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Chapter 1423

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Chapter 1423: The Hopeless Su Yiren

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At the center of Oak City…

All the chambers of commerce and the native elites, including the Ding family, were startled by the way Lin Yuan had slaughtered the members of the Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce.

The heads of the major factions immediately started discussing a plan of action. They were torn between investigating Lin Yuan’s background to get acquainted with him and leaving him alone to save themselves from potential trouble.

However, anything that happened in the center of Oak City did not affect its slums.

When Su Yiren first came to the Divine Wood Federation, she had moved around the center of Oak City. However, she had been humiliated daily for being a homeless person. She had been attacked by the elites daily because they had been annoyed by the sight of her. The injuries she had sustained were so serious that she had almost lost her life.


At that moment, she had entered the Astronomical Parliament and gained Lin Yuan’s help. When she woke up, all her injuries had healed. This was what gave her the will to carry on living.

The cruel treatment she received at the center of Oak City was what made her realize that she was unsuited to life there. Hence, she moved herself to the slums.

The elites of Oak City cared too much about their status to step foot in the slums.

The only people Su Yiren encountered in the slums were homeless people like her.

Technically, in a lawless place like the slums, where it was the survival of the fittest, life was much more dangerous than in the center of the city. But it was here that Su Yiren found a way to continue surviving.

The first thing that Su Yiren did when she arrived in the slums was to cover herself with dirt to the point that she was completely unrecognizable.

Su Yiren was not a short person. She was about 1.67 meters tall.


She also stuffed any fallen leaves she could find into her clothes to make her seem stockier.

This made her unappealing to any scavengers.

However, the quiet days did not last for long.

In order to survive while she waited for Lin Yuan to come and save her, she did everything she could to scavenge.

Many of the people in the slums were scavengers.

Su Yiren had managed to find many edible things over the last few days and had even found a usable phone.

However, no matter how discreet she was trying to be, she still ended up being targeted by the other scavengers.

She had not dared to sleep recently. Even if she was on the brink of exhaustion, she only dared to close her eyes to slits. This was because she had been attacked by a male scavenger with a long dagger when she was resting a few days ago.

Luckily, she had scattered many leaves around her that would cause a din when they were met with the slightest contact. The noise had awoken Su Yiren.

Nonetheless, she was still a step too late.

Luckily, she had undergone special training and managed to use her hand to block the dagger.

During the tussle, Su Yiren’s training had been a key factor. After exerting a large amount of effort, she killed the man and looted his long dagger.

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After gaining the long and rusty dagger, she sharpened it on several sharp stones she had found and turned the non-lethal dagger into a weapon for killing.

However, the hammer had smashed all of Su Yiren’s remaining hope.

Su Yiren felt that even if the next parliamentary meeting took place as per schedule, the s.h.i.+ning person would not be able to find her even if he had come to Oak City because he had no means of contacting her.

Ever since her phone was smashed, Su Yiren had been living a life no different from that of a walking corpse.

She spent each day using the dagger and her skills to protect herself.

During the battles, she was lucky if she could come out of them with light injuries. But if she was unlucky, it was also common for her to end up with bleeding wounds and fractures.

The new wounds overlapped with the old ones, and she felt as though the pain in her body was practically no different from the pain in her soul.

Her hand had suffered the most. The long dagger had punctured it, and she often used it for both offense and defense during battle. Hence, it had not had the chance to heal at all.

Su Yiren’s left hand soon swelled to three times its original size in such a dirty environment full of flesh-biting insects.

The most arduous time in the slum was nightfall.

At that moment, Su Yiren had just overcome another fit from her soul injury, and her mind was exceptionally clear.

She saw her younger self back when the Seven States of Darkness was flouris.h.i.+ng. She could even remember the celebration when she became a Dark Envoy.

Su Yiren felt unbelievably tired. This exhaustion was too much for her body.

She sensed her injuries and smiled bitterly as she said, “I don’t think I’ll be able to hold on until the next gathering of the constellations.”

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