born in the depths of chaos. It’s impressive enough that it almost reaches our standard; you really think you’re that good?”

“No…” Su Ping would rather not argue with a bird. He asked again, “How exactly can I attain the chaotic mythical bloodline?”


Diqiong was surprised and satisfied to see him give in. She said proudly, “You’ve asked the right person; only I and the elders know this top secret. All mythical creatures were born in nature, like ancestor of our clan. If the carriers of other bloodlines want to rise to become mythical creatures, there’s only one approach.”

“What is it?”

“Remake yourself!”


You think you’re funny?

Seeing him rolling his eyes, she angrily added, “I’m not kidding. To gain a chaotic mythical bloodline, you must remake yourself by removing all impurities and retaining only the purest mythical power.”

Su Ping frowned and asked, “How exactly can I remake myself?”

Diqiong glanced at him. “Why should I tell you?”

“…What would it take for you to tell me?”

“Depends on your behavior. Beg me!” said Diqiong proudly.

Su Ping was rather lost for words. Why is this bird so arrogant? Has no one begged her before? Well, maybe not humans. Many birds for sure.

Su Ping helplessly said, “Fine. Consider this as me begging.”

“What do you mean by consider? Is this begging or not?”

“…Fine. I’m begging you to tell me.”

“Not sincere enough!”

“…I only have a limited amount of patience.”

“So do I! Humph!” Diqiong seemed to have realized that Su Ping was really in need of the answer. She stood proudly; she had been angry for a while, all because of the arguments won by Su Ping in the past.

“I’m starting to wonder if you’re truly a Golden Crow. You’re not an ancient mythical creature anymore…” Su Ping didn’t know what to say. However, Diqiong interrupted him angrily. “What do you mean by ancient mythical creature? I’m just a young girl in my prime. Badmouth me again and I’ll leave, and then you can do whatever you want for all I care!”

Su Ping felt a headache; it was a first to deal with someone even more maddening than the system.

“First warning.” The system’s voice echoed in Su Ping’s head. It was clear that it had been reading his mind again.


Su Ping could only give in. He sincerely begged again and resorted to flattery, saying she was gorgeous and attractive. Apparently, he was only describing himself.

At least, that was what Su Ping told himself.

Diqiong was quite happy after the round of praises, but she didn’t quite understand everything he said; Su Ping patiently explained that he said she was incomparably beautiful.

She quickly nodded and said, “Fine. Given your keen observation, I’ll tell you that in order to remake yourself into a chaotic mythical creature, you must find some powerful treasures first. I don’t know what exactly you need; I’ll just take you to meet with the elders.”

Su Ping said with relief, “All right!”

“Those pets of yours…”

Diqiong was about to move when she noticed Su Ping’s pets. She detected a strange connection between Su Ping and the creatures. He had shown the bond to her before; it was called ‘contract’!

She suddenly stopped talking and her eyes glittered when she noticed the young Chaos Beast.

The pet instinctively felt threatened and hid behind Su Ping. The Little Skeleton and the others quickly moved to protect it too.

“What an abundant aura of chaos. It looks… delicious!” Diqiong couldn’t remain poised anymore; she swallowed greedily.

After a momentary dazed, Su Ping said angrily, “Don’t entertain evil thoughts about my partner. You can’t eat it.”

Working hard not to drool, Diqiong asked, “Where did you find this treasure?”

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“Do you recognize it?” Su Ping raised his eyebrows. The young Chaos Beast was a natural-born mythical creature, but its power couldn’t compare to Diqiong’s just yet; there was no way to tell if it would be as strong as Golden Crows when it reached adulthood.

“You! You!”

Diqiong was infuriated. “They’re going to die if this goes on!”

“That’s all right. They’ve already touched you.” Su Ping breathed heavily.

Diqiong said angrily, “You’re crazy!”

“No, I’m not.”

“They’ll all die if you don’t let them back off!” Diqiong gnashed her teeth.

“That’s fine. I can resurrect them even if they die,” said Su Ping flatly.

Diqiong was so infuriated her flames surged out, consuming them all.

Su Ping was also reduced to a skeleton. He didn’t recover until he transformed into a Golden Crow. He looked at Diqiong with fear; it had been a long time since he was burnt and torn apart. He was a Golden Crow too, why was he so weak?

“You caused the deaths of your pets,” said Diqiong angrily.

Su Ping casually resurrected his pets. “Not exactly.”

Diqiong’s eyes widened when he saw them return to life, finding the process perplexing. But she was soon reminded of Su Ping’s special abilities. She angrily asked, “Is this why you’re so rude to me?”

“Sorry for the offense.” Su Ping nodded and apologized solemnly.

Diqiong quickly transformed into a girl again, then fixed her makeup in front of the water mirror.

Her hair and clothes were a mess, which made her extremely angry. She glared at Su Ping again.

Su Ping smiled and said, “They touched you, and you killed them once. We’re even.”

He winked at the Little Skeleton and the others.

“You are an unreasonable lunatic!” said Diqiong angrily.

“Can we all go together now?” asked Su Ping sincerely.

Diqiong looked at him, still angry. However, she could tell from Su Ping’s eyes that he would do that again if she refused. Without saying another word, she simply covered the pets in golden light, then changed back to her original self. She grabbed Su Ping and flew onward.

Su Ping threw out a thread of divine power and dragged his pets along. The desert underneath pa.s.sed quickly as Diqiong flew on; none of the creatures dared to attack. Golden Crows were the unquestionable kings on that planet; n.o.body dared to mess with them.

Diqiong soon returned to the Golden Crows’ residence with Su Ping; it was in the most fertile and resourceful place of the whole planet.

Su Ping saw a lot of Golden Crows as he approached the area. The temperature was also rising; the closer he was to the Golden Crows’ territory, the hotter he felt. The sand and plants on the ground contained strange laws that gave them a wild vitality.

Many Golden Crows greeted Diqiong after seeing her. Some were astonished after noticing the human being who had visited them not long before.

After all, their lives were so long that Su Ping’s visit seemed to have happened just the day prior.

“You must be courteous to our elder, or I’ll throw you out,” warned Diqiong on the way.

Su Ping nodded quickly. “I’m always respectful to my seniors. We’re peers, right? That’s why I treat you equally.”

Diqiong rolled her eyes. “Who’s your peer? You haven’t lived a fraction of my life yet.”

“You’re truly old then.”

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