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Wang Yu - 忘语

Chapter 1125: Sneak Into the Desert

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Chapter 1125: Sneak Into the Desert

Half a month later, after several days of rushing, on the edge of the mountain range around Chedi Mountain, facing the direction of the southern wilderness desert, dozens of large and small fort buildings were urgently built. Relying on favorable terrain, they formed a solid defensive position.

Above the fortress, a group of cultivators patrolled in an orderly manner. For every certain distance on the city wall, a giant crossbow or a giant magic weapon could be seen.

From time to time, a few light streams could be seen in the sky. Upon closer inspection, it was the cultivators of various forces in different costumes. There were even teams that consisted of dozens of people. They came to reinforce each fortress. Everything seemed to be in order.

All of this was due to the establishment of the Southern Wilderness Alliance. In this short period of time, a relatively complete system had been formulated to rectify the chaotic situation in Chedi Mountain.

In addition, the whole towering Chedi Mountain was shrouded in a gray light curtain starting from the mountainside. The situation inside the mountain couldn’t be seen from outside.

On a fortress built next to a mountain, a black light came and landed on a section of the city wall.

The black light dissipated, revealing Liu Ming’s figure. Above the city wall, the Sky Beastkin Valley’s Celestial State Shi Hou and more than a dozen cultivators had already been waiting here.

“Senior Shi Hou and everyone, sorry for the wait. I was sacrificially refining a magic weapon, so it took some time.” Liu Ming walked over quickly and said apologetically.

“We’ve only just arrived, Mr. Liu doesn’t need to mind.” Shi Hou waved his hand and said indifferently.

Beside Shi Hou, there were also 4 Crystallization Period disciples dressed in Sky Beastkin Valley costumes. After seeing Liu Ming, they bowed to him, and Liu Ming did the same.

Except for the folks at Sky Beastkin Valley, the rest were dressed in different clothes. They should be cultivators of the small and medium forces from all over the southern wilderness.

One of them was the red-haired burly man, a Real Pellet State later stage cultivator. Liu Ming had a deep impression of him. It was the cultivator from Brown Dragon Mountain.

Including Liu Ming, there were a total of 4 Real Pellet State cultivators, and the rest were all Crystallization Period disciples.

“Since Mr. Liu has also arrived, we shall move now. The other teams have already departed.” Shi Hou said after looking around.

The people present of course had no objection. The next moment, they turned into light streams and flew toward the desert.

… After more than 10 days, Liu Ming and his team finally came to the edge of the southern wilderness desert after a long journey.

Liu Ming looked up and saw an endless desert in front of him. The sand grains were yellow and black. At this moment, the entire desert was ravaged by a turbulent gale. Wind beams rose into the sky from time to time, swirling wildly.

The black sand and dust that covered the sky almost covered most of the sky, giving people a sense of darkness.

Only then did Liu Ming understand the so-called “Black Sand Day”.

“The black sandstorm has begun to rage. We can use this to hide our tracks. According to the intel, this harsh sandstorm will also affect h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan’s perception ability, but don’t put your guard down. Try to restrain your aura along the way. After all, it’s an infiltration mission. Okay, let’s go.” Shi Hou turned to the others and said so, then he turned into a yellow light and flew into the black sandstorm.

Everyone looked at each other and cast mystic arts one after another, restraining the spiritual power fluctuations on them, only releasing a layer of protective light against the sandstorm. Then, they followed behind Shi Hou.

Along the way, under the powerful detection of Shi Hou, everyone bypa.s.sed the h.e.l.lish-Insect Clan gathering places one after another.

However, as they entered the desert deeper and deeper, the surrounding scene also changed. Because of the sandstorm, the surrounding visibility was already very blurred. The sun above was almost gone. The black sand made a burst of rattling sounds when hitting on their protective lights.

Liu Ming could easily isolate the black sandstorm with a thin layer of black air.

As Shi Hou said, other cultivators dared not use the magic weapon with strong fluctuations in spiritual power to protect themselves.

In the face of such a ferocious black sandstorm, the few Real Pellet State cultivators were fine, but those Crystallization Period cultivators seemed strenuous after a long time,.

Shi Hou, who was walking at the front, suddenly stopped and looked back at the people behind him, then he waved and released a small yellow flag.

This small flag was bright and shiny. It was covered with a dark yellow halo. As Shi Hou launched a symbol into it, a yellow mist spread out and shrouded cultivators in it.

As soon as the raging sandstorms touched this yellow mist, they disappeared in an instant.

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Everyone immediately felt relieved.

It had 3 extremely protruding eyes on the head as if they were about to fall out of its head. It looked very terrifying.

Its head was like a praying mantis. As it kicked its hind legs, it instantly advanced for dozens of meters as if it flew up.

Each jump left 2 huge pits on the sandy ground. The violent sandstorm around didn’t affect its movements at all.

This huge h.e.l.lish-Insect appeared abruptly, and everyone had no time to avoid it. The insect had already appeared less than 90 meters in front of them. A cold light flashed in its 3 eyes. It made a shrill and stomped the ground with hind legs, turning into a fierce light.

Shi Hou frowned. He waved his hand, and the small yellow flag above his head shone brightly. The area of the yellow mist was increased by 10 times, covering this giant insect too.

“Kill this insect. Don’t attract the attention of other h.e.l.lish-Insects.” Shi Hou gave the order, but he didn’t attack.

Celestial State cultivator’s every move would bring violent spiritual power fluctuations. It would more likely attract the attention of other h.e.l.lish-Insects.

When the other cultivators heard the words, they all went up to surround the mantis-shaped h.e.l.lish-Insect. It didn’t care about the surrounding yellow mist at all. It turned into a black phantom and flew towards the nearest Liu Ming. The forelegs slashed toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming snorted, then he appeared behind the insect in a blur and launched a black fist shadow toward its head.

Before the fist touched the giant insect, a suffocating heavy fist pressure struck first. The giant insect was surprised too, but its reaction was quick. It bent its body, trying to dodge the fist.

However, the fist shadow just followed the giant insect as it dodged and struck its head.

The giant insect was shocked. Before the fist shadow touched its head, a layer of black light instantly appeared. The black light that was condensed in a hurry seemed weak.

A m.u.f.fled sound! The black light shield shattered, and the giant insect staggered under the huge force. It took 8 steps back. Blood was splashing out of its head instantly.

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